Crazy Detective Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Old Ginger Is Hotter Than Young Ginger

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Just to be safe, Captain Sun sent out four police cars and dozens of police detectives! These detectives were all his right-hand men, all of whom were seasoned veterans and very experienced.

It was naturally easy for them to take care of such matters. Thus, Zhao Yu and his teammates were only required to wait in the car for updates.

“Song Xiaoyuan…” Wu Xiumin read the information out loud from her phone, “Graduated from Nanjiang University. Her father runs a private hospital, while her mother is one of the higher ups in a bank. They are quite a wealthy family!”

“Yeah!” Cui Lizhu added, “To be able to attend Zhang Zichen’s school gathering, I reckon she isn’t any small potato! However, the dragon-shaped bracelet is almost priceless, so I feel that Song Xiaoyuan didn’t buy it herself, but that it was her parents who bought it for her!”

Rao Tao suddenly thought of something and said, “Her dad runs a private hospital. Could that be related to taking care of dead bodies? Would he be know about embalming?”

“Ugh! Just how dumb are you?” Wu Xiumin rolled her eyes at him as usual. “If we followed along with your thoughts, we could close the case now, right? The murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case is Song Xiaoyuan’s father, right? The Tamil Star should be in her dad’s safe box, right? He was the one who stole Tao Xiang’s treasure and buried the heads in it, right? Hehe… I really hope so. I hope your daydream would become reality just like that!”

Just as Wu Xiumin was ridiculing him, she suddenly was cut shot by Zhao Yu, who had just exchanged a glance with her. Then, even Cui Lizhu was silent, as they looked at one another, the same thought finally sinking in…

Then, Zhao Yu made a call to Zeng Ke, telling him to investigate Song Xiaoyuan’s father and to check on the nature of the private hospital’s business to see if it had anything to do with embalming.

Just as the call ended, Captain Sun and his men came out from Song Xiaoyuan’s house. After he got in to the car, Captain Sun passed the dragon-shaped bracelet, which he had placed in an evidence bag, to Zhao Yu.

He then said to everyone, “We confirmed it! The bracelet was given to her by her boyfriend! We have located him and are going to head over to investigate now!”

Hearing such a promising outcome, Zhao Yu and his teammates let out relieved sighs. It seemed that the shocking inference that they had made earlier was merely their wishful thinking!

As Captain Sun spoke, everyone saw through the window that there were policemen bringing Song Xiaoyuan’s family to one of the squad cars. They were most likely being brought back for interrogation.

Then, under the lead of Captain Sun, everyone drove to the next stop. In half an hour’s time, they arrived at a luxurious house to find Song Xiaoyuan’s boyfriend, who they interrogated immediately. He insisted that he didn’t buy the dragon-shaped bracelet himself, but took it from his father’s vault!

Apparently, he saw that the bracelet looked nice, so he took it to give it to Song Xiaoyuan as a present. He had no idea about its value or origin. Hence, the police immediately arrested him and rushed to their third stop, his parent’s place.

Their house was located in a luxury estate suburb of Bai Ling. It was said that his family ran a steel plant, so he was not just any ordinary rich kid. His father liked to collect cultural relics, so his vault was more like a treasure trove than a vault! As such, it came as no surprise that there were many valuable items displayed there.

When they arrived at the luxurious estate, the police came across a minor problem. The rich man not only ran a steel plant, he also knew a little about the law.

So, when the police swarmed into his house to ask him about the origin of the dragon-shaped bracelet and request to check his vault, he refused to cooperate, citing the absence of a search warrant. He also declared that he was going to sue to the police for trespassing and malicious enforcement!

As the person was rich and obviously had wide connections, and also due to the fact that this was related to such a major case, Zhao Yu was loathe to call any more attention to it, much less raise a big hubbub and lawsuit!

Just as Zhao Yu was clearly getting frustrated with the situation, Captain Sun, who was experienced with this kind of thing, went before Zhao Yu and took out a document…

At that very moment, he finally saw how astute Captain Sun really was. The experienced captain had expected such a situation, so he had brought along a counter-terrorism search warrant!

Once Captain Sun presented the document, he was able to search the rich man’s house by force, his excuse being that he suspected that the rich man was harboring a terrorist in his house!

Not only did Captain Sun take out the document, he also said that according to some clauses in some chapters of the Criminal Law, Civil Law, Anti-Terrorism Act and that sort, if the rich man tried to impede the investigation, he would be charged for threatening national security! Needless to say, the rich man got frightened and immediately took out the keys to unlock his vault!

Zhao Yu was completed astounded by Captain Sun’s actions. He never expected that Captain Sun would teach him such a lively lesson! It turns out that there were many things that could be solved without using fists!

When the rich man opened his treasure showroom vault, all of the police detectives were nearly blinded by his priceless collection! Lacquerware, oil paintings, statues, antiques and so on filled the entire space!

This b*stard! How is he so d*mn rich?

Then, Wu Xiumin took out the dragon-shaped bracelet and asked the rich man to identify it and explain its origin. However, the man refused to admit that it had come from his vault! He said that he didn’t remember any such item!

Looking at the rich man quibbling and denying, Zhao Yu was dying to stuff the bracelet down his throat! However, before Zhao Yu could do anything, Cui Lizhu shouted in amazement again…

“This is Diao Mountain Red Jade! This is the Blood Jade… and this, this…” Cui Lizhu pointed at the few treasure on his display rack and said, “These things, were my dad’s… Oh no… Were things that Tao Xiang stole. I’ve seen them, I’ve seen all of them before!”


Zhao Yu was shocked. He never thought a new clue would appear so suddenly. He quickly seized the collar of the rich man as though he was holding onto a baby chick by the scruff of its baby feathers.

He then pulled him close to his face and roared, “Tell me! Where did all these things come from?”

As Zhao Yu looked just like a demon whenever he got angry, the rich man was frightened out of his wits. He said, “I’ll tell you everything…”