Crazy Detective Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Disciples Of The Same Master

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At first, Zhao Yu had prepared for the worst. He thought that not only had Division Chief Jiao backed Wu Fangfang up, but he also figured that the higher ups wanted to charge Tao Xiang with the crime, thus making him the psychotic serial killer, which is why the chief had forcefully called off his team’s movements.

Although Tao Xiang’s mental state was compromised and he wouldn’t be able confess his crime, due to this same reason, the police could easily convict him with the crime! After all, the corpse heads and the metal box were right there, so no one would be against the statement that Tao Xiang was the murderer.

As of that moment, although the missing heads had been found, as the influence of the Headless Female Corpses Case was huge, the police didn’t dare publicize it. Even the deceased victims’ families had not been informed yet.

However, they obviously couldn’t continue to hide such a development in a major case. The police had to provide an explanation to the public and the deceased victims’ families!

Hence, if the charges against Tao Xiang were to be established, the situation would be entirely different! The police could then announce to the public that the murderer of the Headless Female Corpses Case had been arrested! Then, this national major case could be closed!

Then, the case would definitely boost the morale of the entire nation, while the police would be hold their heads high! By then, no one would even care if Tao Xiang was the true serial killer! Anyway, he was already a known psychopath!

This was really what Zhao Yu was really worried about! Is this scenario happened, he couldn’t continue to investigate the case, and the true murderer might be able to remain at liberty forever!

However, as Division Chief Jiao had no idea about the latest update, Zhao Yu felt a little more at ease. It seemed like Division Chief Jiao had been focusing all of her attention on the Gem Theft Case and Wu Fangfang. Hence, she never thought that her order would affect Zhao Yu to such an extent!

“Aiyo… That’s my bad!” After seeing the severe consequences that her order had caused for him, Division Chief Jiao quickly examined her mistake. “I didn’t know there were new developments in the case. I thought that all that was left was only a case closing report for the Headless Female Corpses Case! Honestly, I thought you went to look for the gemstone!”

Division Chief then asked anxiously, “Then… Is there any remedial action that could be taken regarding this? Is it too late to depart right now?”

Zhao Yu wiped sweat from his brow and told Division Chief Jiao, “Luckily, I have amazing foresight. Although you gave us orders, I didn’t listen to them! We have already arrested the suspect!”

“Oh… That’s great!” Division Chief Jiao let out a breath of relief, then quickly resumed her original imposing demeanor. “Zhao Yu, regarding the Headless Female Corpses Case, you have to reveal the truth and let the victims rest in peace! We can’t let the bad guys flee, nor can we wrongly accuse an innocent guy! The Central Criminal Division’s duty is to unearth the truth and serve as a good example to other fellow policemen!”

As Zhao Yu listened and nodded, he found her situation a bit odd. He knew long ago that Division Chief Jiao didn’t know much about frontline work, so she wouldn’t be considered as an expert. However, she was good at adopting a bureaucratic tone, so it was no wonder she could be promoted to become a higher up!

Of course, Zhao Yu was glad that, whether she was an expert or not, at least she didn’t confuse right with wrong. Also, regarding their conversation, Zhao Yu had benefited greatly from it.

Not only had he discovered a lot of hidden insights, he also understood the higher ups perspective regarding him. As such, he knew that he didn’t need to bother about the deadline, which was naturally very good news. Casting those worries aside, Zhao Yu could now fully concentrate on solving the Headless Female Corpses Case!

Division Chief Jiao said that the case was under the being supervised by the special investigation group originally, so she would immediately send orders for the Nanjiang provincial office and the Bai Ling Police Station to fully cooperate with them. She would also inform them to follow Zhao Yu’s instructions in order to investigate the Headless Female Corpses Case. After all, there must not be any mistakes!

Zhao Yu saluted her as he muttered, “Hehe, if you were to tell me long ago that the murderer might have been arrested…”

Twenty minutes later, the jade shop owner, whose nickname was Flying Squirrel Gao, was brought back by Ran Tao and the other teammates. Although Ran Tao was in a hurry to take credit for the capture and was constantly showing off and dramatizing the situation, the process of arresting Flying Squirrel Gao was actually not that complicated.

Zeng Ke had found his location via the GPS on his phone. He then found out that he was cutting his hair in one of the nearby barber shops, so Ran Tao went in and tackled him to the ground to seize control of him. He was then able to handcuff him and take him away!

