Crazy Detective Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Anonymous Phone Call

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Zhao Yu’s dinner was the same as many of the other policemen’s, a packed meal, which had been sent over from the cafeteria in the hospital. Just as he was enjoying his meal, good news arrived from the criminals’ ward.

Apparently, Ah Biao, who had been beaten up by Zhao Yu, had finally confessed to his crime! Maybe it was because he had just gotten out of his surgery and was still in a fragile state mentally, or because the police offered him preferential treatment and it moved him, or even due to the fear that Lao Feng wanted to kill him, but he confessed about everything that he knew about the Hasty Murder Case!

Similar to Zhao Yu’s and the others’ speculations, Ah Biao and the rest were just a bunch of outlaws that Lao Feng had gathered up. Hence, these people were all professionally trained and were very skillful at committing various crimes.

They took advantage of Liu Yu’s hatred towards the pharmaceutical factory and used it to kickstart the Hasty Murder Case. Their ultimate goal was to suppress the pharmaceutical factory’s share prices, then let some overseas consortium take advantage of the situation for profit. Then, in turn, they would receive a lucrative reward.

As it turned out, every victim in the Hasty Murder Case wasn’t killed by Liu Yu, but by the criminals. According to the original testimony, their first plan of action was to constantly kill people in order to keep causing panic within the pharmaceutical factory. Then, they made use of the fake medicine that Liu Yu had created in order to deal a crippling blow to the pharmaceutical factory!

However, as they attempted to carry out of their plan, they came across two snafus. The first was Liu Yu’s unwillingness to cooperate.

At first, Liu Yu was only thinking about taking his revenge on the pharmaceutical factory, then taking back what he saw as being rightfully his. Hence, he was blinded by his hatred, so he had agreed to work with them.

However, after the criminals constantly massacred so many innocents brutally and burnt the five million in ransom, Liu Yu realized that he was caught up in a truly horrid and meticulously planned conspiracy!

However, by that time, Liu Yu was in too deep and couldn’t do anything. As such, Ah Biao and the rest seized control of him, later using him as a scapegoat in the incident of the exploding car, along with the factory co-director, Han Zhenhai.

The second snafu was the one that truly led to their utter failure. They had never expected that there would be someone who could open the safe box and steal their fake medicine!

After all, they had hoodwinked Liu Yu to make the fake medicine. As such, the fake medicine looked exactly the same as the ones produced on the assembly line in the pharmaceutical factory! Once it was in the market, no one would be able to detect it. Hence, the people would think that the pharmaceutical factory had made a big mistake! Then, the pharmaceutical factory’s share prices would definitely crash!

However, they had never wagered that the fake medicine would be stolen away by a burglar. That, no doubt, annoyed Lao Feng and the others greatly!

But, by then, Liu Yu was already dead. So, it was impossible for them to remake any more of the fake medicine! Once they lost the fake medicine, their entire plan was doomed! Hence, they wanted to find the burglar to retrieve the fake medicine, and they wouldn’t stop at any cost!

Very soon, thanks to them spreading the news and offering a bounty, they locked onto their target in the Zhang Ping Street burglar gang. Then, they arrested the leader of the thieves, Ma Qiang, and forced him to tell them all about Cui Lizhu.

Lao Feng and the others then found Cui Lizhu very quickly and captured her. After a period of cruel torture, she then gave up the location of the fake medicine. Hence, they went together to get the medicine back from the nursing home.

At that time, the three killers that had a gun fight with Zhao Yu and his troop were in charge of retrieving medicine. Besides retrieving the medicine, they even knocked out the security guards and adjusted the surveillance camera’s angle to block them from being viewed.

At the same time, Ah Biao and the driver of the BMW X5 were coordinating from the outside, while Lao Feng, who was driving the police car, was waiting outside the nursing home, too. Then, Cui Lizhu and Ma Qiang were tied up and thrown in the police car’s trunk, which already had the bomb installed on it!

According to their initial plan, once they found the fake medicine, he would ignite the explosion to kill Cui Lizhu and Ma Qiang, thus destroying all of the evidence! However, as Zhao Yu and Li Luoyun suddenly appeared, the plan was ruined!

Ah Biao even confessed that there was really a group overseas that were ultimately in control of the entire plot. As such, they were merely the unerlings obeying their instructions.

He said that the boss of the group was very amazing, further explaining that he was fair in meting out rewards and punishments, even though his measures could be extremely brutal. Hence, these underlings dared not make any mistakes! This explained why they’d rather kill themselves with a car bomb than be punished by the group!

However, the group behind the scenes was also very careful. Even Ah Biao had no idea about their actual identities. In fact, among the few of them, only Lao Feng knew!

Regardless, with Ah Biao’s confession, the Hasty Murder Case could finally be closed! As for the group behind the scenes, that fell outside the scope of Zhao Yu’s special investigations group, and even beyond the Jinping Police Station’s jurisdiction. As such, the Central Criminal Division would naturally assign a special overseas force to look into the case.

As such, the moment the official confession was made, Zhao Yu drafted two reports. One was the closing report for the Hasty Murder Case, while the other was the Gem Theft Case report, which was related to the Tamil Star.

After he handed in the two reports, the Central Criminal Division replied immediately. They requested for Zhao Yu and his team to keep watch of the important criminal until they could take over. Within two days, they sent two troops towards Jinping.

One of the troops was mainly in charge of investigating the Hasty Murder Case. They would be the ones to bring all of the criminals back and deal with them. Then, they would investigate the group behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, the other troop was the special forces, who were in charge of the Gem Theft Case. These people would bring the king of thieves, Tao Xiang, back to the capital. They would then continue to chase after the whereabouts of the gemstone.

Upon their arrivals, the higher ups from the Central Criminal Division, being very satisfied with Zhao Yu’s performance, gave him great compliments. As there were many deaths in the Hasty Murder Case, and the case was very complicated for Zhao Yu and his team to be able to arrest the criminals and clarify the truth, it was really a miracle!

Plus, Zhao Yu had even arrested the suspect for the Gem Theft Case! He had indeed performed extraordinary deeds!

After receiving compliments from the Central Criminal Division, Zhao Yu looked at the three DNA comparison reports and sighed, thinking to himself…

Finally, I can settle down and investigate the Headless Female Corpses Case!

However, as the Qian hexagram had yet to end, Zhao Yu’s miracle adventure continued. When he packed up and got ready to return to the police station to meet up with his team mates, he suddenly got an anonymous call…