Crazy Detective Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Hes The Murderer

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Could it be… He is the murderer?!

Zhao Yu had never expected to see such an unbelievable scene in the surveillance record from the robot. When he had rewound the tape, the robot’s camera angle just happened to record a partial view of the corridor, which allowed Zhao Yu to see half of the plain-clothed policeman’s body!

However, what shocked him the most was that, although the video only captured half of his body, Zhao Yu could clearly see that the policeman was carrying a red fire extinguisher! At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about the scene. But, when looking at it more carefully, it obviously didn’t make sense. This was because, according to the timing, the rubbish bin on the ninth floor hadn’t yet caught fire.

In other words, the policemen would not have known that the rubbish bin was going to be lit on fire, as the fire wasn’t set until a few seconds later.

So, why did the policeman grab the extinguisher ahead of time? Could he actually foresee the future?

In order to make sure that he hadn’t make a mistake, Zhao Yu confirmed the time again. The robot’s surveillance video had the time clearly stated, so there couldn’t be any mistake! This meant that the policeman was obviously fishy!

Zhao Yu quickly replayed the video. The footage soon showed the robot walking past the corridor and the rubbish bin catching on fire. Then, the policeman ran over to put off the fire out with the extinguisher, which he had obviously prepared ahead of time!

This meant that he most likely already knew that the extinguisher in his hands couldn’t spurt out any powder! Hence, the person was very likely from the same gang as the murderers! It was all a ploy!

Hold on…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized another shocking thing. Just as the policeman flashed past in the video, there was a shot of his back!

This figure… Why does it look so familiar?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt chill run down his spine.

This figure looks extremely similar to the mysterious man that was going to ignite the bomb in the police car!

Could it be the same man?

The policeman, who was in charge of keeping watch, is actually the mysterious man?

The more Zhao Yu thought about it, the higher the possibility grew in his mind…

No wonder the mysterious man was able to install the bomb in the police car. It turns out that he was really on the the inside, posing as a true policeman!

This is really just like a Hollywood film! No wonder the Hasty Murder Case is so complicated! These criminals are playing dirty!

The mysterious man was the policeman that was in charge of keeping watch. As such, he knew what was going to happen all along! Hence, he had specifically found the place that had an extinguisher but no working surveillance camera to keep watch! Then, he released the pressure in the extinguisher to render it useless!

When the fire was lit, he then brought the extinguisher to pantomime putting out the fire, as he already knew that it was broken! In this way, he knew that he wouldn’t be suspected and could thus delay the timing, allowing the five million in cash to be thoroughly burnt to ashes!

No wonder Li Luoyun couldn’t find out who was the person was that damaged the extinguisher! How would he have guessed that the criminal was his underling?


Who is this person exactly?

Zhao Yu quickly replayed the video again. But, unfortunately, the footage did not manage to film the person’s face! Hence, Zhao Yu couldn’t be certain of his identity!

However, Zhao Yu did realize an obvious and important clue. He could discover the person’s identity with a quick investigation…

Zhao Yu took out his phone and was going to give the Jinping police a call. However, just as he picked his phone up, he quickly put it down. He had realized something…

No way!

Zhao Yu felt that this was a tremendously important matter, which he had to take care of with extreme care. As the person seemed to be someone within the ranks of the Jinping police, he might have someone also on the inside, who was backing him up! Hence, if Zhao Yu were to make a call all of a sudden, he might alert the enemy!

Also, Li Luoyun was still in the surgery, so Zhao Yu didn’t know who to trust. Hence, instead of getting into contact with them right then, he decided that he might as well take action on his own in secret.

After he made this decision, Zhao Yu found Zeng Ke’s number in his contact book and thought about asking Zeng Ke to find the person! However, just as Zhao Yu was going to press the call button, another idea that popped into his head.


Just a minute…

He suddenly thought of another incident! Li Luoyun had once told him that the police had found some debris from a remote bomb in the car, and that Liu Yu had died from the explosion. He suspected that the bomb was triggered by a remote control, operated from somewhere nearby!

In other words, the person who ignited the bomb must have been near the car! Due to this hunch, Li Luoyun had felt very regretful, thinking that he had missed a great chance to arrest the criminal!

Hence, after filtering through all of the clues before him, it was obvious to Zhao Yu that the person who ignited the bomb to kill Liu Yu might not have been nearby, but may have actually been in the police car!

In other words, that person was within the police force and operating as a dirty agent! Thus, when he had arrived at the scene first, he ignited the bomb via the controller. As such, no one would have suspected him! After all, he was part of the police force, so he was supposed to be on the scene!

Oh God!

If this is true, this earth shattering conspiracy could be made into a movie!

And, if the person who ignited the bomb and killed Liu Yu was really a police officer, would it be the same policeman that tried to put off the fire in the commercial building? Moreover, would he be the same mysterious man that wanted to explode the police car?


Suddenly, Zhao Yu finally recalled that, when Liu Yu’s Trumpchi had exploded, there was had been a police car ahead of them! At that time, there were three policemen in that car. When Zhao Yu had arrived to the scene after them, the three police officers were already trying to put out the fire!

Would it be… The mysterious man was one of these three officers?

Then… Which one?

Zhao Yu tried to recall, but although he spoke to all three of them, he couldn’t remember what any of them looked like. This was because the car had just exploded, so he was still in a shocked state and thus, was not paying attention to the men.

In order to find the person soon, Zhao Yu used another Memory Flashback Device to replay the scene after the car explosion. The scene popped up in Zhao Yu’s monitor in his head. After Zhao Yu watched it carefully, he finally confirmed who the mysterious man was!

After all that trouble, the person was him! More specifically, after Liu Yu’s car exploded, Zhao Yu got to the scene and saw two policemen trying to put out the fire. Meanwhile, there was one middle-aged police man who came to report to Zhao Yu that there was no other fire extinguisher available.

That’s right!

The real mysterious man turned out to be the middle-aged man! Although he never saw what the mysterious man looked, like Zhao Yu could be certain via the video that the person, the mysterious man, and the plain-clothed policeman were all the same person! Zhao Yu was flabbergasted, as he never would have guessed that the brains behind the scenes of the Hasty Murder Case had been one among the Jinping police force!

The video was replayed according to Zhao Yu’s memory, but this time, he turned up the audio on it. This time, he could clearly hear that, while the other two police officers were putting out the fire, they spoke to the third person, calling him Lao Feng!

Lao Feng!

Zhao Yu held his fist so tight, his knuckles crackled.

Humph, I finally found you! Let me see where else you can escape to!

After regaining his calm composure, Zhao Yu quickly unlocked his phone and wanted to make a call to Zeng Ke to tell him to get the person’s detailed information. Just as he took out his phone, however, his phone rang with an incoming call! Coincidentally, the caller ID showed that it was Zeng Ke calling him!

“Hello!” Zhao Yu answered.

He immediately heard Zeng Ke’s excited voice over the phone. “Team Leader, Team Leader, I’ve got the latest news for you! The mysterious man that you were talking about, the one that stole the police car and installed a bomb in it, well, the Jinping police found out who he is! The person’s name is Gao Gefeng, but most people call him Lao Feng!”