Crazy Detective Chapter 613

Chapter 613 My Motivation

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As lightning interlaced with rumbling thunder, the rain poured down relentlessly. Such heavy rain was an unexpected occurrence, as it was already the beginning of winter.

The rain inevitably reminded Zhao Yu about the beautiful figure that left had left such a deep impression in his head. When Miao Ying had left back then, it had also been raining heavily.

As the heavy rain kept pouring, and his lover wasn’t by his side, Zhao Yu thought to himself…

MiaoYing, where are you now? How are you doing?

Do you, on similar rainy nights, miss me as well?

Bro System, I wonder if you have a people-searching device? If so, can you give me one? If I had that kind of device, I might be able to find Miao Ying!

With a deep longing, Zhao Yu took a look at the ten-item bundle pack that he had just received. Besides the Invisible Lightning Conductor and a level one Invisible Biochemical Suit, the other devices were those that he had before, including the Invisible Odor Bomb, Invisible Bomb Disposal, Invisible Propeller, Invisible Hemostat, Memory Flashback Device, Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, Power Jamming Device, Skeleton Key…

Although the ten items were all legitimate devices, Zhao Yu was still unsatisfied. This was because all that he could do at that moment was think about Miao Ying.

The past was still fresh in his head, including flashbacks from the fierce battle in the police training school, the incident that happened in the General Ridge, the life and death situation in the Gold Buddha cave, and even the passion and thrill that he had felt when he rolled around in the bedsheets with his goddess…

Zhao Yu still had no clue about what had happened to Miao Ying and her family, nor why she had left him so heartlessly. Although people say that time heals all wounds, Zhao Yu only missed Miao Ying more dearly with each passing day.

The two things that Miao Ying had told him to do, he would never forget. She had said,” First, be Sherlock Holmes!” and “Forget me.”

I’m sorry, Miao Ying! Zhao Yu thought in his head. I can’t forget you! But… I will be Sherlock Holmes!

During the past few days, he had been completely tense, as the case was weighing heavily on his mind. Hence, Zhao Yu had finally been able to push his sorrow aside. However, he knew that, deep down, this was only a temporary fix.

So, regardless of the price he had to pay, he had to find Miao Ying! He suddenly recalled that his miracle adventure system was being upgraded continuously.

Thus, if he were to upgrade it to a certain level, there might really be some sort of device to find a missing person! Or maybe, once the strengthening function was complete, he might be able to make a people-searching device by enhancing the current device!

For example, if he were to strengthen and combine the Invisible Tracking Device and Hacker’s Command, he might then be able to look for Miao Ying’s information through the internet!

This thought filled Zhao Yu with vigor. He was determined to believe that this assumption was not sheer nonsense, but that there was a high possibility of his realizing it!

He felt that, since there were so many different kinds of devices in the device bar, as long as he kept upgrading the system, he would definitely be able to find an efficient way to find Miao Ying! This had given Zhao Yu a huge confidence boost.

Be Sherlock Holmes!

That’s right!

I must be Sherlock Holmes, and I must obtain more accumulation points to upgrade the system!

Ever since the Hasty Murder Case, Zhao Yu hadn’t really been able to sleep much. But, once the case was closed, and he had now found a way to look for Miao Ying, he was finally ready to rest.

Although it was raining heavily and extremely windy outside, as well as there being lightning and rumbling thunder, Zhao Yu slept soundly throughout the whole night. He finally woke up at about ten the next morning.

As he tried to stretch, he realized that his limbs were all out of joint and the wound on his shoulder was aching. He kept his movements small and struggled to hold back a yawn.

After he pulled open the curtain, he saw that the rain had stopped and the brilliant sunlight was pouring in on his face. It felt extremely soothing.

However, even though the rain had stopped, the wind had not ceased to howl. He could could see the people walking along in their winter wear, the breeze rustling the half-dead leaves on the trees that lined the street.

Zhao Yu remembered that the six Headless Female Corpse Case happened during the coldest part of winter, especially the very first case, which had taken place at Jinbian. In fact, he had recorded his analysis of the case in Captain Jin Zhenbang’s yellow notebook. Captain Jin had thought that the reason the murderer opted to commit a crime in winter was most likely so that he could take advantage of the cold to preserve the dead body even longer.

Because of this fact, many forensic psychologists had added the label of “desire to showcase” in the offender’s profile. This meant that they thought the murderer had a strong desire to show off the dead body, like an exhibit, before the people.

Wu Xiumin conducted her own analysis as well. Not only did she agree with her seniors’ analyses, she also thought that the murderer was a perfectionist. Although the dead body was marred, the murderer wanted it to be perfect, which of course meant that he didn’t want the dead body to rot too early and affect its aesthetics.

Based on those two points, the police were almost positive that the murderer was a stubborn person with a very morbid mentality. However, what made people wonder the most was, if this description of the murderer was true, according to the murderer’s character, he would most likely continue to commit similar crimes.

Yet, eerily enough, after the Headless Female Corpse Case in 1998, the murderer suddenly appeared to stop. Ever since that time, there had been no similar cases.

No one knew why the murderer suddenly stopped, but many did their fair share of speculating about it…

“Was it because the murderer died?”

“Maybe the murderer came to his senses!”

“Maybe the murderer was getting old and couldn’t continue!”

It had been nineteen years, yet people were still worried that the murderer was still alive. Although, they also knew that, if he had died already, then they may never find out the real truth behind the case.

At that moment, Zhao Yu picked up his phone to check his messages. Knowing that the clock was ticking, Wu Xiumin had gone ahead and interrogated Tao Xiang the entire night before, using her unique hypnotic technique. Zhao Yu wondered if she had obtained any useful intel.

He unlocked his phone to see that there were several messages from Wu Xiumin, just as he had expected. However, Wu Xiumin’s messages had nothing to do with interrogation, but were rather to remind Zhao Yu that she had received the latest update, whereby the Central Criminal Division had sent two teams to take over the case! Apparently, they would arrive in Jinping that very morning, so they wanted Zhao Yu’s team to be prepared to hand over the case immediately.

This can’t be, right?

So soon?

Zhao Yu had just sent in the report to the Central Criminal Division the day before, and yet the special force had arrived the very next day! Their speed was beyond his imagination.

As Jinping and the capital were quite far away from each other, the special force would need to take the criminal away under armed escort. Hence, they must be driving the police car over. Plus, they had to arrange their team, pack up their equipment, and so on. This usually required at least two to three days.

No one would have guessed that they would arrive the next morning! This indeed put a wrench in Zhao Yu’s plan! After all, once Tao Xiang was arrested and transported to the capital, Zhao Yu wouldn’t be able to get any more information from him!

He looked at his watch and saw that he only had twenty minutes until it was eleven o’clock. He reckoned that the two special forces would have arrived by then.

So, Zhao Yu didn’t dare to delay. He quickly washed up and drove towards the Jinping Police Station immediately.