Crazy Detective Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Half Right

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Following the sudden occurrence of such a terrifying major incident, the Bai Ling Police Station became a frenzied whirlpool of activity. At that very moment, not only were the higher ups in Bai Ling, startled by the news, but even those in Nanjiang provincial city were shocked.

In fact, all of the higher ups who were in any way related to the case traveled through the night to get to the station! So, by the time Zhao Yu arrived at the Bai Ling Police Station in the police car, it was already a bustling scene.

The police officers there had never came across such a huge spectacle, so they were panicking. Luckily, as the police had yet to announce any news to the media, no camera crews were on the scene just yet.

Just as Zhao Yu arrived at the Key Case Investigation Unit that was inside the Bai Ling Police Station, another two DNA comparison reports had just arrived. The results showed that the two skulls belonged to the victims in the Headless Female Corpses Case.

Although there were still two more reports that had yet to be sent over, the police could basically confirm that all of the skulls in the metal box belonged to the victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case. Without a doubt, those skulls were put there by the murderer!

As Zhao Yu had found the location of the box via the clues that Tao Xiang had left behind, he naturally held the primary suspicion that Tao Xiang was behind it all. Then, the national level one major case that happened in Jinzhong had basically confirmed this hypothesis! Once Zhao Yu could prove it, the news would definitely create a great stir throughout the whole nation!

In the Key Case Investigation office, a few local policemen were reporting the updated situation to Zhao Yu. Cui Lizhu suddenly ran out from where she had been hiding in the corner and flung herself into Zhao Yu’s arms.

“Woo woo… Woo woo…” Cui Lizhu was really crying her lungs out, so the surrounding policemen didn’t dare make any noise.

“Where did you go? I thought, you were going to leave me all alone here. Woo woo…” Cui Lizhu hammered her fists on Zhao Yu’s chest and complained, “Woo woo… My dad is a serial killer! He lied to me… Woo woo woo…”

At first, Zhao Yu didn’t understand why Cui Lizhu was being so emotional. Then, he finally understood that if Tao Xiang was really the murderer, it meant that Cui Lizhu had been raised by a psycho! This shocking news definitely explained her present breakdown and collapse.

“Alright, alright! I’m back, I’m back!” Zhao Yu patted Cui Lizhu’s back and comforted her. “Don’t worry, this too shall pass! Like I said, you have to look forward. Don’t cry…”

Then, Captain Sun rushed in from the entrance and said, “Ma Wenliang has been arrested and is in the interrogation room now. You can… Mm…”

Captain Sun took a step into the office and saw Zhao Yu hugging Cui Lizhu. As this embarrassed him, he stopped before he could finish what he had planned to say.

“Alright! I’ll go now!” Zhao Yu saw that Cui Lizhu wasn’t in a stable emotional state, so he dragged her away by her hand and said, “Come on, let’s go together!”

A few minutes later, Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu finally met Ma Wenliang in the interrogation room. Ma Wenliang was only forty-seven years old, but due to his life having been full of ups and downs, he looked like an old man.

He was an old fox that often visited the police station. As such, although he was seated in the interrogation chair, he didn’t look bothered at all.

As Zhao Yu was thinking about what to ask first, before the official interrogation started, Cui Lizhu asked Ma Wenliang, “How did my parents die? Also, my mom and Tao Xiang, how are they related? Tell me… Quick…”

“Mm, what? What’s going on?” Ma Wenliang was stupefied.

He then muttered to himself, “Why is this conversation today so bizarre? This is not standard procedure! Did they invent a new interrogation tactic?”

Zhao Yu was confused by Cui Lizhu’s outburst too, so he stuttered and pointed at Ma Wenliang, then asked quickly, “Ma Wenliang, take a good look at this female police officer! Do you know her?”

“Huh?” I… I… Don’t know!” Ma Wenliang continued to play dumb.

“Listen carefully, she’s Cui Jinghao, Cui Fangyu and Du Manting’s daughter!” Zhao Yu said. Ma Wenliang replied immediately by gasping and nearly falling out of the chair.

“Jinghao? No… No no no… That’s impossible.” Ma Wenliang struggled to once again hold his body upright, while he opened his eyes wide and looked at Cui Lizhu more closely.

He then asked, “Why… Mm… You don’t say, you do look like her! But… That’s not right. Police officers… What is going on?”

Then, Captain Sun spoke by the side, “We are look for your help! Remember, tell us everything you now honestly!”

“Oh… Oh oh… It has nothing to do with me? You just want my help? You gave me a shock!” Ma Wenliang lifted his head and told Cui Lizhu, “Girl, don’t toy with me. Are you really Third Bro Cui’s daughter? If he were to know that you became a police officer… hehe… How ironic!”

“Alright, save your bullsh*t,” Captain Sun waved his hand and said, “Hurry up, tell us everything that you know about Cui Fangyu and his family! If are helpful, we will reward you!”

“No problem, no problem!” Ma Wenliang didn’t waste any more time and told them everything he knew.

After listening to him, what surprised Zhao Yu most was that his assumption about Cui Lizhu’s parents had only been half right. In actuality, Cui Fangyu and Du Manting had grown up together, so they had nothing to do with Tao Xiang!

In the earlier years, Cui Fangyu used to be a gangster. He was even considered as being quite famous locally and people called him Third Bro!

Although he was a gangster, Cui Fangyu was more business-minded. He quickly set his sight on the smuggling business, creating a business that took off very well. He even established his own company.

Du Manting naturally followed him and became a rich man’s wife. She then gave birth to Cui Fangyu’s daughter, which was obviously Cui Lizhu!

However, their blissful life had a dark current surging underneath. When Du Manting was pregnant, she found out that Cui Fangyu might have had an affair.

Du Manting then hired a detective to find out the truth. It turns out that Cui Fangyu really did have an affair with a woman in the provincial city.

Understandably, the new mother Du Manting got very angry and emotional. So, she drove her Benz towards provincial city in the middle of the night to catch the adulterers in the act. However, on her way there, Du Manting got into an accident and died tragically!

Cui Fangyu obviously had felt deeply regretful and remorseful. So, after he buried his wife, he parted ways with the woman forever, then took care of his child by himself.

However, this good time didn’t last for long. Within two years, his company went down the tubes. This placed Cui Fangyu in a terrible state.

Just at this crucial moment, there was yet another surprise. The woman who had once had a thing with Cui Fangyu had been living a deplorable life, so she came to ask Cui Fangyu for money.

As Cui Fangyu barely had enough for himself, he couldn’t give her any money. In the end, the woman got angry with him and stole Cui away!

“Oh…”Then, Zhao Yu finally understood. It seemed like he had at least gotten it half right. Hence, he asked Ma Wenliang, “The woman who stole the child, is her name Bai Lili?”