Crazy Detective Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Theres A Surprise Working Under Me

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Zeng Ke held the photo and asked in disbelief, “The little girl couldn’t be Cui Lizhu, right? Could Bai Lili really be her mother?”

“Maybe!” Zhao Yu suppressed his excitement, then said, “Cui Lizhu found this photo in Tao Xiang’s old items. So, the person who took the photo was most likely Tao Xiang himself.”

Zhao Yu then continued. “Take a closer look at the photo. Look at the angle it was taken from. Also, see that the woman’s posture was very casual. Both of these things tell me that she obviously didn’t notice the camera. Hence, the photo might likely have been taken without her knowledge or permission!”

“Oh my God…” Wu Xiumin said. “Tao Xiang took a photo of the mother and daughter. Team Leader, does this mean that you think that Tao Xiang might be the murderer of the Headless Female Corpse Case?!”

“Oh oh oh…” Zeng Ke was stuttering. “Sis Wu, this is no joke! Don’t forget, Tao Xiang is Cui Lizhu’s father! If Bai Lili were to be Cui Lizhu’s mother, the two of them would be a couple! If the husband were to kill the wife, the police would be able to investigate that!”

Zhao Yu nodded in agreement, then added, “Cui Lizhu told me that Tao Xiang told her that her mother left with someone else after she gave birth to Cui Lizhu! And, in the Headless Female Corpse Case’s corresponding file record, the police suspected that there was an obvious clue that pointed towards the murder being a crime of passion!”

After hearing this report, Wu Xiumin guessed, “Could it be that Tao Xiang was angry at his wife’s betrayal, so he cut off her head?”

Zeng Ke shook his head and sighed. “Unbelievable! We were originally here for the Headless Female Corpse Case, but we found clues via the Hasty Murder Case instead. This feels so surreal…”

“It just means that, when you’re working under me, there’ll always be surprises!” Zhao Yu immediately joked. After all, he was used to such surprises due to his use of the Miracle System.

“Not only that, but Tao Xiang also helped to uncover clues about the Tamil Star Gem Theft Case! Hence, we have caught up with the three major cases!” Zeng Ke made flattering remarks to ingratiate himself to Zhao Yu. “Team Leader Zhao, you are simply a lucky star that has descended to the world! If we were to solve all three cases, my God, I can’t imagine it…”

“Team Leader!” Wu Xiumin quickly thought of something. “If that is the case, then we should go and protect Tao Xiang immediately! We can’t make any mistakes!”

“Alright!” Zhao Yu agreed. He then nodded at Wu Xiumin and made an inquiry, “If we want to know the truth, we have to get our hands on more evidence! I remember that I told you to retrieve Cui Lizhu’s DNA before, right? Did you get it?”

“I got it! The lab test results are at Jinping Police Station!” he replied.

“Okay!” Zhao Yu told Zeng Ke, “Head back to the police station to get them. Then, make a comparison with Bai Lili’s DNA. Oh… And also Tao Xiang’s!”

“Understood!” Zeng Ke quickly got up to leave.

“Wait! Another person’s DNA needs to be compared with Cui Lizhu as well!” Zhao Yu suddenly thought of Gege, so he said, “Go ahead for now, then I will send the third person’s sample later. When I do, you can then compare that sample with Cui Lizhu’s as well!”

“The third person? Who is it?” Zeng Ke had never heard about Gege before.

“It’s a female corpse from Qinshan,” Zhao Yu answered frankly. “The physical appearance of the female corpse looks extremely similar to Cui Lizhu. So, I felt that they might be blood relations.”

“Oh God, Team Leader possesses unusual powers! I’m really speechless…” Wu Xiumin complimented Zhao Yu, then suddenly realized something. “Oh… Team Leader, I finally understand why you took such great care of Cui Lizhu! Yours is a standard case of love between a man and a ghost!”

“Stop that nonsense,” Zhao Yu waved his hand and said. “Hurry up and get to work! However, when you go back, tell Ran Tao that everything about Tao Xiang falls under strict, top-secret confidentiality. Besides the four of us, no one else should know about it. This is very important, understand?”

“Understood!” the two underlings replied in unison. They then turned and left the office to head to the Jinping Police Station.

After they left, Zhao Yu finally calmed down enough to rethink the entire incident. He then started to formulate his plan of action for the near future.

He had three important tasks that needed to be completed, which involved the handling of the Hasty Murder Case, the Gem Theft Case, and the Headless Female Corpses Case. From the information that they had so far, the Hasty Murder Case was obviously nearing its end.

Although there weren’t any actual testimonies just yet, Lao Feng and his gang had been arrested. Now, all they needed to do was to interrogate them patiently. After that, it was just a matter of time before the truth would be unearthed.

Zhao Yu knew that the Hasty Murder Case had broad implications. Besides Lao Feng and his gang, there must be a greater manipulator. However, the consortiums were hidden overseas. Hence, the ability to follow-up wouldn’t fall within the scope and jurisdiction of his special investigations group.

However, Zhao Yu knew that the Central Criminal Division would definitely assign a specific person to take over the case, so he wouldn’t have to worry about the follow-up matter. He would only need to hand over the evidence thus far.

As for the Gem Theft Case, that wouldn’t involve him. This was because the Central Criminal Division had already assigned a special force that was responsible for the case. He would only need to report accurately about his findings, and the designated force would come and take over entirely.

Hence, Zhao Yu could deeply feel that the Headless Female Corpses Case was the most important case in his future. As such, he would need to be well-prepared for it.

Currently, he was dealing with a difficult situation, as both the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Gem Theft Case were related to the king of thieves, Tao Xiang. However, Tao Xiang was having mental issues, so Zhao Yu wasn’t sure that he could get any coherent information from him.

If Zhao Yu were to call the special forces, who were in charge of the Gem Theft Case, over, they would definitely bring Tao Xiang back to the capital for further questioning. If that were to happen, it would definitely affect his own investigation on the Headless Female Corpses Case!

At first, Zhao Yu really wanted to hold Tao Xiang captive in private. Then, when he was almost done with the Headless Female Corpses Case, he would then turn him in to the special forces. Besides, since the Gem Theft Case happened six year ago, there should be no real hurry.

However, Zhao Yu was concerned about Tao Xiang’s identity becoming known. He decided that, if they didn’t get any national professionals to take guard him, there might be danger. Plus, imprisoning a person with no reason, even via the authority of the special investigation group, wouldn’t be acceptable. Besides, they couldn’t ensure Tao Xiang’s safety at all.

Hence, after some thinking, Zhao Yu felt that it was best to report the entire truth of Tao Xiang and the Gem Theft Case. After all, this seemed to be the safer choice.

Of course, before he handed over Tao Xiang, he would at least have two days. If Wu Xiumin’s interrogation worked, they might be able to solve these issues within that time! Then, they could really make some progress!

Zhao Yu then looked again at the photo that Cui Lizhu had given him. In the photo, Bai Lili was fashionably and neatly dressed, while the young Cui Lizhu was very adorable.

Bai Lili, Cui Lizhu, and Tao Xiang all had different surnames. And then there’s Gege, who is still an unknown figure…

How are they all connected to each other?

What is the truth behind this Headless Female Corpses Case?