Crazy Detective Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Major News

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In the afternoon, Zhao Yu brought Chen Zhuo and the rest of the group to Bethune Hospital to confirm the suspects. Although Ah Biao and the driver had already confessed to their crimes, they didn’t know much about the group behind the scenes.

So, Lao Feng seemed to be the crucial person in this case at the moment, as he was the leader of the criminal gang. All this while, he was the one in contact with the group behind the scenes. As such, he definitely knew the most information.

However, Lao Feng was very determined and stubborn. Ever since he had woken up, he had remained unwilling to confess to any of his wrongdoings.

However, Ma Runkui, who was experienced, was in no hurry. He knew that it was only a matter of time until he clamped Lao Feng down. So, he figured that as long as they could stay patient and investigate him on their terms, all would turn out right in the end.

Plus, the investigation wasn’t a solo endeavor. The headquarters of the Central Criminal Division had already sent a ton of manpower to help investigate the suspicious group. This was because the group’s suppression of the share prices of the pharmaceutical factory had been so aggressive, they believed that there must be sufficient evidence left behind to indict them.

After they confirmed the three living suspects, the group returned to the forensic department in the police station to certify the few dead suspects and examine their dead bodies. But, by the time they got there, the police had already certified their identities. Although the man in the jacket had blown himself up and died, the police had somehow managed to find his information.

It turned out that these few deceased suspects had already gone through their official immigration procedures. So, strictly speaking, they were no longer Chinese citizens. After discovering this, the police continued searching their information, hoping to find more clues about the consortium behind the scenes.

Then, Zhao Yu brought the hot-tempered Wu Fangfang to visit Tao Xiang in the guarded room. However, besides Cui Lizhu’s testimony, no one else had verified that the old man with mental health issues was actually the legendary king of thieves!

As the person’s identity was secretive and his movement were suspicious, not many had ever seen his face. So, over a period of time, the king of the thieves, otherwise known as Tao Xiang, became merely a legend that was spoken of in public. The legend spread so magically, the mysterious man had even been given the nickname “God Tao.”

Even with the help of comparisons via DNA, portraiture, fingerprints and various other channels, the police still couldn’t find any conclusive match. It was almost as if the man didn’t exist in the human world. It was indeed a mystery…

Finally, once all of the suspects were confirmed, Zhao Yu was able to completely hand over all of the case tasks. He then bid farewell to Chen Zhuo, Ma Runkui, and the others, called his teammates into the office, and started to discuss their next steps.

Their original mission had been to investigate the Headless Female Corpses Case. As it had officially ended, they naturally had to prepare to head back to the Jinbian Police Station to continue with their work.

However, as they had suddenly obtained Bai Lili’s photo, they thought they should be putting in some effort towards investigating Tao Xiang. Wu Xiumin told Zhao Yu that she had tried her hypnotic interrogation method on Tao Xiang the night before. However, Tao Xiang’s memory had been severely damaged, so she couldn’t find anything out, even after an entire night of interrogation!

Apparently, Tao Xiang’s memory was quite jumbled, so he had forgotten many things that happened in the past. Sometimes, he couldn’t even talk fluently.

Cui Lizhu had told Zhao Yu once before that she had once taken her father to get a thorough examination by a doctor, who had told her that Tao Xiang had experienced heavy brain damage. Thus, his unstable mental state and loss of memory could be associated to such an injury.

Cui Lizhu had also been told that the brain damage was permanent, with the probability of recovering any memory being quite low. As Cui Lizhu had grown up with Tao Xiang, she was surprised by this, as she couldn’t remember Tao Xiang’s ever experiencing a heavy blow to the head!

The doctor had then said that, according to the results of his tests on Tao Xiang’s head, there had most likely been an accident, a heavy knock, or an attack that had caused the injury. As Cui Lizhu recollected that Tao Xiang’s symptoms only started after he stole the Tamil Star, she suspected that Tao Xiang had some sort of accident during that robbery!

However, as she was still very young back then, it would make sense that she did not remember it clearly. Also, her father had been careful to not involve her in such things, as she was only a child.

At first, Zhao Yu had thought that if he could use Memory Flashback Device to peep into Tao Xiang’s memory, he might be able to find more clues about Bai Lili. But, although the device was great, Zhao Yu couldn’t be certain of the exact time when Tao Xiang met Bai Lili.

This was problematic because the Memory Flashback Device could only show ten minutes of video. Thus, if he were to pick an incorrect time, it would be wasted! Hence, he determined that it wasn’t realistic to use the device.

As Zhao Yu scrambled to find another investigation approach, his thoughts kept returning to Cui Lizhu…

When I compared the DNA of Cui Lizhu, Gege, Tao Xiang and Bai Lili, they were found to not be related. So, that makes the photo very suspicious!

If Bai Lili isn’t Cui Lizhu’s mother, then why would she appear in the same photo as Cui Lizhu?

This made Zhao Yu think that, if he could find Cui Lizhu’s biological parents, they might be able to help him uncover some more important clues! Hence, he told Zeng Ke to take Cui Lizhu’s DNA to do a comparison at the National Data Center, then use the results to see if he could find Cui Lizhu’s biological parents.

“Team Leader, I have some bad news!” Zeng Ke had just left, when he suddenly ran back in a hurry.

Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and thought, I haven’t even gotten today’s hexagram! Why is there more chaos already?

“Oh my God! It can’t be, right?” Wu Xiumin looked at Zeng Ke, who was panting for air, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Don’t tell me, Tao Xiang or Cui Lizhu ran away!”

Zeng Ke shook his head quickly, then took out his phone and opened it to one of the news applications, which he immediately showed them.

Everyone saw it and got a shock. The headline of the newspaper read, Shocking news! The Tamil Star Robber returned and was arrested by the police…