Crazy Detective Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Dont Overdo It

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As Zhao Yu held the four million in unregistered bonds in his hands, he thought, What a joke! I am a man with principles, after all!

What I did would still be considered as upholding my principles, right?

Alright… Well…

As it turned out, the detector had extended time, so it was still on the moment he got into the car. As such, he was able to detect that there were two pinhole cameras and a mini eavesdropping device in the Benz.

Zhao Yu understood that instance how they could be so emboldened as to bribe the officials! They were obviously keeping the recordings as evidence! As soon as he received the stolen goods, he would be controlled by them, just like a high-class blackmailing scheme!

In order to foil their plan, Zhao Yu gave an impassioned speech in the car, whereby he scolded them and didn’t let them seize any chance to entrap him. However, Zhao Yu was a treacherous person himself.

He figured that proper thieves never left a scene empty-handed. So, as the other party gave him a great opportunity, he was determined to not waste it!

So, he first used an Invisible Appraiser to certify those bonds in secret. The result showed that the bonds were authentic, and that the total value was far beyond four million!

After he confirmed that there was no mistake, Zhao Yu first pretended to leave the car angrily. But, in reality, he put on an Invisibility Cloak, so he wouldn’t leave any evidence in those cameras!

He then broke the small tree and threw it on the car hood in order to lure the two of them out of the car. Then, he snuck into the car to steal away the bonds!

As Zhao Yu was a careful person, who didn’t want the other person’s surveillance camera to record any paranormal sight, where the bonds would be floating in the air, he used two of the decorations from the car to block the surveillance camera en route. That way, even if he was ever suspected, there would be no evidence whatsoever!

As Zhao Yu carried the bonds back to his police car, he was still thinking about what happened earlier. Ever since he had become a police detective, Zhao Yu had gained a moral conscious. So, as he held onto the bonds, he began to feel insecure.

Did I overdo it this time?

I am a billionaire now, so why should I be interested in this money?


Why not?

Then, Zhao Yu took out his phone and called Bureau Chief Mu from the Jinping branch.

“Bureau Chief Mu, I am Zhao from the special investigations group.

Once Zhao Yu had introduced himself to Bureau Chief Mu, the other side of the phone suddenly became tense and quiet.

“Bureau Chief Mu,” Zhao Yu continued in all sincerity, “After giving it some thought, I feel that He Sheng Credit gave me a good offer. Look, I have solved my case and they obviously had nothing to do with it. And, my car has been parked at your establishment for a very long time, which is very inconvenient! So, how about I just agree with their compensation offer!”

Bureau Chief Mu didn’t react at first. Then he replied, “That’s great! Don’t you worry, I will get in touch with them tomorrow to get them to pay your losses as soon as possible!”

“Hehe… Sorry for the trouble. Hehehe…” Zhao Yu’s laughter was malicious, and it sent a chill down Bureau Chief Mu’s spine.

“Don’t mention it. This is what I should do, after all!” Bureau Chief Mu was covered in cold sweat when he spoke. “To have you getting frightened within are area of jurisdiction, I felt so bad! Team Leader Zhao, please forgive us…”

“Hehehe… Don’t worry about it. But, Bureau Chief Mu, speaking of that…” Zhao Yu reminded him, “You should really pay more attention to companies like He Sheng Credit! You are lucky that you met a person who was easygoing, like me. If it was someone else, I’m afraid that you might have been in hot water yourself!”

“Yes, you’re right!” Bureau Chief Mu said. “Don’t worry. From today onward, we will be sure to keep our eyes on them. We will never let anything similar occur again!”

After Zhao Yu chatted casually with him a bit longer, he hung up the phone. He felt much better, assuring himself that he hadn’t overdone it anymore…

When Zhao Yu drove back to the hotel at eleven that night, the system notified him that the miracle adventure had ended. Even though it was an amazing Qian hexagram, he had only received a one hundred and forty-three percent completion rate. It seemed that his somewhat of a moral misstep had cost him several points!

Recalling the tense day, Zhao Yu felt as though it had been a century. Even the blood war in the nursing home felt as though it had happened long ago.

So much had happened within the last twenty-four hours. It was unbelievable!

The Qian hexagram was really a superb combination hexagram. In Zhao Yu’s miracle adventure that day, the Kun, Zhen, Kan, Dui and Gen hexagrams had interlaced, all of which combined had simply swamped him with more than one person could attend to. In fact, Zhao Yu had no idea how he had persisted up until now!


He let out a long sigh, reminding himself that he shouldn’t get another hexagram until at least after midnight! Forget about the Qian hexagram, even if it was a Kun hexagram, he knew that he wouldn’t yet be able to deal with it!

He recalled slightly that he hadn’t even had a proper sleep recently, and his body was extremely exhausted, almost to the point where he couldn’t even feel his own weariness anymore! If there’s a device that allowed him to quickly recover his mental and physical strength, that’d be great! Otherwise, an Invisible Sleeping Pill would be nice, too!

Then, an idea flashed in Zhao Yu’s head, which was to check the latest addition to his system device. It was a Qian hexagram, which was incredible. Although the completion rate wasn’t ideal, he had received a ten-item pack!

When he opened it, the very first item that he saw was a special device. The device’s name was really impressive, too. It was called the Invisible Lightning Conductor!

The introduction of the device showed that it could be activated automatically and would enable him to avoid contact with electric shock and lightning!

What the heck?

As he was looking at the device, Zhao Yu subconsciously touched the bonds. As he did so, he thought, System Bro, are you trying to hint for me to not be so mischievous next time?

But, if I were no longer afraid of lightning striking me, does that mean that I can swear or make false pledges? Wahaha, if I were to not follow principles and just do as I wish, God please strike me hard with lightning, wahaha…


Zhao Yu had just imagined it, and there was a thunder that roared in his brain coincidently! This shocked Zhao Yu, and he grew pale.

When he looked out of the window, he realized that there had been a sudden change in the weather. Not only had the gale force winds lowered the temperature, but it was now pouring cats and dogs…