Crazy Detective Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Expert

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Although Nanjiang was in the South, they still couldn’t escape the cold. A chilly current flew through the skies and the outdoor temperature was almost zero.

Plus, due to the moisture in the air, people felt cold and clammy. Although they had heat in the buildings, their bodies were still tense.

Also, the temperatures between the outdoors and the indoors was vastly different. Hence, a layer of thick fog had condensed on the window pane. Even though it was already broad daylight, they still couldn’t see through the glass to look outside.

Zeng Ke blew a hot breath on the glass and extended his hands to wipe a partial peephole on the window. He then was finally able to see the police station compound from a short distance.

“Eh? They’re here, they’re here, they’re here!” Zeng Ke had his eyes wide open and called everyone over to the window.

“Where? Where?” Ran Tao quickly wiped away more of the fog and also looked outside. He saw that the police station was surrounded by many armed police forces, which left him astonished. “Wow, that’s a great formation! Tao Xiang’s identity has changed again. Not only is he the king of the thieves, he is now a psychotic serial killer too!”

Wu Xiumin seized this chance to tease him. “I think you’re drooling! Are you green with envy of Tao Xiang? You want to be as famous as this?”

Ran Tao just rolled his eyes at Wu Xiumin.

“Look, Officer Chen is here too!” Zeng Ke yelled.

The three of them looked out and saw the contact officer Chen Zhuo. There was an elderly man who wore a Chinese tunic standing next to him. Although the old man was dressed in an old-fashioned way, he still had an distinguished appearance. In fact, he had quite an imposing air about him.

“Oh…” Zeng Ke recalled, “I overheard Officer Chen and Team Leader’s conversation yesterday. They said that they would sent over a forensics expert. Could it be that old man?”

Zeng Ke turned back and looked into the office. He then realized that Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu were nowhere to be seen. When he looked towards the compound again, he saw that Zhao Yu had arrived in front of Chen Zhuo and the elderly man. In fact, he was shaking his hand right then!

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Wu Xiumin quickly beckoned the rest of the team. “We should head down there quickly!”

Zeng Ke had guessed right, as the elderly man in the Chinese tunic really was the forensics expert that the Central Criminal Division had hired. He was specifically there to assist the police with evidence collection for the Headless Female Corpses Case.

It was said that he was an highly regarded within the industry, having participated in many major cases within the country and abroad. Not only were his results splendid, he was also hired by many schools as a lecturer. Hence, he was a recognized a supreme authority in this field.

However, the person’s actual name was very lackluster when compared to his impressive persona. The person’s surname was Gao (which means tall) and his given name was Facai (meaning prosperous).

Gao Facai! The name sounded just like an old man who sells cabbage at the village entrance!

However, Zhao Yu knew that, regardless of his name, the expert must be top-notch. Hence, he hope that he could really help in the Headless Female Corpses Case. So, he had to treat him nicely.

Plus, he had gotten a Li hexagram that represented friendship earlier that day, so maybe the hexagram was referring to the old man! Perhaps he was the friend that Zhao Yu was going to meet that day!

Gao Facai was indeed a friendly person and he was diligent in his work. Right after he greeted Zhao Yu, he went to change and immediately began working.

As Zhao Yu was getting ready to speak to Chen Zhuo, he suddenly saw a familiar figure. It was Team Leader Wu Fangfang, who was with her underlings. They had just arrived and were making arrangements to hand over the suspect, Tao Xiang.

Even though Wu Fangfang saw Zhao Yu out of the corner of her eye, she considered him her enemy, so she wouldn’t speak to him. Hence, she pretended not to see him and continued with her work.

Most interestingly, Wu Fangfang’s underlings still had bruises all over their faces from getting beaten up earlier, so they had to walk around in front of Zhao Yu with their heads lowered in embarrassment! Moreover, they were afraid that the hot-tempered demon would throw a tantrum again!

Chen Zhuo approached Zhao Yu and said, “This is different from the murder case in the pharmaceutical factory. The Headless Female Corpses Case is a major national case! The discovery of the skulls has attracted the attention of the higher ups, so you have to take care of this case very carefully.”

He then added, “I just got updated that the few higher ups in the Central Criminal Division will arrive here by tomorrow for an inspection. Division Chief Jiao might be one of them, so please try to get more evidence! If there is no progress in the case by the time the higher ups arrive, it won’t bode well for us!”

He concluded by saying, “We knew that Tao Xiang’s situation wouldn’t be helpful for the case. Hence, we invited the professors from the psychology department at Tsinghua University to send some psychologists over to examine Tao Xiang. And, we know that the deceased victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case were located in different areas, so we informed various related units, who have agreed to fully cooperate with you! Now, you only need to make a call to use the help of whichever police station you desire. As long as you tell them clearly about their tasks, we here at the Central Criminal Division will have the upperhand!”

As he saw that Chen Zhuo had shown great consideration for his team in helping to pave the way to solving the case, Zhao Yu quickly thanked Chen Zhou. What Chen Zhuo had just said was really the main obstacle that Zhao Yu had been dealing with. Now that the higher ups were helping, it gave them a great headstart in their evidence collection.

When Zhao Yu and Chen Zhuo was almost done talking, Tao Xiang was brought in by the armed policemen.

“Dad… Dad…” Cui Lizhu barely managed to see Tao Xiang’s figure amid the swarm of policemen who were surrounding him. She dashed over in a hurry to catch a better glimpse.

Zhao Yu quickly grabbed her by her arm and stopped her. He knew that no one could get close to Tao Xiang at that moment.

“Lizhu, Lizhu!” Zhao Yu pushed Cui Lizhu behind him gently and advised her, “Don’t go over… Hold back…”

“Dad… Woo woo… Dad…” Although he wasn’t her biological father, their relationship was still intimate. Now that she saw that Tao Xiang was a serious criminal, Cui Lizhu couldn’t stay composed and could only wail.

As he was surrounded by so many armed policemen, even Zhao Yu couldn’t see Tao Xiang. In no time, he was brought into the booking area of the building and the police station compound resumed normal peaceful tone.

Suddenly, Wu Fangfang seemed to have popped out of thin air. She eyed Cui Lizhu, who was now crying behind Zhao Yu. There was a ferocious look in her eyes.

At that moment, Zhao Yu knew that the Cui Lizhu was actually the source of the bad blood between him and Wu Fangfang. Wu Fangfang saw that, not only was Cui Lizhu not handcuffed, but she was very close to Zhao Yu…

It’s hard to say if she was planning to complain about Zhao Yu to the higher ups. One could never tell with that crazy woman! However, the Headless Female Corpses Case had nothing to do with her really, and she was much more concerned about meeting the deadline for the Gem Theft Case!

Regardless, Zhao Yu was not afraid of her. He saw that Wu Fangfang was looking at him in such a haughty manner, so he gave her the middle finger, making sure that Chen Zhuo didn’t notice.

Wu Fangfang saw him and it made her blood boil. She ground her teeth and clenched her fist anger.