At present, in order for the interrogation to be as smooth as possible, Zhao Yu had brought Wu Xiumin and Cui Lizhu into the interrogation room with him to interrogate Flying Squirrel Gao.

As Wu Xiumin was a psychologist, she could gauge the suspect’s responses, while Cui Lizhu was not only an expert in burglars’ stealing techniques, but she was also Tao Xiang’s relative. Hence, it was naturally a suitable choice to have her here.

At first, Division Chief Jiao had agreed with Wu Fangfang that Cui Lizhu was not to be allowed to assist in finding the gemstone. But then, as there wasn’t any conflict of interest that she could see, she changed her mind and didn’t stop her. Cui Lizhu was then able to accompany Zhao Yu again.

During the interrogation, although Zhao Yu was prepared to fight a tough war, he never expected that it would go so smoothly! Zhao Yu only had to promise Flying Squirrel Gao that as long as he was willing to be frank and tell them everything, they would reduce his punishment for selling stolen goods, perhaps even allowing him to avoid imprisonment altogether. Flying Squirrel Gao then blurted everything out immediately!

Actually, Flying Squirrel Gao was really a smart man. He knew that, as the police had brought him into the interrogation room, it meant that they had at least some evidence, so there was no use in his quibbling with them. Instead, he quickly decided to opt for a more practical way of approaching the situation.

After all, he didn’t murder anyone, nor did he burn anyone’s house! So, if his testimony provided clues to the police and could thus help to reduce his punishment for his other non-related crimes, he figured that was a pretty good deal!

Flying Squirrel Gao had a pointy nose and was balding. He looked just like a statue in Tracks in The Snowy Forest.

Observing how he spoke of such practical points, Zhao Yu almost instinctually realized two things. First, this guy was most likely not related to the Female Corpses Case or the Gem Theft Case. The fact that he could run a jade shop in Bai Ling peacefully was enough to show that he wasn’t guilty! After all, why would he bother?

Second, the guy might really possess important insights that they could use! Zhao Yu thought this because of how readily he had agreed to Zhao Yu’s offer just now.

Zhao Yu was right. The moment Flying Squirrel Gao spoke, he exposed something shocking!

“Back then, there were a total of six disciples, but the fifth one and I joined much later than the original four!” Flying Squirrel Gao’s voice was sharp and husky, but his tone was calm. “Calling the fifth one master was just an act, as we didn’t really learn much from him, but the four seniors were different! They learned a lot from the master, hehe…”

He then continued, “Especially Tao Xiang, as his name was well known, just like a legend! So, I always tell people that I’m Tao Xiang’s junior, just to show off! But actually, my skills can’t ever compare to his! I’m not exaggerating, as my fingers can’t even win against his toes!”

Hearing that, Zhao Yu and the others exchanged glances. Zhao Yu blinked twice, then beckoned for them to keep listen listening.

“Third Bro and Fourth Sis lived quite well, too. They even became businessmen! They got married and lived a good life together! But somehow, their family broke up…” Then, Flying Squirrel Gao was itching for a cigarette, so he requested one from Zhao Yu. “Police Officer, can I have a cigarette?”

“Make things clear for us, and I will give you a whole carton!” Zhao Yu didn’t agree just yet.

“Quick, spit it out. What are Third Bro’s and Fourth Sis’ names?” Although she already knew the answer, Cui Lizhu still asked anyway.

Flying Squirrel Gao shrugged helplessly and replied, “The man’s name was Fangyu, mmmm, Cui Fangyu! The woman’s name was Du Manning! When I joined them, the two of them always stuck together. So, I just always called them Third Bro and Fourth Sis! The fifth’s nickname was Latou. He joined a few days earlier than me. But, he died of illness at a very young age!”

He then added, “Somehow, after Latou died, master and his wife directly one after another too. They didn’t teach me anything actually! I only followed them less than half a year, I think.”

Flying Squirrel Gao shrugged, then said helplessly, “So, actually, Tao Xiang and I weren’t even close. We hardly saw each other. I don’t even know what he really looked like! Tao Xiang was very talented, and he was always appeared out of nowhere, only to vanish soon after. I do remember that he went in for a big deal back then, and I was so envious of him! But, as we are both under Big Bro, we are considered as being friends!”

Big Bro?

Then, there was a loud thud in Zhao Yu’s heart. He asked closely, “Isn’t Tao Xiang Big Bro?”

“Yeah,” Flying Squirrel Gao nodded. “Tao Xiang is the second bro, and there is another senior bro, Big Bro!”