Crazy Detective Chapter 633

Chapter 633 Secret In Each Mind

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“Team Leader, slow down!” Cui Lizhu saw that Zhao Yu was shoveling too quickly, which caused him to be covered in sweat.

She was shocked by the sight of him, so she teased him. “We are digging a grave, bro. And, she’s my mother! Can’t you be more gentle? Why are you even in more of a hurry than I am?”

“Save your bullsh*t! The sky is growing dark! Hurry up, will you?” Zhao Yu continued to dig, then said, “Luckily, the ground hasn’t frozen yet. If we were to return any later, we wouldn’t be able to dig through it! Little Zhu, don’t just stand there. Hurry up and move the battery-powered vehicle to the forest. It’s too conspicuous, and anyone could see if from even a great distance away!”

Cui Lizhu crossed her arms, then asked in confusion, “Aren’t you a police officer from the special investigation group? What are you afraid of? If someone asks, you can just say that you’re investigating a case!”

“Follow my command! No more of your nonsense! Have you seen any case investigation that requires someone to dig up a grave?” Zhao Yu shouted. “Plus, the sky is growing dark! Go and prepare some lighting for us!”

Hearing Zhao Yu’s command, Cui Lizhu left the battery-powered vehicle unwillingly.

It turns out that Zhao Yu had used the metal detector to find that, under Du Manting’s grave, there was a huge metallic object! That object was rectangular, like a metal box!

The object was buried three meters deep and was leaning at the opening of the coffin pit. So, they only needed to unearth the box itself. He was grateful to find that there was no need for them to dig any further or disturb anything else at the gravesite.

Just in case, Zhao Yu looked around again, even at Cui Fangyu’s grave. But, as the detector didn’t send any unique response, he figured that the box was all that he needed to be focused on.

From the detecting map, the metal box appeared to be quite huge. This made him think that there must be a lot of things inside it!

Needless to say, the metal box was definitely the treasure that the king of the thieves left behind! That Tamil Star was most likely hidden in this very box!

Unable to keep his cool at such a critical moment, Zhao Yu quickly took up the metal shovel and started digging even harder than Cui Lizhu had been! A few minutes later, Cui Lizhu parked the vehicle and returned to dig alongside Zhao Yu.

“No, no, come closer to my side. Dig along the traces that I left, all the way down!” Zhao Yu pointed out the location carefully.

“Seriously?” Cui Lizhu was surprised by his seemingly strange instructions. “What exactly did you see there? How do you know where to dig?”

“Hmmm….A good guess?” Zhao Yu was hesitant to explain the whole truth to her.

“Oh… Team Leader! You’re awesome!” Cui Lizhu pointed at the soil and said, “Could it be that you’re the legendary gold officer, so you can see treasure before it has even been dug up?”

Zhao Yu smirked, then said, “To be frank with you, I have fluoroscopic vision! Not only can I see things underground, but I can picture you, as you are standing before me, without your clothes on!”

Cui Lizhu stuck her tongue out at him, then exclaimed, “Team Leader, I realize now that you are a true gangster!”

“Thank you for your compliment! Now, don’t be envious of my digging prowess!” Zhao Yu was arrogant. His digging speed was faster than hers!

As they continued to dig, Zhao Yu look at her, his face full of solemnity. Then, he said in all sincerity, “Little Zhu, regardless of the items that we dig out, you must remember that they are not yours!”

Hearing his somewhat accusatory words, Cui Lizhu immediately dropped the shovel and shouted at Zhao Yu, “Team Leader, do you not know the rules? Are you trying to up the price now?”

Zhao Yu put down his shovel, then turned to her to try to clarify what he meant. “That’s not what I meant. I’m trying to help you, don’t you know that? Tao Xiang’s things are all stolen goods! They’re not an inheritance! You have to understand that this is merely a great opportunity for you to earn merits with the police and the law. It doesn’t mean that you can take the treasures!”

“What are you talking about?” Cui Lizhu shouted. “Fine! Consider yourself as having done well! Then, you take your eight percent, and I’ll take my twenty. Alright?”

“Silly girl, you still don’t understand…” Zhao Yu put both his hands together and did a Buddhist hand gesture, then said, “This is not about money! This is about your bright future! You are young…”

“Team Leader,” Before Zhao Yu could finish, Cui Lizhu cut in and said, “I don’t understand how you think. Don’t you know that how much my dad’s inheritance, were it to be buried here, would be worth? Even if you only got one percent, it would be more than enough for you to gain a fortune! With so much money, you wouldn’t have to be a police officer!”

“That’s enough!” Zhao Yu roared. “What kind of nonsense is this? I was the one who found the Gold Buddha treasure in the Qinshan General Ridge, after all! Cui Lizhu, wake up. The treasures are not yours! Do you really desire to be on the wanted list at the police authority for the rest of your life? Listen to me, among all of the thieves that I know, not one of them has a good ending!”

He paused to compose himself, then continued lecturing her. “If you were to earn some merits, I would then apply for a reduced sentence on your behalf. Then, you could be a free person and live a normal life! So, don’t be silly again!”

Cui Lizhu laughed bitterly and raised her palm that had lost both thumbs. She then asked, “Team Leader, do you really think that I could live a normal life?”

“Why not?” Zhao Yu asked determinedly. “If you are willing to try, nothing is impossible!”

“Hehehe…” Cui Lizhu laughed and looked off to the side. She then said expressionlessly, “Alright, Team Leader, I’ll listen to you, but what if there’s nothing here?”

“Just you wait! I really have fluoroscopic vision!” Zhao Yu said determinedly. He then picked up the shovel and started digging again.

After settling down her emotions, Cui Lizhu also grabbed a shovel and started digging with Zhao Yu. From then onwards, they remained in an awkward silence.

In Zhao Yu’s heart, he had to wonder if he had managed to convince her. Maybe, in Cui Lizhu’s head, she was thinking on how to take away the treasure from his hands later!

Hence, Zhao Yu reminded himself that, once he found the treasure, he must be extremely cautious with this woman. He couldn’t let Cui Lizhu find any loophole that she could take advantage of!