Crazy Detective Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Beware Of The Swindler

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After listening to what Zeng Ke had just said, Zhao Yu was flustered.

How could this be?

He had gone to such lengths to find more clues, and it was all taken away by Zeng Ke’s phone call. This was the most heartbreaking news in the world. If he had known these things just moments before, he wouldn’t have wasted a precious Memory Flashback Device!

Gao Gefeng!

Lao Feng!

Who is this person?

“Team Leader, are you listening?” Zeng Ke heard that Zhao Yu didn’t reply, so he voiced his concerns. “Why do I feel that you are not that shocked by this news?”

“Oh, consider me shocked!” Zhao Yu replied bitterly. “Then, tell me, how did the Jinping police find out about this person?”

“Well, first of all, I have lived for so many years, yet this is the very first time that I have come across such a major incident!” Zeng Ke immediately resumed his excited talkative banter. “Guess what? Not only is Lao Feng a police detective on the Jinping police team, but he is also Li Luoyun’s best man! I’m guessing Li Luoyun would have never guessed that he was the spy!”

“Yes, yes, but I’m asking you, how did they find out?” Zhao Yu was getting impatient.

“Oh… Okay… Before Li Luoyun went in for surgery, he had already realized that there might be a double agent at his side! So, he found his friends in the Ministry of Supervision for help. He asked them to investigate every member of the police detective team, especially those that were involved in the Hasty Murder Case with him!”

“In the end, the supervision team soon locked onto Gao Gefeng as the prime suspect!” Zeng Ke was getting more excited while telling the story. “Gao Gefeng had been traveling abroad frequently in the recent years. So, not only were his whereabouts hidden, but there was also a lot of money being transferred to his account from an unknown source, with every transaction amount being quite a large sum!”

“After he was as an official suspect, the supervision team began investigating his movements carefully. Although they couldn’t find any direct evidence of his guilt at first, further investigation showed that he had gone on fieldwork duty very frequently during the Hasty Murder Case. As such, his movements were very suspicious.”

He continued, barely stopping to take a breath. “Then, the supervision team got more and more motivated, as they continued to find more clues. In the end, they finally found the most crucial piece of evidence!” Zeng Ke let out a long breath, then continued, “When the car bomb fiasco happened, Lao Feng was actually assigned to go for field work with another group! But, he suddenly took a sick leave and said that he had to go to the hospital. Fishy, right?”

Zeng Ke waited for a reaction from Zhao Yu, but when he got none, he continued. “It got easier to investigate him after that. According to the surveillance video and official investigation report, the supervision team realized that he hadn’t actually headed to any hospital due to sickness, but that he instead went to a car workshop that was affiliated with the police authority. And guess what, Team Leader?” Zeng Ke tried to create suspense, then concluded by stating, “The police car that had the bomb installed was stolen from that same car workshop!”

Zeng Ke was on a roll now, so he just kept going. “Apparently, after Lao Feng entered the car workshop, he never appeared in the video anymore. So, he must have stolen the police car and escaped from another exit! Hence, the supervision team concluded that Lao Feng was likely the mysterious man that installed the bomb that night!”

He then continued, giving Zhao Yu his hypothesis. “Team Leader, I’m guessing this Lao Feng might be the head of those criminals, and that he stole the police car ahead of time! Also, it is very likely that he tried to use the police car to kill Cui Lizhu and Ma Qiang in an explosion, just to shut them up!”

A somewhat smug smile now spread on Zeng Ke’s face, as he said, “But, they never expected that we would be there! Not only did we take care of the three persons that were there to get the medicine, but you even arrested the two persons who were supposed to keep watch!”

Zeng Ke chuckled a bit, then continued. “Then, Lao Feng couldn’t hold back anymore, so he suddenly changed his plan to drive the police car installed with a bomb to you, intending to create an earth-shattering explosion. This was because he wanted to destroy all of the evidence at once, to end all of his troubles!”

Zeng Ke then seized the chance to flatter his superior, “But, you saw through his trick! Team Leader, I’m so in awe of you! You can even foil a bomb plot! You’re too amazing!”

“Stop sucking up to me,” Zhao Yu said humbly. “Does it matter if I know how to dispose of a bomb? I risked my life to do so! If I had been any slower, I would have died! Do you know that? So, when you type up the report, remember to emphasize that point, understand? It’s necessary to add some accouterments!”

“Yes yes yes, of course! Will do!” Zeng Ke was most likely blushing with shame on the other side of the phone.

“Alright, so what’s the situation there? Have they arrested him yet?” Zhao Yu asked, eager to move on to another important point.

“The Jinping station sent special forces to hunt him down!” Zeng Ke replied. “They should be at Lao Feng’s house by now. So, I reckon there will be news soon!”

Zhao Yu nodded.

“Then… You… Are you done with your side of the investigation?” Zeng Ke asked softly.

“Bullsh*t! Didn’t you take over, even after all of my efforts?” Zhao Yu asked spiritlessly. He then started his car engine and said, “Wait for me! I’m rushing back now!”

Then, Zhao Yu drove towards the hospital. He was understandably upset. Although his accumulated points were up to a hundred points, he still felt that all of his efforts had been in vain. After all, if he were to have noticed Lao Feng earlier, he might have prevented some of these devastating events!

However, the more he thought about it, he realized that Lao Feng and the rest had been quite courageous in their actions. This made them different from normal people, meaning that it was definitely more difficult to predict their actions.

He recalled that when Liu Yu’s car had exploded, Lao Feng had come forward to report the situation personally. What a crafty guy! Thinking of his cunning skills of deception, Zhao Yu had a feeling that the Jinping police wouldn’t be able to capture Lao Feng so easily.

Moreover, if he were to flee, the consequences would be beyond imagination! Not only would the Hasty Murder Case not be able to be officially closed, but it would also affect Zhao Yu’s future within the special investigation group!

Ten minutes later, just as Zhao Yu had rushed to the hospital, Zeng Ke called to update him on the situation. Zeng Ke told Zhao Yu that Lao Feng had fled when the police arrived at his place to arrest him.

Not only did the police find the remaining explosive materials, but they also found some blood stains. They even found some things that looked like human fingers in the rubbish bin! Needless to say, those fingers most likely belonged to Cui Lizhu!

After such a discovery, the police were even more certain that Lao Feng was one of the criminals behind the Hasty Murder Case. However, although they didn’t manage to arrest him, the police did find a record of a ticket purchase on his account receipts. As such, they reckoned that he bought a flight ticket using a stolen identity and was going to flee!

After getting the news update, the higher-ups in the provincial office decided to seal off the airport and send a large police force to search through the airport to find Lao Feng. They were determined to arrest him and bring him to court!

That’s not right!

That’s not right…

After hearing Zeng Ke’s report, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but crease his eyebrows. He suddenly felt that the police investigation seemed to be going too smoothly. It seemed too easy!

According to Lao Feng’s pattern, the Hasty Murder Case was done gracefully and flawlessly. So, if he really wanted to flee, he wouldn’t leave such obvious clues behind for the police to find!

That’s not right!

There’s most likely a hidden plot behind this!!!