Crazy Detective Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Another One Worse Than Me

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“Wow! You certainly live up to your reputation as the great detective that solved pharmaceutical factory murder case!” Division Chief Jiao gave Zhao Yu a thumbs up, “You were even able to guess that?”

“Seriously? You mean, it’s really true?” Zhao Yu shook his head. “I don’t understand, why you would do that? To publicize the news of Tao Xiang’s being arrested, what good did that do you? Weren’t you afraid that it would trigger another diplomatic drama?”

“Well, since you were smart enough to guess that it was me, you can guess the reason, right?” Division Chief Jiao spoke to Zhao Yu playfully. She obviously wanted Zhao Yu to be the one to say the answer.

“Oh…” Zhao Yu suddenly understood and gave Division Chief Jiao a thumbs up. “I see… You did it to piss the Indian off! You are so mean! You purposely spread the news just to let AK know that, although we found the suspect who stole the gemstone, we couldn’t find the gemstone!”

“Hehe…” Division Chief Jiao gave a soft smile. “You are quite smart! But, it was not as trifling as how you described it. This was not just about venting anger, as it was much more complicated than that. However, we can’t deny the fact that Akanksha was really pissed off!”

“If the gemstone was really lost by us, regarding the matters of compensation and punishment, we would take responsibility for both!” Division Chief Jiao said cooly. “However, all of the signs showed that he was putting up a show, one where the thief called the other thief!”

She huffed. “After the show, he dared to ask for compensation from us! So tell me, how can we just let him off?”

“Yeah, if it was me, even if I found the gemstone, I would say I hadn’t!” Zhao Yu said frankly. “This hypocritical villain needs to be taught a lesson!”

“The news that we spread was not just to piss him off,” Division Chief Jiao continued, “It is different from before, as we are waiting for him to create a diplomatic uproar! This person was involved in many international crimes, including Lu Gang’s gas poisoning case. So, the international police detectives are already after him, while the government of India is eyeing his wealth. Hence, his current situation is not good at all!”

She paused for a moment, then added, “When we released the news about the gemstone, it was like we introduced a magic catalyst. We wanted to provoke him, and we also wanted to see the result of the catalyst. If Akanksha was to be brought in for his gemstone, we could obtain more information. If we were to get more evidence, we could then bring him to court!”

“Impressive! Impressive! Very impressive!” Zhao Yu gave her a thumbs up again and said, “However… My precious sis, you don’t have to put us on the chopping board in order to reach your desired result, right? What the hel* is the deadline for?”

“Hehe…” Division Chief Jiao didn’t reply immediately, but thought in silence a moment. She then said, “This is another thing that I’d like to talk to you about. The relationship between the Indians and us falls within the nation’s diplomatic jurisdiction. Regarding the deadline… Mm..”

“Personal resentment? And…” As Zhao Yu spoke, he pointed at himself. “Definitely not because of me? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be telling me!”

“Exactly!” Division Chief Jiao nodded and admitted. “Hence, you don’t have to worry. Firstly, you already solved the pharmaceutical factory murder case, which earned you merit! Secondly, you found the missing heads of the Headless Female Corpses Case and arrested the prime suspect, Tao Xiang! As such, you are the icing on the cake in the Central Criminal Division now! So, even if I didn’t support you, you wouldn’t be affected by it at all. You can just continue to investigate your case! But… Regarding the gemstone… You need to stop looking for it!”

“Oh… I see! Hehe… Wu Fangfang, you are doomed!” As Zhao Yu was quick-witted, he understood the entire story then. The deadline wasn’t aimed at punishing him, but it was definitely aimed at punishing Wu Fangfang!

Needless to say, it must have been Wu Fangfang’s temperament that offended the higher ups. Hence, the higher ups wanted to take care of her, while also taking the opportunity to humiliate the Indians!

So, Division Chief Jiao took Cui Lizhu away and stopped the special investigation group’s actions in order to not let them find the gemstone! As long as she didn’t find the gemstone, Wu Fangfang would be finished!

So, it turns out that it was a sneaky conspiracy within a sneaky plot. Zhao Yu had to admit that the Central Criminal Division was indeed treacherous!

“Zhao Yu, sometimes, when you look at things from my viewpoint, it is difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. Wu Fangfang made a mistake, but we can’t just look at this from one side and not consider the other!” Division Chief Jiao explained.

