Crazy Detective Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Bluntly Conned

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At midnight, Zhao Yu activated the system in his head and received a new hexagram. He had taken a day off, since he was so exhausted mentally and physically from his recent case work.

As it was midnight, which was the beginning of the seven days deadline, he had to be in top form, with his head completely in the game. This meant that he had start to looking for the Tamil Star!

Dui Zhen!

At that moment, two huge characters appeared in the middle of the system interface. The moment Zhao Yu saw that it wasn’t a Gen hexagram, he was disappointed, as this meant that he would need to put in more hard work to discover any clues.

So, Zhao Yu went straight to work via his traditional methods, adding all of the information regarding the Gem Theft Case on the whiteboard in front of him. Zhao Yu had several rough ideas in his head, the first of which was that Cui Lizhu’s father was the infamous burglar, Tao Xiang, and that he had definitely stolen the gemstone from the exhibition!

There were a few main reasons why he suspected Tao Xiang. Firstly, Tao Xiang had never said what he had been doing when he went missing. Secondly, if Tao Xiang were really in and out of being consciously alert and sane, then muddled from time to time after he had been injured in the head, why hadn’t he seized the time when he was lucid to tell Cui Lizhu everything?

Thirdly, as the King of Thieves, Tao Xiang was poor and wretched. As such, his daughter had to make a living for the both of them. That didn’t make sense at all!

As Zhao Yu considered these things, he found an answer for all of his suspicions…

Firstly, during the Gem Theft Case, Tao Xiang happened to tell Cui Lizhu that he had landed a major deal! The major deal that he was referring to was definitely related to some kind of robbery. Hence, the possibility of his stealing the Tamil Star was very high!

Besides, in Cui Lizhu’s memory, after Tao Xiang went mad, he had once brought up the subject of the gemstone. So, Zhao Yu assumed that Tao Xiang was the one who had stolen it. So, it was really what had happened after he stole the gemstone that had yet to be clarified.

Next, Zhao Yu was very familiar with how thieves operated. As he had investigated countless thieves, he began to notice a shocking pattern among them. Regardless of their skills, and no matter how valuable the items were that they stole, thieves seemed destined to be poor their entire lives!

In the end, this only led to one of two outcomes stereotypically. They either were caught and went to jail, or they led a dog’s life! Hence, regardless of the items they stole, it still wouldn’t change their fates!

So, Zhao Yu guessed that even the King of Thieves would fall into this same stereotypical pattern. Specifically, either he was an addictive gambler or he had a lot of enemies and had to pay his way out of trouble. Or maybe, he ran into a scoundrel and had all of his property conned away…

Besides, after so many incidents, there was no need for Cui Lizhu to lie to him any longer. So, Zhao Yu deduced that the psychotic old man was definitely Tao Xiang, which meant that the robbery of the Tamil Star was definitely related to him!

At that very moment, in the darkness of night, the team members of the special investigation group had already gone back to rest. There were two stacks of documents on the work desk in front of the whiteboard. One stack was Cui Lizhu’s detailed testimony, while the other one was a list of detailed information related to the Gem Theft Case, all of which Zeng Ke had found on the internet.

Wu Xiumin was the one who had recorded Cui Lizhu’s testimony. In order to not miss any detail, Zhao Yu had requested that Cui Lizhu record each and every detail about Tao Xiang, for the entire last six years, even including every single sentence that he’d ever said before, as well as every movement and expression!

Zhao Yu even wanted her to share about his mad ravings, too! This was because Zhao Yu felt that, when a person went insane, it was even more difficult for them to keep any secrets!

After more than four hours, Cui Lizhu finally finished giving her testimony, having told them everything that she could remember. The document was over twenty pages long! Zhao Yu knew that such an abundance of information would take him quite a while to finish reading, so he picked up the stack of information that Zeng Ke had found, then began scanning through it.

Back then, when the exhibition was held in the capital, they had adopted some of the most advanced security measures in the nation. It could be said that all of these were flawless, making the exhibition perfectly safe and secure.

However, what shocked everyone was that the blue gemstone had still vanished into thin air. After that incident, there weren’t even any videos of the burglar that were captured by the cameras!

In fact, the information that Zeng Ke had found only came from the internal archives of the police department. That information actually did record clearly the situation as the gemstone was stolen.

It turns out that, on the day the gemstone was stolen, the security guards at the exhibition had received a memo from the higher ups, explaining to them that the system would be upgraded and tested at a certain time to strengthen its security features. They were also told that the electricity at the exhibition would be cut off for fifteen minutes, which meant that they had to leave the scene temporarily. They were then told that, during that time, the alarm would be triggered, but they should just ignore it, as it would be only a test.

Hence, the obedient security guards followed the instructions given, and the moment the electricity was cut off, they left the scene. Even when the alarm was triggered, no one bothered to check it out, as they were assuming that it was merely a test.

In the end, the gemstone disappeared within that fifteen minute timeframe. After that, the security guards knew that the order hadn’t been sent by the higher ups at all! They had all been conned by the burglar!

Zhao Yu was really impressed with this burglar! If it was really Tao Xiang, he more than deserved his title as the King of Thieves!

Just as Zhao Yu was scanning through the information, there was suddenly a white figure that flashed behind him. Zhao Yu turned around to see Cui Lizhu, who was wearing a white coat…