Crazy Detective Chapter 669

Chapter 669 The Journey To Become A Monster Part Two

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Although the monitor room was soundproof, Zhao Yu seemed to be able to hear people’s animated exclamations next door. He never thought that the Headless Female Corpses Case had all began with an unplanned murder!

Then, Li Fei told them about how he took care of the dead body, such as how he withdrew the blood, how he embalmed it, and so on. Then, he continued to tell everyone his story, which was really more like his journey to becoming a monster!

“Actually, I don’t really even know what I was thinking back then. At first, I thought that I could just bury the head or throw it into someone else’s coffin! But, after I embalmed the dead body, I kept her head in a glass bottle that was filled with preserving chemicals. Then, I left it in my rented room. I might be crazy. I don’t know why I killed someone, but I know that, deep down, I wanted someone else to find out about it. I… I must be crazy…” Li Fei was shaking his head as he spoke.

“That night, I put the dead body that I embalmed into the coffin in the hearse. The next working day, I told the head of the funeral parlor that I had an urgent matter at home that I had to return for two days to attend to. I also requested to drive the hearse back in order to do so,” he explained.

“My performance at work was decent, so the head of the funeral parlor didn’t refuse my request. He even told me to keep my gas receipt for reimbursement from the company! Then, I drove the hearse out of town without any real aim. Of course, I had no idea where to go. So, when I thought I had driven far enough, I put the dead body in a forest during the middle of the night,” he shrugged his shoulders at the memory, wondering what he had been thinking!

“I then leaned the dead body against the tree because I wanted the police to find the dead body earlier. That way, the body wouldn’t be rotten! After everything was done, I returned to the funeral parlor to continue with my work. What surprised me was that, after such a major incident, although I felt nervous, I also felt a bit excited too! I even imagined how great it’d be if the headless dead body were to not rot forever!” A strange smile appeared on his face at even this wildly inappropriate time for one!

“Just like how I had imagined it, I continued to work for a few months in Weiling, and no one noticed! I had been reading the newspaper everyday, but there was no news about the missing woman nor the discovery of the headless female corpse! However, although no one noticed me, my work in Weiling soon came to an end,” he sighed, as this development had clearly disappointed him.

“As there had been newly allocated workers and embalmers, there was basically nothing left for me to do. But, the head of the funeral parlor was nice to me, and he even helped me fill out an official form for a transfer!” he smiled, remembering this rare human kindness he’d been shown in life.

“However, I didn’t even have any identity, so how could I apply for an official post?” Li Fei shook his head and said, “Then, after my last working day, I bought a second-hand car, then brought the head with me as I left Weiling!”

“I think that you should know that leaving Weiling wasn’t my end, but my beginning. From then onward, I lived in a few places, and all the jobs that I found were all related to funeral parlors. Back then, my life was tightly-knit with dead people. We were almost inseparable!” He chuckled eerily.

“In Qinshan, I came across a human trafficker that abused children,” Li Fei recalled. “That woman was as brutal as master’s wife. Not only did she feed the children with pig feed, she even kept the children in cages. She didn’t even treat them as human beings! So, I took action once again, using the same method as the first time. In the end, I sent her dead body far far away with a hearse again.”

He initially smiled, then his face quickly got a bit gloomy as he said, “However, on the way, the hearse broke down, but I found a workshop to repair it. However, it took two days to get the hearse fixed. As it took longer than the first time to get the dead body to the middle of the forest, it had already started rotting.”

Li Fei said calmly, “However, the mechanic didn’t dare to look inside the coffin. So, he naturally didn’t discover anything! On the highway, the traffic police never bothered me either. After all, no one dares to interrupt the proceedings of a hearse!”

He continued his story. “After that, I didn’t stay for long in Qinshan, as I felt that I might leave too many traces behind me. Hence, I left very soon! Later on, it was basically the same story! I interviewed at a funeral parlor, I broke into houses, I found a target that abused children, I killed them, I took care of the dead body, I transported the dead body…”

Li Fei briefly described his vicious acts, while everyone listened, terrified. “I met a teacher who abused her students, and one of the students ended up committing suicide by cutting her wrists! I even came across a stepmom that fed her child live rats! There was even a madwoman, who forced her two children to stand on the railings on the balcony until they nearly fell off and died!”

He shook his head, his anger evident. “Coincidentally, the few others that I killed were all female! The people that I killed were all inhumane, just like master’s wife! So, yes, I killed them! I am the murderer that committed the major case in Jinzhong. I killed them so that they can’t harm anyone ever again!”

Then, Li Fei roared in laughter, as though he was on the brink of collapsing…

When Wu Xiumin saw that Li Fei had almost lost control, she quickly signaled Ran Tao, then softly said, “Turn the wind speed of the air conditioner to its highest level!”

Then, she turned around to tell Cui Lizhu, “Cui, where’s the thing that I gave to you earlier? Give it to him now!”

Then, Cui Lizhu quickly brought the glass of coke that was filled with ice to Li Fei, her hands shivering with fear. She quickly left it on the desk in front of him and turned back. The person before her, although she shared a close relationship with him, was now just a terrifying serial killer in Cui Lizhu’s eyes!

“Li Fei, I think you are thirsty. Have something to drink!” Wu Xiumin beckoned to Li Fei, while switching the topic on purpose. Wu Xiumin then asked Li Fei, “Do you smoke?”

Hearing Wu Xiumin’s question, Li Fei quickly reined in his scary smile and shook his head at Wu Xiumin. Then, with the cold breeze from the air conditioner, the temperature in the room dropped tremendously. After Li Fei picked up the glass of Coke and took a few sips to cool himself down, his manic state soon settled down.

Wu Xiumin immediately signaled to Ran Tao to set the temperature normal again.

Apparently, Li Fei was really thirsty. He took another big gulp before he continued his story. “Actually, it wasn’t my intention to kill them all. I never obtained any true and lasting excitement from the murders, nor was I addicted to performing them! But, in the process of killing them, I developed a great interest in taking care of the dead bodies after the fact, especially the embalming aspect!”