Crazy Detective Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Who Is Backing Her Up?

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It was only when the male and female teachers, all of whom were wearing bathing suits, came rushing into the shower with makeshift weapons, like brooms, that Zhao Yu realized that the building he accidentally ran into was the school’s natatorium! As there was an important swim competition coming up, the children on the school’s swim team had to come in early for training. The training had just ended, which is why they were taking showers!

Soon, the security guard and some PE teachers came and blocked Zhao Yu in the corridor. Actually, Zhao Yu could have left long ago, except that he wasn’t willing to bear the name of a peeping tom!

Most importantly, as the girls screamed, he suddenly realized the mysterious behind the anti-theft window, which wasn’t solid, the wide-open window, the slightly closed door, and the footsteps via the muddy water stain. All of these things enlightened Zhao Yu, who was a seasoned veteran, about the real intentions behind the day’s side quest.

Hence, he intentionally waited there and didn’t flee. That very moment, he flashed his police ID. He held his head high as he spoke, “Everyone, don’t misunderstand me! I am a police officer! I am here to conduct a case investigation! If you don’t believe me… Look!”

Then, Zhao Yu he kicked open the door of the storeroom, which was located at the very beginning of the corridor. Someone exclaimed in surprise from behind the wooden door.

All of the teachers swarmed forward, and they were shock as they saw that there was a person hiding in the dirty storeroom! That person was a man in his fifties. He was in his janitor uniform and was holding a bunch of film equipment in his hands.

As Zhao Yu had kicked in the door very suddenly, not only was the person quivering in fear, but he was also covering his face with his arms.

“Huh? It’s you?” one of the teachers shouted.

However, covering his face didn’t work, as all of the teachers could recognize with a glance that the person was the janitor that the school had just hired.

“Alright, the whole truth has come out!” Zhao Yu was still holding his police ID as he spoke with an awe-inspiring righteousness, “I was passing by your school and saw that your outer wall was quite low. I just happened to see the old man climb through the window, and I thought that he was a robber! Then, I followed him in here. I never expected him to carry out such a ridiculous act!”

“These… These are all cameras, right?” One of the female teachers pointed at the things in the old man’s hands and said, “You shameless b*stard! You pervert! Are you even human? How could you film children?”

The female teacher, who was still in her bathing suit, was emotional. She quickly barged in and kicked him. The person curled up immediately and didn’t dare say a word.

“Beat him up! He’s so crazy! Beat…” The other teachers now swarmed forward and blocked the old man, beating him up with punches and kicks.


Zhao Yu then let out a heavy sigh and walked outside the door haughtily. As he passed by the crowd, whose faces were filled with fierce righteousness, he grabbed one of the male teachers and reminded him, “Bro, I’m from the Key Case Investigation Unit. We don’t have to mention this small matter, and you don’t have to send any big banners over to express your gratitude or anything! I didn’t manage to report this to my higher ups yet, so you’d better inform your local police station about everything soon! A pervert who seeks such cheap thrills from children should be punished!”

“Eh! Yeah! Yeah!” The male teacher was stupefied by what Zhao Yu had just said. After he shook his hand, he watched Zhao Yu disappear from the building.

But, what the male teacher didn’t know that was that after Zhao Yu reached the front door calmly, he started running at lightning speed, as though there was a rocket launcher attached to his butt!


Although I showed my police ID and found the peeping tom, if I were to have been entangled by those teachers and accused of being the peeping tom’s ally, what could I have said then? Would I just have had to wait there for the lightning to strike me?

Zhao Yu ran to his police car straightaway, then quickly called Zeng Ke. When Zeng Ke answered, Zhao Yu said, “Zeng Ke, hurry up and tell me what’s going on! Who took Cui Lizhu away? Didn’t I tell you, if Wu Fangfang were to look for trouble, we have to be aggressive? Why didn’t you listen to me?”

“We can’t, bro,” Zeng Ke said, clearly having found himself in an awkward situation. “The higher ups followed her! Wu Fangfang had higher ups to back her up. We are only soldiers, after all, so how dare we act so aggressively then?”

“Then… What about the suspect? Have you arrested Flying Squirrel Gao?” Zhao Yu asked.

“Don’t even bring that up!” Zeng Ke said in distress. “We haven’t even reached the destination yet! Captain Sun was ordered to return by their bureau chief! He even told them to halt all actions and send everyone back to headquarters! Captain Sun can’t do much about it, as he must obey all orders!”

He then added, “And, the higher ups told us special investigation group to stop all action and wait for further orders at the Bai Ling Police Station! They also said that we had to undergo Ideology instruction.”

“Ideology instruction? Instruction my as*! What the h*ll is going on? We are at the brink of solving the case. These motherf*cking b*stards…” Zhao Yu held his fists and clenched his jaw in anger.

He cursed for quite a while before he finally calmed down. He then said, “Wu Fangfang, that crazy b*tch. How dare she bring her backer to get us into trouble! Humph! Dream on! Does she think you have a backer? I shall make a call to Division Chief Jiao, instructing her to get justice on our behalf! I don’t believe that I can’t settle this…”

“Mm… Team Leader… I have something that I don’t know if I should say…” Zeng Ke cut in with hesitation.

“Say it then! Stop pulling that bureaucratic tone on me. Spit it out!” Zhao Yu was still pissed. He roared, and Zeng Ke was so frightened, he almost dropped his phone.

Zeng Ke said in a shivering voice, “The higher up who backed Wu Fangfang was none other than Division Chief Jiao, who you were talking about earlier!”

“What?” Zhao Yu nearly bit his tongue when he heard that. He asked in disbelief, “Division Chief Jiao… Why would she back Wu Fangfang up?”

“We were just talking about this! Isn’t Division Chief Jiao your relative? Why would she back Wu Fangfang up?” Zeng Ke was also surprised. “She is the one who took Cui Lizhu! She was the one that gave all the orders for the Bai Ling Police Station and the special investigation group to halt all investigations!”

“Jiao Guofeng! How could she…” Zhao Yu’s eyebrows were tightly knit as he pondered this new information seriously. He then realized the thorny situation was way beyond his imagination.

Stay calm!

Zhao Yu suppressed his anger and thought carefully, then told Zeng Ke resolutely, “Zeng Ke, from what I see, there must be some hidden insight to be found here…”

He then added, “I will rush back to the Bai Ling Police Station right now to clarify everything with the higher ups! But, in the meantime, the few of you listen to me! Don’t delay any further, as speed is the soldier’s biggest asset! If we do not capture Flying Squirrel Gao soon, we might miss the best opportunity to arrest the murderer! So, ignore the stupid orders from the higher ups and put all your talents into play right now. Go arrest Flying Squirrel Gao for me!”

“But, Team Leader, the order from the higher ups…” Zeng Ke was still in that awkward situation!

“Godd*mn those motherf*cking orders. Don’t you know how important this suspect is?” Zhao Yu roared. “Listen to me, arrest this person, and I will reward each of you with fifty-thousand dollars! But, if you don’t catch him, I will cut all three of your heads off and make you into the new victims of the Headless Female Corpses Case! Now go!”

“Mm… Team… Team Leader…” Over the phone, Ran Tao’s suspicious voice was heard, as Zhao Yu’s call had apparently been placed on speaker mode. “You made a mistake, as Zeng Ke and I would be headless male corpses…”