Crazy Detective Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Two News Updates

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At ten that night, a huge concert was held in Bai Ling Stadium. The singing queen Zhang Zichen was holding her hundredth concert!

Her fans from across the nation had gathered there and it was an extremely magnificent spectacle! There were many celebrities that came to support her, giving her fans one surprise after another.

Just as Zhao Yu was panicking and rushing to the venue, the concert was nearing its end. Zhang Zichen was singing her last song and every audience member at the scene was being enchanted by her melodious voice.

Actually, Zhao Yu had rushed there because he had no choice. This was because his side quest that day had pointed him there!

Even though he had just had such a harrowing experience in the cemetery, he couldn’t give up on the side quest. After all, besides earning points, he might be able to find more clues about the case!

Zhao Yu held his phone up and finally found the exact location of the side quest. The singing queen, Zhang Zichen happened to be finishing her last song at that very moment.

As she sang her final note, she took off her hairband and threw it into the crowd. At that moment, the power of side quest showed itself, her hairband fell right into Zhao Yu’s hands! Then, the concert ended and Zhang Zichen recruited all of her guest singers to come up on the stage to bid farewell to the audience.

“Bro, bro!” A young man with glasses squeezed through the crowd and called out to Zhao Yu. He then said anxiously, “Come, pass me your WeChat ID! I’ll transfer you the money now, as I want to buy Zhang Zichen’s hairband!”

“No, no!” Just then, a fat man came over to Zhao Yu and said, “I’ll give you twenty thousand dollars if you sell it to me! I have to get that hairband today!”

The young man with glasses immediately extended all five of his fingers and said to Zhao Yu, “I’ll give you fifty thousand for it! Pass me your ID and I’ll transfer the money right now!”

That very next second, a girl in a pink shirt shouted at Zhao Yu, “I’ll give you sixty thousand! Give it to me!”

“Seventy thousand… I’ll give seventy thousand!”

The three of them constantly increased their prices, and on and on it went for quite awhile. Looking at those mad fans, Zhao Yu felt dizzy. From the bottom of his heart, Zhao Yu actually really wanted to break the silly hairband in front of everyone, just to vent his distress!

However, he suddenly held back the urge, as although he wasn’t in need of money, he was in need of more miracle adventure accumulative points! If he were to break the hair band brutally, his accumulative points would definitely be affected.

So, Zhao Yu suppressed the anger in his heart and raised the hairband in the air. He then shouted, “Godd*mnit! Listen to me! I will only sell it for one price, and that is two hundred thousand! Anyone who wants it must pay me that amount now! If not, I shall leave with it immediately! I’ll count to three…”

“Hey? He’s here!” Just as Zhao Yu was shouting his price, two security guards who had been looking for him saw him.

They ran towards him and were going to capture him! However, Zhao Yu immediately threw a punch at one of them and kicked the other one, sending the two security guards flying through the air.

“Anymore offers? I shall close shop then!” Zhao Yu waved the celebrity’s hairband in the air and shouted, “Two hundred thousand…”

“Alright! I want it! Give it to me!” The petite woman in the pink skirt clenched her teeth and finally got it. Zhao Yu sold her the hairband at the sky high price of two hundred thousand dollars!

However, even though Zhao Yu got the money, it didn’t cheer him up at all. It was actually the contrary, as he still felt unsettled and terrified. The six skulls in the treasure box were like terrifying incubus, taking up all of the space in his mind!

How could this be?

Even if anyone gave Zhao Yu another hundred chances, he would have never guessed that things would turn out this way! At first, it could be considered magical that he could find the box at Du Manting’s grave!

But, who would have guessed that, in the box, would be…


Zhao Yu felt a mixture of emotions churning within him. It had all happened so suddenly! If he were to have gotten a Kun hexagram in the high-speed rail on the way there, he would at least have been mentally prepared!

However, he had gotten a Dui Gen hexagram, and he was confident that the Dui hexagram represented wealth. Hence, he thought that the wealth would come from Tao Xiang’s treasure in the box!

Yet, from what it seemed, everything he had thought had been wrong! The Dui hexagram wasn’t referring to the treasure, but to the hair band!

As Zhao Yu drove, his car went faster and faster. Then, when his cell phone rang, Zhao Yu was so jumpy, he nearly lost control of the car!

“Hello?” Zhao Yu answered.

The call was from the contact officer, Chen Zhuo. “Zhao Yu, what’s going on? Didn’t we say that we are focusing on investigating the Gem Theft Case? Why would there be skulls that appeared out of nowhere? Where did the skulls come from, and how do they relate to the Headless Female Corpses Case? Also, why are you in Bai Ling?”

“Can you slow down with the rapid-fire questions?” Zhao Yu was obviously on the brink of breaking down. He roared at Chen Zhuo, “Didn’t I tell you everything? Where’s Tao Xiang? Tao Xiang is a murderer!”

“He… I… I asked!” Chen Zhuo was stupefied that he was being scolded. He stuttered and said, “Wu Fangfang brought Tao Xiang with her. They are on their way to the capital!”

“Don’t go to the capital. Bring him to Bai Ling!” Although Zhao Yu lowered his tone, his voice still sounded frightening. “Although he went insane, he still has to sit for trial for the crime that he committed!”

“Okay, okay… Hurry up and send me the details and information!” Chen Zhuo said anxiously. “I will go and apply with the higher ups now! This is a big mess…”

Zhao Yu had just hung up when Zeng Ke called. “Team Leader, we are on the high-speed rail now! We will be there by tonight. So, calm down! Don’t panic! Just wait for us, and remember to tell us whenever you have any updates…”

Just as he hung up with Zeng Ke, the Bai Ling Police Station called! This time, it was the friendly Captain Sun.

As the skulls were found in Bai Ling, the case was naturally assigned to the Bai Ling police authority. As the captain of police detectives, Captain Sun became the main person in charge.

“Where are you?” Although Captain Sun had been working on the frontline all of his life, he was shocked by the discovery of the six skulls too.

He reported to Zhao Yu anxiously, “I… We just received two updates! One is that we found Ma Wenliang. He is on his way to the police station right now! The second update is that the test results for two of the skulls are out. Through DNA comparisons, we have certified that the two deceased were indeed victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case. One was Xi Yanmei, who was the deceased that was found in Jinlang in 1996, while the other was Bai Lili, who was found in Ganlong in 1998…”