Crazy Detective Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Rain Down Curses

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Zhao Yu got more and more emotional, and the same went for Cui Lizhu. She quickly asked the rich man if he knew Cui Fangyu and Du Manting. However, the rich man just shook his head.

Zhao Yu then asked, “Have you heard about Tao Xiang stealing the gemstone from the exhibition?”

“Heck yeah. Of course. Who hasn’t? It was all over the news a few days ago!” the rich man said excitedly. “To be honest, I personally asked Flying Squirrel Gao about that gemstone! What was it called? The something star? But, Flying Squirrel Gao said he didn’t know anything about it!”

He then added, “Police officer, to be honest, people who like to collect things and who are not short on money like myself, we would all jump at the chance to buy that gemstone!” The rich man was beaming with joy as he spoke. “But, whoever has half a brain wouldn’t actually take it! Regardless of how cheap the price was! After all, that gemstone is like a ticking time-bomb, whoever touches it would be the unlucky one! Don’t worry, I definitely don’t have it with me!”

He is telling the truth…

Zhao Yu thought to himself. After all, the reason why Tao Xiang stole the gemstone was because there was the Indian buyer! However, the Indian didn’t get it, so the gemstone was most likely still in Tao Xiang’s hands!

After all, he naturally couldn’t give the gemstone away, as once the gemstone was exposed, he would be killed! Hence, the highest possibility was that it wasn’t hidden in his treasure box, but now lay in the hands of his mysterious ally!

Yes! This can’t wait any longer! We have to take immediate action and arrest Flying Squirrel Gao right now! Even if he wasn’t the murderer of the Gem Theft Case and the Headless Female Corpses Case, he must know something!

However, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that it was about time for his side quest for today. According to the coordinates he had received, the location of the side quest was quite far from where he currently was. If he didn’t rush over now, he wouldn’t be able to make it in time!

But, it was the crucial moment to arrest the suspect! He had no idea if it be grossly inappropriate for him to leave.

What should I do?

After thinking about it over and over again, Zhao Yu felt confident that Captain Sun could arrest the criminal, so he quickly left word with his teammates and Captain Sun that he had something important to take care of and urged them to arrest Flying Squirrel Gao as soon as possible!

Although it was somewhat inappropriate for Zhao Yu to leave right then, his teammates were used to Zhao Yu’s coming and going as he freely desired, so they didn’t raise any objections. Instead, left to do his bidding immediately after they had dealt with the rich man’s family.

After he left, Zhao Yu drove the police car to the location of his side quest. Bai Ling was an ancient city that had very narrow roads, making it difficult to drive. It didn’t help matters that this was the morning rush hour period! Luckily, Zhao Yu managed to reach the destination right on time.

Bai Ling High School?!


He never expected the side quest would be assigned to such a location at such a time.

What could happen in a school?

Zhao Yu parked the car and walked towards the location in a hurry. Bai Ling High School was a long-standing and very famous high school. The outer wall of the school had maintained its same vintage look from the seventies and eighties.

As Zhao Yu saw that the outer wall was low, he climbed over the wall. When he dropped down on the other side, there was no one around.

As the high school students were already in their classrooms studying, there was no one within the school courtyard either. Zhao Yu walked through the trees and garden, then arrived at an old building.

It’s here!

Zhao Yu used the map to confirm that his destination was on the first floor of the building. He would arrive at the location after he walk through the building right in front of him.

When he got to the back of the building, he saw that there was no door at all! If he wanted to enter, he had to detour to the front of the building. Coincidently, Zhao Yu saw that there was a window open!

It was an anti-theft window, but as it had been worn down by years of disrepair, its few metal pillars had been broken, so a person could easily fit through it! The side quest happened to be near to the window, so if he were to go in from there, he would be able to reach it even quicker!

Zhao Yu took a look at his watch. There was only twenty seconds left until the miracle adventure took place! If he were to walk all the way to the front door to enter, he might not be able to reach it in time! In order for him to not miss the side quest, Zhao Yu didn’t hesitate, but squeezed through the anti-theft window!

As he went through the window, he came into a run-down house with piles of junk everywhere. There were musical instruments and sports equipment, all of which were covered in dust.

Zhao Yu came to the end of the room and saw that there was a wooden door. The wooden door was slightly ajar, so Zhao Yu quickly walked through it!

It was connected to an extremely narrow walkway, which had houses on both sides of it. Within a few steps, he could hear water swishing. He lowered his head and saw that it the ceilings and walls were covered with muddy water stains.

Where the h*ll is this?

Zhao Yu looked at his watch and saw that it was time for assigned side quest.

Where’s my miracle adventure?

Just as Zhao Yu was wondering this, a bunch of people appeared before him outside the corridor! When he lifted his head and saw them, he was stupefied on the spot!

Oh my motherf*cking God! What is going on?

It turns out that, at the end of the corridor, the cement room that Zhao Yu was looking at was a bathroom! The reason why he was so shocked was that it was obviously a female bathroom!

In fact, at that very moment, there were girls who were in bathing suits and some were even naked! They were all turning on the tap at the bathroom sink!


System bro, are you kidding me? I, Zhao Yu, am an upright and honorable man! How could you rain down curses on me with such a situation? What is going on?


That’s not right?

This is a school.

Besides, it’s eight in the morning…

Why would there be so many female students taking a bathroom break?


Just as Zhao Yu was filled with questions in his head, something even more ridiculous happened!

Ah… Hero, please stay back in my sweet dream…

As Zhao Yu’s phone rang, his loud ringtone was heard across the entire bathroom. All the girls turned around and gawked at him, this being the first time they had seen him watching them!

Zhao Yu had no choice but to answer his phone. On the other side of the phone, Zeng Ke said in a hurry, “Team Leader, this is bad! We were going after the suspect, but Wu Fangfang sent a bunch of people here to capture Cui Lizhu!”

“What?” Zhao Yu heard this and got impatient. “How could you let that crazy woman take her away? Fight them, you useless piece of sh*t!”

“No. We can’t! Team Leader, they had the higher ups from the Central Criminal Division with them, so we didn’t dare stop them!”

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and wanted to scold him more, but when he lifted his eyes, he saw the girls staring at him.

“Mm. Hello!” Zhao Yu put the phone aside and said, “Excuse me, I believe I have entered the wrong house…”


Ah. Ah!!!

Suddenly, the girls’ screams were heard all across the school compound.