Crazy Detective Chapter 614

Chapter 614 The Woman Is On Fire

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Zhao Yu had expected to be met with a crowded and bustling scene. However, when he arrived in the meeting room at the Jinping Police Station, he only saw three people there, one of whom was his contact person, Chen Zhuo.

As this meeting was highly confidential, other than the special investigation group, no one else knew these two persons’ identities. It was only after Chen Zhuo introduced them, that Zhao Yu realized that the two representatives were actually the higher ups in charge of the two special forces!

The first of the two was a polite middle-aged man, who looked steady and mature. His name was Ma Runkui, and he was the deputy section chief of the Foreign Affairs Office in the Central Criminal Division. As such, he had been entrusted to come and take care of the pharmaceutical factory murder case.

The other person was a woman in her thirties, who had her hair tied up in a ponytail. Her name was Wu Fangfang, and she had been placed in charge of the Tamil Star Gem Theft Case for quite some time.

The pair had actually taken a flight over, so that they could arrive earlier, giving them ample time to understand the situation, while their assistants were still preparing. Hence, their colleagues would arrive in a few days.

After Zhao Yu closed the office door, he tried to break the ice a bit, attempting to learn a bit more about the pair. Ma Runkui was very friendly, and when he shook Zhao Yu’s hands, he extended two hands, then complimented him sincerely.

“Team Leader Zhao, you are so young and promising. You have just taken the post, yet you have already solved such an important and major case! You indeed have a bright future ahead of you!” he exclaimed.

Although they were both team leaders of special forces, Ma Runkui was a deputy section chief, so his ranking was obviously higher. Hence, Zhao Yu was bolstered by his compliment, so he thanked him politely immediately.

However, when he shook hands with the woman, Wu Fangfang, he was suddenly placed in a totally opposite situation. As she was wearing a tightly fitted suit and had an extremely cold look in her eyes, with just one glance, Zhao Yu could tell that she was a person with a marked personality.

As they shook hands, not only did she not smile, she even made a sarcastic remark. “You are the one that they are always talking about, Division Chief Jiao’s relative! I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!” she said.

Zhao Yu was stunned. He felt that the woman’s cold hands mirrored her cold look. As for this Division Chief Jiao that she was talking about, this was the woman that he had helped back at the highway pit stop in the past.

Later on, after he become the team leader of the special investigation group, rumors of the two started spreading. The rumors said that Zhao Yu was Division Chief Jiao’s relative, and that Zhao Yu’s post had only been obtained through abnormal and shady channels.

Zhao Yu also knew that, among the people that had spread the rumors, Wu Xiumin had played an important role. However,Wu Xiumin had since discovered the truth about Zhao Yu. As such, she had already apologized to Zhao Yu personally for her part in spreading the lies.

Zhao Yu had never expected that Wu Fangfang would speak so rudely to him during their meeting! It was obvious that she was filled with hostility!

Wu Fangfang’s attitude had also caught Chen Zhuo and the others off guard as well. The entire situation was truly awkward.

However, since fighting against provocation was his expertise, Zhao Yu didn’t even blink, but replied immediately, “Hehehe, Team Leader Wu, you flatter me! It would be great, indeed, if I was only her relative, right? Then, that would mean that I only became an official by nepotism! But, I heard, many female team leaders got their positions through intimate relations with men higher ups, which surely wouldn’t be nice to spread around. But, what do you think? Tsk tsk…”

“You…” Wu Fangfang was flustered to say the least, as what Zhao Yu had just replied was extremely unpleasant to her ears.

“Don’t misunderstood me,” Zhao Yu quickly explained, turning to face her. “I’m sure Team Leader Wu earned her role with her own capabilities, right?”

“You…” Wu Fangfang had a murderous look in her eyes. She then replied coldly, “Team Leader Zhao Yu, there were so many deaths in the pharmaceutical factory case, do you actually think that you did a good job on it?”

“Oh? Well, thank you for your reminder, sissy! I thought I had won several honors by solving the case and arresting the murderer! It seems that I am still very inexperienced! As such, I must look towards you and learn from you! After all, you have been working on the Gem Theft Case for six years, so I believe you must be very experienced, right? I hope you can give me some pointers in the future!”


