Crazy Detective Chapter 598

Chapter 598 The Spark From Faking An Accident To Claim For Compensation

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“Team Leader” Over the phone, Zeng Ke was reporting the latest situation to Zhao Yu. “Both of Cui Lizhu’s thumbs were cut off! As they couldn’t find her thumbs, they couldn’t stitch them back on! Plus, she was tortured and beaten for a long time. Not only did she suffer external injuries, but her organs were also damaged. Remarkably, her situation is quite stable, so at least she is not fighting for her life”

As Zhao Yu listened to Zeng Ke’s report, he stepped on the gas pedal to speed up. Due to the earlier accident, he had left the Phaeton in the parking lot at the Jingping Branch.

At the moment, Zhao Yu was driving an ordinary Jetta. But, even an ordinary Jetta, when driven by Zhao Yu, felt like a speedy Ferrari! As such, the car sped off towards a commercial building in Jinping.

“Zeng Ke, I told them to investigate the old man in room 606. Did they find anything?” Zhao Yu asked.

“They are on it, boss. That psychopath is quite strange!” Zeng Ke replied with some hesitation. “Jinping police already tried their best to investigate him further, but they still couldn’t find out much. After all, he has a fake name, fake ID, fake account, false teeth and even fake hair! In fact, he doesn’t seem to have anything real about him!”

“Really? That’s so strange! But, it’s precisely because it’s strange that we have to investigate further!” Zhao Yu said. “I feel that Cui Lizhu’s stealing Liu Yu’s medicine was maybe not a coincidence after all! But, to help prove this, we have to know the origin of that old man!”

“I understand!” Zeng Ke said confidently. “But, as Cui Lizhu hid the stolen medicine in the old man’s room, that means that Cui Lizhu and the psychopath share some special relationship. Hence, as soon as Cui Lizhu comes out from her surgery and we can interrogate her, we will be able to find out the true nature of their bond!”

“Okay, but keep an eye on Cui Lizhu!” Zhao Yu exhorted again. “Check her ward often, too, as she knows body shrinking kung fu!”

“Don’t worry, Team Leader. If you read Cui Lizhu’s medical report, you wouldn’t be that worried. She can’t even walk now!” Zeng Ke smiled. “Oh, and one more thing… I got more news from the hospital! Before Li Luoyun went in for surgery, he ordered his underlings to investigate all of the detectives at the Jinping Police Station! Do you think there is there really a spy?”

“I don’t know, but go ahead and investigate!” Zhao Yu ordered. “Also, tell Ran Tao to keep his guard up. Once there’s any movement, we have to know!”

“Understood, but” Zeng Ke hesitated, then asked, “But Team Leader, where did you go?”

“Mind your own business. When I’m done with my business, I will meet up with you!” After answering him curtly, Zhao Yu hung up the call directly.

It was already nine fifteen in the morning. According to the side quest instructions, the side quest would take place in fifteen minutes at half past nine.

At first, Zhao Yu wasn’t sure if he should come for the side quest. After all, it was his busiest time, and if the side quest was not related to the case, it would feel like a waste.

However, he received a Qian hexagram. Also, he was jonesing for more accumulative points. If he were to miss the side quest, it equalled to him missing his beloved accumulative points!

Hence, Zhao Yu adjusted his direction and drove towards the side quest location. Just as he was looking at the map, he heartbeat sped up exponentially! The side quest was pinpointing a place in Jinping called the Nebula Commercial Building!

Zhao Yu was quite familiar with this place, as a few days ago, the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case had burnt the ransom money there! He couldn’t help but wonder if, since the side quest had led him there, if he would perhaps find more important clues there!

After he parked the car and entered the commercial building, he became even more excited. The side quest pinpointed that it was exactly at the ninth floor, which was right where the fire had been set!

Such a coincidence…

Zhao Yu prayed in his head. Bro System, please don’t let this seeming coincidence be just a coincidence. Please be nice and give me something serious to work with as a lead

He took the elevator to the ninth floor directly. At this moment, it was exactly half past nine. Although Zhao Yu was a little disappointed that the side quest location was not exactly at the rubbish area near the escalator, but around the corridor further away, he was still hopeful that this mission would bear fruitful clues.

The ninth floor of the Nebula Commercial Building was mostly filled with various restaurants. Although it was not time for lunch yet, it was already quite crowded with people.

Just as Zhao Yu was rushing towards the pinpointed location, he suddenly heard a kid crying! “Ah Ouch Mummy It hurts”

Looking over, he saw a chubby boy, who was sitting on the ground and wailing. Also, there was a white robot standing behind the chubby boy.

By the looks of it, the chubby boy had just collided with the robot. Zhao Yu surmised this because the robot had a blinking red light, as though it had recently been thrown into a faulty mode.

It looked to be a very simple robot. Both of its hands carried a platter, which held stacks of brochures on it.

The robot was used to roam up and down the corridor, providing the customers that passed by with its brochures. This was in order to promote the restaurant, of course. But today, apparently, the robot had unexpectedly caused an accident.

“Oh my! Son, are you okay?” A fat woman suddenly ran out from the restaurant next door, asking her son if he was okay. She then turned around and scolded the robot, “You silly robot! Where is your human attendant? This is so dangerous!”

“Hey! It wasn’t the robot’s fault! Don’t bullsh*t and try to cause trouble!”Hearing the commotion, a worker ran over from the other side of the stairs, immediately intervening on the robot’s behalf.

He then challenged the mother with a question angrily, “Our robot is only programmed to walk at the speed of a normal human, maximum, so how could it knock anyone down?”

The woman immediately replied, equally angry. “Your robot hit someone! Just take responsibility! Why are you being so ridiculous? Do you think I’m making my son fake an accident to claim for compensation? Please be reasonable. Your robot hit my son! Now that he’s injured, what should we do?”

“No,” the worker argued, “This is so obvious. Your son was running too fast, then ran into our robot! Look here! The robot is broken now, so what should we do?”

“I see, you are trying to counter me, right? Alright Report it to the police! Let them decide!” she said.

“There’s no need!” The worker waved her off. “Our robot has a surveillance camera installed in it. Just you wait! I’ll transfer out the footage and you’ll see!”

“Alright, go ahead. I would like to see this for myself.” The fat woman didn’t show any sign of backing down.

Just as the two of them were at a stalemate, another person suddenly ran over. The person came forward and grabbed the worker’s hand, then shouted, “Motherf*cker! I finally understand why I am here! Is there really a surveillance camera in this robot?”

“Who are you?” The worker was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, who are you?” The fat woman asked as well.

Zhao Yu quickly took out his police ID and roared at the worker, “Hurry up! I need the video recordings from the robot! Quick!”

“Waah” the fat boy was still wailing in the background, even though he was obviously not hurt that badly.

“Shut up, or I’m going to beat you up!” Zhao Yu was so pissed off! His temper made him look just like an evil spirit, causing the boy to immediately shut his mouth