Crazy Detective Chapter 621

Chapter 621 The East Doesnt Brighten But The West Does

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“Police Officer Zhao, you didn’t even handcuff me,” Cui Lizhu spread her hands and said.

“Hehe, hehe…” Zhao Yu laughed as he patted his chest. He then said, “I only doubt a person if I am not cooperating with them in an investigation. After all, my mind is as broad as the ocean…”

“Tsk…” Cui Lizhu made a gesture of wiping her sweat off her forehead in relief, then pulled up her pants leg. She pointed at her black GPS anklet and said, “If you are really speaking truthfully, then why didn’t you remove this?”

Zhao Yu smiled, then pointed at the anklet as and explained, “You silly girl. The GPS anklet is the latest version this year, and it’s a limited edition! I’ve obviously given you such a nice present, yet you don’t appreciate it!”

“Humph! You’ve gone back on your word. Back then, you were the one who assured my dad’s safety!” Cui Lizhu complained. “Now, there’s only one press release away from making all of this public, right? Then, the whole world will know that he’s the thief, Tao Xiang! He has stolen too many things and has too many enemies!”

“He can have as many enemies as he wants. That has nothing to do with me!” Zhao Yu explained in disdain. “I didn’t expose the news, so you can’t blame me!”

“Well, I don’t care.” Cui Lizhu walked before Zhao Yu slowly, her eyes full of tenderness and love. “First, you’ll have to guarantee my dad’s safety. Second, if I help you retrieve the gemstone, you have to report my cooperation to your higher ups, so that they will reduce my sentence!”

“That’s not a problem.” Zhao Yu agreed straightforwardly. “If there aren’t any cases involving human lives, I even might be able to even keep you out of prison entirely! I can even request that you join the special investigation group as my underling. Then, I’ll use your skills to investigate all of those thorny cases!”

“This idea…” Cui Lizhu was tempted by what Zhao Yu said. She blinked her big eyes and said, “I like this idea! I can steal things legally that way. Hehe… quite interesting…”

“But, you first have to find the gemstone!” Zhao Yu lifted his eyebrows.

“Alright. Also, I recalled something just now! I wonder if it is will be of any help…” Cui Lizhu reined in her smile and lowered her voice, telling Zhao Yu, “Actually, my dad has a problem in ‘that aspect’… He fools around with many women!”

She paused to be sure Zhao Yu understood her meaning, then continued. “He said that he had an accident ‘down there,’ so he lost that ability for intimacy!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Zhao Yu pouted. “Then, the female fish vendor didn’t manage to take advantage of your dad? Hehe… Mm… Eh?”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s expression went stiff. He had just remembered that, among the victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case, not one of them was sexually assaulted. Back then, the police had suspected the murderer to be a woman. But now, he was thinking that either the murderer was psychologically twisted or the murderer had no ability to commit such a physical act!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s heart started thumping, and he felt chill run down his spine. Could the king of thieves, Tao Xiang, actually be the murderer in the Headless Female Corpses Case?

Firstly, he had Bai Lili’s photo!

Secondly, he didn’t have the ability to assault a woman in that way.

Thirdly, after the last victim, Bai Lili, died, the murderer suddenly vanished into thin air. This just happened to be the same exact time when Tao Xiang had adopted Cui Lizhu. Was it because he had adopted a child that he had stopped committing the crimes?

Moreover, Tao Xiang is the king of the thieves, meaning that he’s best at disguising himself.

It’s just like that saying, The East doesn’t brighten but the West does! There’s always a different way of looking at things!

If I were to solve this case, I wouldn’t even need to bother with that stupid Gem Theft Case! After all, this Headless Female Corpses Case is the level one pending case. Compared to it, the Gem Theft Case is nothing. If I were to solve the case, I would be superb… Wahaha…

“Police Officer Zhao… Hey…” Cui Lizhu called to him a few times, trying to get Zhao Yu to come back to reality.

“Mm, are… Are you okay?” Cui Lizhu asked suspiciously. “I just told you about my dad’s difficulties, so why do you seem so happy?”

“F*ck your… Mm…” Zhao Yu realized that what he was about to say was inappropriate, so he quickly swallowed it. He then smiled maliciously and said, “Come come, little Zhu, chat with your brother. I feel that I have already found an important clue! Hurry up and tell me more about your dad!”

“Hey? You… What are you trying to do?” She shouted, “Are you making fun of my dad?”

“No, I am trying to solve the case!” Zhao Yu smiled mischievously. “Hurry up, little Zhu! Tell me the name of the female fish vendor! Let’s see if I know her.”

“Ew! Police Officer Zhao Yu, your smile is so boorish! Hey!” Just as Cui Lizhu was joking with Zhao Yu, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the information on the whiteboard.

Zhao Yu saw her wandering gaze and wanted to block it, but he couldn’t get to it in time. He saw Cui Lizhu bite her lips, then heard her say, “It turned out that my dad lied to me all along! It seemed that he had been sick for a long time!” Cui Lizhu was looking at the comparison results of their DNA.

Cui Lizhu continued in a melancholy tone. “It seems that all of that nonsense about my mother leaving me after she gave birth to me was bullsh*t! That bast*rd lied to me!”

Zhao Yu could tell Cui Lizhu was very sad, but he had no idea how to comfort her.

“If the woman in the photo isn’t my mother, then where did I come from?” She then pointed at a name on the whiteboard and asked, “And, what does Gege mean?”

Hearing Cui Lizhu’s response, Zhao Yu did not answer her, but started thinking…

Hmmm….the age matched, the time matched, the motive matched, the mental state matched…

Zhao Yu felt that Tao Xiang was becoming more and more suspicious. But, even though he now had a probable suspect, he was still lacking important evidence!

If Tao Xiang was really the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case, then where would the evidence be?