Zhao Yu was curious, so he asked, “Division Chief, how did Wu Fangfang offend the higher ups exactly?”

“It’s actually not a secret…” Division Chief Jiao sighed and said, “Wu Fangfang had a fiance who was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent! Unfortunately, her fiance was stabbed by a drug offender and passed away! In the end, the drug offender fled and got away!”

She paused and shook her head, then added, “Then, Wu Fangfang abused her authority in the special investigation group to investigate the matter. She then arrested the drug offender who killed her fiance!”

Division Chief Jiao creased her eyebrows and continued, “However, she didn’t know that the drug offender had already become a police informant! In order to find the drug lord behind the scenes, the police had no choice but to release the drug offender! So… with Wu Fangfang’s temperament…In the end, in the mobilization meeting of the DEA, she splashed water on one of the higher up’s faces, right in front of a thousand people!”

“Whoa! That’s impressive!” Zhao Yu touched his face subconsciously.

“The higher up who she splashed was the highest ranked in the whole DEA. So, of course he could not let this slip. Hence, he pressured the Central Criminal Division to fire Wu Fangfang!” Division Chief Jiao said. “But, as our chief is a thoughtful person, he merely transferred Wu Fangfang to the Gem Theft Case special force!”

She then added, “Actually, Wu Fangfang has rendered great services during her time in the Central Criminal Division. She is very capable! In fact, the Chief of Central Criminal Division thought that he could gradually put her to use again once the emotions from the incident cooled, but… At such a crucial moment, there was an accident!”

“What accident?” Zhao Yu was intrigued.

“The drug offender that they let go died!” Division Chief Jiao shook her head and said, “He was killed by the drug lord! It was said that it was because Wu Fangfang arrested him, but then the police released him, so he gave himself away! Then, try to imagine, could the DEA team let this go by unchecked?”

“Oh… I see…” Zhao Yu pondered and said, “The Chief of Central Criminal Division couldn’t withstand it anymore. Hence, he wanted to take advantage of the Gem Theft Case to take care of Wu Fangfang with the deadline. This… Is immoral, right?”

“No! You got it wrong!” Division Chief replied with a smile. “The Chief of the Central Criminal Division was trying to save Wu Fangfang! The DEA’s request was to fire Wu Fangfang and put the blame on her! However, what did the deadline order mention? If the gemstone couldn’t be found, the team is to be dismissed and exiled to their original branch!”

Her eyes grew wide as she concluded, “Then, at least Wu Fangfang wouldn’t be kicked out from the police team entirely, but only returned to her original branch to be a police detective! Tell me, how is this immoral?”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu never thought that the actual truth would be that complicated.

At first, he harbored hatred and anger against Wu Fangfang. However, when he found out about Wu Fangfang’s story, his emotions changed.

“So, no matter if you harbor hatred against Wu Fangfang, or if you pity her…” Division Chief Jiao spread her hands and said, “The Tamil Star…You don’t have to look for it! If you want to look for it, just wait till the deadline has passed!”

Hearing what Division Chief Jiao said, although Zhao Yu had mixed feelings, he had nothing else to say.

She then said, “Zhao Yu, let’s talk about you. You might not know that your performance attracted the attention of all of the higher ups. In fact, as long as you can solve the Headless Female Corpses Case, your future will be bright! You will have the opportunity to break the special investigation group’s record! You might even be promoted to the Central Criminal Division!”

She then quickly asked, “Oh yeah, as you already arrested the murderer, has the evidence collection been completed as well?”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu oh-ed for a very long, then asked in distress, “After all those troubles, you stopped my investigation because you thought I went to look for the gemstone?”

“Yeah.” Division Chief Jiao seemed to be caught by surprise. “Wasn’t it…”

“Sis, I am in trouble because of you!” Zhao Yu quickly told her the truth. “Do you know that the Headless Female Corpses Case might have another true murderer behind it? I finally found the important clue and wanted to arrest the person, but you told my men to stop their pursuit. Do you know what that means?”

“What? Another murderer? How… Why…” Division Chief Jiao was shocked.

Ah… Hero…

At such a crucial moment, Zhao Yu’s ringtone was heard. Zhao Yu answered directly.

Over the phone, Ran Tao was cheering excitedly, “Bro, hahaha… We don’t have to be headless corpses! We arrested Flying Squirrel Gao!”