Crazy Detective Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Brilliant Foresight

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Bethune Hospital was the biggest hospital in Jinping. This meant that everyone, including Li Luoyun, Ma Laodan and his father, Cui Lizhu and the other two criminals that were beaten by Zhao Yu, were all being treated there.

At twelve noon, besides Li Luoyun, who was severely injured, the others were all done with their surgeries and had been sent to their wards. Among the five of them, only Ma Laodan wasn’t among the list of suspects. As for the other four, arrangements were made for them be watched by professional police detectives.

According to the rules, although the suspects were still in heavy stupors, their hands still had to be handcuffed! Also, in order to reduce the difficulty of keeping watch over them, the policeman assigned to the two beaten criminals made the pair stay in the same ward.

However, just as the police were keeping watch anxiously, they heard rustling noises coming from within the other changing room in the hospital. Apparently, a person had snuck stealthily into the changing room when no one was looking!

After he had entered, he immediately changed into a doctor’s green surgical uniform! He then completed the ensemble, further disguising himself with a surgery cap and mask!

After that, he lifted his head up and took a deep breath, then extended his left hand into his pocket to touch the metal box that he had left inside it. The metal box was filled with powerful C4 dynamite!

At that moment, his gaze was determined and his breathing grew heavy. He knew very clearly what was going to happen next!

He would pretend to be a doctor and enter Ah Biao’s and the driver’s ward. Then, he would ignite the bomb in a suicide attack!

It’s okay… It’s okay…

He reassured himself repeatedly in his head, telling himself that so many police were going to die with him, which would make it all worth it! After he decided to go through with the plan, he took the elevator to the targeted floor.

His heart felt as heavy as a rock, and there was sweat flowing down his sideburns underneath his surgical cap, drenching his entire forehead. However, there was a crowd in the elevator, so he knew that no one would notice him.

As they arrived at the next floor, the bell chimed and the elevator door opened. As he exited the elevator, he took huge strides towards the department that the criminals were in.

He had already gotten the room numbers for Ah Biao and the driver, so he knew exactly where they would be. He also knew that it was a tense time, when everyone was highly suspicious of everything, so the police detectives keeping watch at the ward would definitely question him strictly.

However, as long as he could get close to the ward entrance, he would somehow figure a creative way to press forward to his final destination! As he expected, when he approached the southeast corner of the department, he saw a few armed policemen standing guard.

Let’s do it!

He held the bomb tightly in his left hand, while he extended his right hand into his pocket to grab his gun!


At such a suffocating moment, something beyond his expectation happened! He had yet to pull out his gun, when suddenly, a person popped up behind him! The person was as fast as lightning, but he was even quicker, sending a club crashing down on his head!

The person had yet to give any response, but he rolled his eyes and passed out on the ground…

“Team Leader, is this… really okay?” Zeng Ke from the special investigation group shared his concern. He opened his big eyes and complained to Zhao Yu, “This is the third one! The third one! If… If you were to beat him into a coma, how would we explain it?”

“Exactly!” Wu Xiumin, who was by the side, also complained anxiously. “Team Leader, we have strong doses of anesthetic and an electric baton, both of which could instantly knock someone out. If we were to opt for that course of action, at least the side effects would be minor! Your method… is a little… mm…”

Zhao Yu smiled maliciously. “Haha! Are you trying to say that my method is too dirty?”

In the face of Zhao Yu’s laughter, both Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin, as well as all of the other police detectives keeping watch were trembling with fear. They had been on site for so long, yet they had never seen anyone so brutal!

Within an hour’s time, Zhao Yu had already knocked out a doctor and a male nurse with his club! And now that he had knocked down another one, it simply made one’s blood boil!

“Don’t worry! I have been swinging clubs my whole life, so I’m quite good at it! Hehehe…” Zhao Yu looked more ferocious as he continued to laugh. “Who told them to wear a big mask to cover their faces? Whoever covers their face will be clobbered with my club! Motherf*ckers! I don’t believe that Lao Feng wouldn’t come back to kill them, just to shut them up!”

Mm… Zeng Ke gulped in terror. He then lowered his head to look at the pitiful victim. In the end, he stole a glance to the side and noticed something fishy, “Hey? Look, his… hands…” Zeng Ke said, while Zhao Yu and Wu Xiumin quickly squatted down beside him to check carefully.

Zeng Ke loosened the grip of the person’s left hand, then saw something like a car remote within its grasp.

“Oh my God!” Zeng Ke quivered. “Team… Team Team Team Leader… This… Looks like a bomb igniter, right?”

“Is it?” Zhao Yu extended his hands to flip the person over. He then took off the person’s mask, finally revealing his identity.


Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin couldn’t help but exclaim, as they never thought that the person who was hit by Zhao Yu would really turn out to be Lao Feng!!!

“What the heck? Seriously?” Actually, Zhao Yu had never thought that it would happen so suddenly, either. This was because, when he was observing the person in the dark, he felt that the person’s figure was much different than Lao Feng’s.

Then, he finally understood why. It turns out that beneath the surgical uniform, Lao Feng wore thick, padded clothes! Hence, the difference in the shape of the figures!

Zhao Yu quickly extended his hands to untie his surgical uniform. He was shocked to see that Lao Feng’s right hand was holding a gun with a muffler! They then checked his pocket, finding a C4 bomb that looked exactly like the one they had found on the criminal and the police car!


Zeng Ke and the rest gasped once again. Those police detectives in charge of keeping watch quickly gathered around them, equally shocked by the scene before them!

Oh my motherf*cking God!

Zhao Yu was covered in cold sweat, as though he had just showered! He quickly put the bomb aside and shouted at everyone, his bullish eyes wide open, “You… You all saw this! I… I am not doing it randomly! I have brilliant foresight, okay? You remember that….”