Crazy Detective Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Unexpected Comparison Result

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Ever since Lao Feng had brought a bomb to the hospital, the facility had been heavily guarded. The Jinping police had sent manpower to seize control of the entire building.

At the door of the department, which was where the criminals were being held, they had even built a temporary checkpoint. As such, whoever entered would have to first go through a strict examination.

Zhao Yu saw that the hospital was strongly fortified, so he felt confident in returning to the police station to take charge of task delegation. However, as Lao Feng, Ah Biao, and the driver had each woken up, the police had already started their interrogations.

These police detectives from the Jinping Police Station were experienced. As such, they knew that time was crucial for interrogations, the best timing being the earlier the better. And now, since they had just had surgery, the criminals were still slightly unconscious, so it would be easy to drill them for important information.

Now that he knew the interrogations had commenced, Zhao Yu couldn’t just leave. So, he decided to stay and wait for the updates in the temporary office.

Soon, it was already sunset…

Ma Laodan and his father had been placed in the same ward. With the aid of Zhao Yu’s Invisible Hemostat, although Ma Laodan had been shot in his chest, his life wasn’t in any immediate danger. Ma Laodan’s father, Ma Qiang, was also on the mend.

The police had sent over professionals to record a confession from Ma Qiang, but Zhao Yu had already found out what had happened to them from Cui Lizhu. As such, he reckoned that they wouldn’t find anything else that was useful.

Among all of the injured staff members, the Captain of the police detectives, Li Luoyun, was one of the most severely injured. The dagger that had stabbed him, had punctured through his abdominal and cut into his intestines. It had also damaged his spleen.

Due to the severity of his injuries, his surgery had lasted more than five hours! Thankfully, the surgery was very successful.

After Li Luoyun woke up, Zhao Yu went to visit him. The first question that he asked him was, of course, about the case.

When he found out that the spy was Lao Feng, he was shocked. He had never expected that the colleague who had been working with him for so many years would be the mastermind behind the Hasty Murder Case!

Although he was already severely injured, Li Luoyun humbled himself before everyone, saying that, if he had noticed Lao Feng’s actions earlier, the Hasty Murder Case wouldn’t have been able to be carried out so smoothly. As Lao Feng was his direct underling, he knew that he had to take partial responsibility for the repercussions.

Zhao Yu advised him that the case was not yet closed, so it was not time for self-examination just yet. He then encouraged him to rest up.

After Zhao Yu left Li Luoyun’s ward, he went to see Cui Lizhu. Not had Cui Lizhu’s fingers been cut off, but she had been brutally beaten up by the criminals. Needless to say, she was severely injured.

When Zhao Yu entered her room, Cui Lizhu had already taken some sedatives, so she was sleeping soundly. He sat down in the chair next to her bed, looking at Cui Lizhu’s face carefully.

It was a beautiful and familiar face. Before this, Zhao Yu had confused her face with Gege’s beautiful appearance. Zhao Yu wasn’t prone to become infatuated with attractive women, so he wouldn’t overindulge in a woman’s appearance. However, Gege’s painting was really magical, and it had struck a deep impression in his heart.

At that very moment, looking at Cui Lizhu, the bottom of Zhao Yu’s heart was rippling unusually again. Although the two of the women looked alike, Cui Lizhu was no doubt more real and present.

Zhao Yu looked upon her, drowning in his deep thoughts. He wanted to look at the current clues and make some speculations. However, the current clues provided too little information, so he had no way of making any logical guesses.

As he thought more, he picked up the photo again to take another look. Before this, Zhao Yu really couldn’t tell Cui Lizhu the truth. Specifically, that the person in the photo might be her mother, who later became a headless corpse! Or worse, the person that cut off your mother’s head might be your father, Tao Xiang!

Zhao Yu sighed. He never expected that he would come across such a horrid case. Not only were more cases being linked to it, but it just kept getting more and more complicated, too!

“Beep beep… Beep beep…”

Just as Zhao Yu was sighing in a despondent mood, he received a new message on his phone. He opened it to see that it was from Zeng Ke. He had sent the first DNA comparison results over.

Nineteen years ago, the last victim of the Headless Female Corpses Case, Ba Lili, seemed like any other headless female corpse, at least at first. However, due to the lack of her skull and fingerprints, her identity couldn’t be certified.

It wasn’t until two years later, when DNA technology became more popular, that police were finally able to find Bai Lili’s family to certify her identity. Because of this, Bai Lili’s photo, DNA sample, and information had all been saved.

As Zhao Yu had done his homework for the Headless Female Corpse Case, he was thoroughly familiar with all of its evidence, including this gathered information. So, when he saw Cui Lizhu’s photo, he quickly recognized Bai Lili at a glance.

However, the report that Zeng Ke had just sent clearly showed that Cui Lizhu and Bai Lili were not related by blood. Hence, Cui Lizhu could not be Bai Lili’s daughter!


She’s not?

Zhao Yu lifted his head and looked at Cui Lizhu, who was still in a deep sleep. His thoughts whirred…

If Cui Lizhu isn’t Bai Lili’s daughter, then how what about this photo?

Could Cui Lizhu be Gege’s daughter instead, meaning that Gege wanted to climb up the ladder of her career, so she sold Cui Lizhu to Bai Lili?

Or, maybe Bai Lili was a human trafficker?

Then, that would make the Headless Female Corpse Case related to human trafficking?

That’s not right…

As Zhao Yu knew quite a bit about human trafficking, he looked carefully at the photo, only to see that Bai Lili was dressed well and looked nothing like a human trafficker! Also, the police had investigated Bai Lili thoroughly before, so if she was really a human trafficker, it would be on her record.

The phone suddenly dinged again. It was the second DNA comparison results arriving. The report showed that results of Cui Lizhu’s and Gege’s DNA comparison.

In 1999, Gege was killed by a Taoist priest named Yuan Shucai. Back then, it order to save the evidence of this murder, the police had to also save Gege’s DNA sample.

Later on, when Zhao Yu had solved the case, he had transferred the ready-made files. Hence, after Qinshan had sent them over, they were able to make a quick comparison with Cui Lizhu.

But, in the end, it was more disappointing news for Zhao Yu. After verification, Cui Lizhu’s and Gege’s DNA were declared not to be a match. They had no blood relationship whatsoever!

Tsk tsk…

Dealing with such a disappointing and confusing result, Zhao Yu immediately got a headache. It was so strange that two persons, who looked exactly the same, were really not related by blood at all! It seemed that, since the very beginning, it was perhaps just wishful thinking on his part.

Among the three DNA comparison results, the one that was sent last was Cui Lizhu’s and Tao Xiang’s. This was because Tao Xiang didn’t have any DNA record already on file. As such, they could only retrieve one from him in person, then test it on the spot. Hence, it had taken some time to obtain it.

After Zhao Yu left Cui Lizhu’s ward, Zeng Ke sent the last comparison report to Zhao Yu’s phone. Yet another shocking news report had arrived again. Apparently, Cui Lizhu wasn’t Tao Xiang’s daughter, as the report showed that Cui Lizhu and Tao Xiang weren’t connected by blood at all either!

Motherf*cker! Poor Cui Lizhu! Did this child really pop out from underneath a rock or something?