Wu Xiumin couldn’t hold back, instantly bursting out in a fit of laughter. What Zhao Yu had just said was so sneakily treacherous! He obviously was teasing her!

Wu Fangfang was understandably pissed now. Her lips quivered in rage, then she yelled, “Alright! If there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely give you plenty of pointers!”

As there was an abundance of friction in the air, Chen Zhuo and Ma Runkui quickly move to alleviate the tension between the two of them. They joked around and finally dispeled the majority of the pressure from the awkward situation.

They then started handing out specific jobs. The special investigation group reported the ins and outs of the Hasty Murder Case to the two. Then, the small group reported their current status to the Jin’an provincial office and the Jinping Police Station together.

Next, Zhao Yu signed a few documents, finally wrapping up the procedure to hand over the case. From that moment onwards, the Hasty Murder Case and the Gem Theft Case would officially have nothing to do with the special investigation group led by Zhao Yu.

As such, Zhao Yu could now to return to the Jinbian Police Station to fully focus on the Headless Female Corpses Case. However, it happened to be lunch time, so Zhao Yu invited the small group, out of courtesy to a local restaurant for lunch. But, as Wu Fangfang was still nursing her wounded ego after being verbally attacked by Zhao Yu earlier, she used the excuse that she still had work to be done to turn down the lunch invitation.

With the absence of Wu Fangfang, the atmosphere at the lunch table was much more peaceful. As they still had work to finish later that afternoon, they didn’t drink any alcohol, only reminisced about the past and discussed work.

Ma Runkui told Zhao Yu that their superiors didn’t intend to bring Lao Feng and the rest back to the capital for interrogation. This was because the case had been officially opened in Jinping, so they hoped to leave the criminals there, in order for them to be taken care of locally until they found sufficient evidence. At that time, the Central Criminal Division would then take diplomatic measures to capture all of the criminals overseas in one haul.

Zhao Yu’s contact person, Chen Zhuo, then seized this chance to introduce some new information to Zhao Yu. “Section Chief Ma has been working in the Foreign Affairs Office for many years, so he has dealt with many similar cases. Don’t you worry! Those criminals that suppressed the pharmaceutical factory share prices and damaged the nation won’t escape!”

Hearing this, Ma Runkui smiled humbly and said, “Officer Chen, you flatter me. But actually, the credit all goes to Zhao and his special investigation group! If it wasn’t for them, our nation would have suffered even greater losses! Come, let me substitute the alcohol with tea for a toast! Thank you for all of your hard work!”

Ma Runkui’s compliment sounded extremely flattering in their ears, and they immediately held their cups up to join in the toast.

After that, Ma Runkui sighed. He then told Zhao Yu, “Zhao, about Team Leader Wu Fangfang, don’t mind her! She’s like that with everyone. She’s just a very straightforward person and always does as she wishes. She is also very hot-tempered. Those who have worked with her before even gave her the nickname ‘Sis Fire!'”

“Sis Fire?” Zhao Yu smiled. “Meaning, this woman, is on fire?”

Actually, Zhao Yu was really thinking something cheeky in his head, Does she need me to put out her fire? But of course, he could not say that out loud!

“I could tell from the very beginning,” Wu Xiumin couldn’t help but cut in, “According to my analysis, that this woman is really too full of herself and can’t control her emotions. Plus, she always seems to ignore others’ feelings and easily offends people. I’m guessing that she definitely does not have a boyfriend!”

Cough cough… Zhao Yu saw that Wu Xiumin had said too much, so he coughed slightly to hint at her to hush.

“It’s okay!” Ma Runkui quickly waved his hand and said, “You’re right! She really doesn’t have a boyfriend! However, Wu Fangfang is a very capable woman. She’s actually quite similar to Team Leader Zhao, as she was selected for the special investigation group after solving many major and thorny cases!”

He then added, “However, half a year ago, she made a mistake, so she was assigned to the Gem Theft Case special force. That’s why her temperament is even worse than before!”


Zhao Yu then understood that this hot-tempered woman was indeed no simple female…