Crazy Detective Chapter 671

Chapter 671 The Forgotten Murderer

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“When I returned to Bai Ling,” Li Fei continued to tell the story of his life of crime, “Tao Xiang and I had been staying with Cui Fangyu’s daughter in the old house that was next to the cemetery. I could tell that Tao Xiang cared a lot about the child, even though he kept complaining that she was a burden! He would even take care of the child on his own when he went out for work! He never even let me touch the child!”

He then added, “Tao Xiang had a lot of business going on at that time, so he had to travel for work every few days. He was already living quite well. As such, I felt that he should have a base in the nearby city. Hence, he didn’t stay very often in the old house.”

He then got a glimmer in his eyes as he said, “One day, I took the opportunity when Tao Xiang was not around and looked for Bai Lili to take my revenge!”

The moment he brought up Bai Lili, Li Fei got a puzzled look on his face. “That woman… Mmm… She was actually the only person that I killed who didn’t have any abusive tendencies. Tao Xiang told me that, when he found Cui Fangyu’s daughter, she was well cared for and hadn’t been abused. Hence, when I killed her, there was a tinge of hesitation on my part!”

He shook his head, as if he were trying to shake the memory loose. “However, as the woman led to Fourth Sis’ death, she had to die!”

After he said this, Li Fei’s facial expression changed very quickly. He soon clenched his teeth and said, “Yeah, I forgot to tell you something. Since I had been wandering around and didn’t have a fixed residence, it was only natural for me to get a suitable car…”

Everyone was stunned by his random words and wondered why Li Fei would suddenly redirect the topic from Bai Lili.

“Do you get it? I bought a hearse! Hehehehe.” Li Fei smiled maliciously. “I was already used to it after so many years, i just bought it! After all, I only feel safe when I sit in a hearse! Plus, wherever the hearse goes, it is unimpeded! It’s the perfect cover and getaway car, and it was the perfect container for all of those heads! Hahahaha!”

Everyone at the scene became quiet. If there was anyone who had wondered about Li Fei’s mental health earlier, they would have no doubt that he was absolutely nuts now! After all, only a pervert would be able to travel around with dead bodies and limbs in his car all of the time!

After he stopped laughing, he then added, “Of course, my equipment was all in there, too! But, before striking at Bai Lili, I went to buy a coffin, so that it could be more secretive when I transported her dead body away from the scene! After I killed Bai Lili, I brought her back to the old house next to the cemetery. Then, I used the most advanced method that I knew of to take care of her dead body.”

He then went into further detail about how he handled the body. “Regarding Bai Lili’s dead body, I can still remember clearly that the lady was young and beautiful. Her skin was supple and she was almost a perfect human specimen! After I was done with the whole process, I was very satisfied with my work. I even admired it for a few days before I sent the dead body away!”

“Pervert!” Ran Tao exclaimed was his position seated next to Zhao Yu. Wu Xiumin was worried that what he said would affect Li Fei, so she sent a death glare at Ran Tao and signaled for him to keep quiet.

“But, after I killed Bai Lili, everything was different!” Li Fei suddenly looked terrified as he said, “I never thought that the end would come so quickly. I intentionally drove a further distance, just like before, and hid Bai Lili’s dead body in one of the forests! But, as I was driving back, I heard on the radio that they had found the dead body!”

His eyes grew wide as he recounted that moment. “The most shocking part was that they brought up Bai Lili’s name. I listened closely and realized that not only did they know that the deceased was Bai Lili, they even knew that Bai Lili lived in Nanjiang, knew her age, and even knew her background!”

Le Fei pulled at his hair in a nervous manner as he spoke. “I remember that very moment, my head nearly exploded! I didn’t understand why this time was different than before. Even if the dead body was found so quickly, they shouldn’t have been able to discover her identity so soon! There wasn’t even a head, and she was sent so far away! That really gave me a shock!”

He then added, “Then, when I heard about gene comparisons and that sort of thing later on, I was really afraid! I got worried that the police would find us if we stayed in Bai Ling, and I wanted to travel to the South, somewhere far far away, with very few people!”

He shook his head. “But, before I left, I was worried that it wouldn’t work if I were to continue to keep those things in my car! So, I kept all of those things in the storage pit in the old house! Hahahaha!”

Li Fei laughed gloomily, and it sent chills down everyone’s spines. “I don’t understand what I was thinking about back then. I kept everything in the storage pit and covered the entrance with random items! I honestly thought that Tao Xiang would never find those things! Or maybe, in my head, I wanted Tao Xiang to know that I killed Bai Lili and took revenge for Fourth Sis. I think that may have been why I hid Bai Lili’s head in the storage pit! Hehehehehehe.”

By that point, Li Fei was acting more and more insane. His mental stability was obviously on a downward spiral.

“Li Fei, do you mean that you kept all of the heads and all of the equipment in the storage pit in the old house?” Wu Xiumin quickly asked direct questions. “But, we searched through the entire place and didn’t find anything…”

The heads then appeared in Tao Xiang’s treasure, which Wu Xiumin naturally knew about. But, she had asked this to lure Li Fei to divulge information.

“That was what happened later on!” Li Fei stopped his malicious laughter and continued his story. “Actually, after I drove off, I regretted it immediately! But, I just let him leave! I really never thought it would end up like that…”

“Like what?” Wu Xiumin quickly expressed her curiosity, so she could give Li Fei a sense of satisfaction in answering her.

“Let’s talk about me first! After leaving Bai Ling, I drove South and went to many unfamiliar places! But, I could never find the same feeling as I had before.” Li Fei was clearly in a distressed state as he spoke. “I felt that, after I left Bai Ling, without the few heads and without my equipment, it was like my soul had been removed and I muddled away for days on end!”

He shook his head. “However, I starting dating a few women! But, I didn’t dare spend too long with one person. I would always run away when it was almost time! I also sold the hearse and started driving an ordinary car. Every day, I was idling my life away. At first, I wanted to go back to my old career, but I slowly realized that the time had changed and everything was not like before!”

He went on to explain what he meant by this. “The identification cards could be swiped like credit cards, so nothing could be forged. Plus, the police were starting to confirm the deceased’s identities using DNA comparisons! As such, my chopping off heads and hands wouldn’t be effective anymore! Also, there were so many surveillance cameras all over the place, so I couldn’t even be a thief, left alone be a murderer!”

His face turned grave, tinged with some sadness. “Those skills that the master taught me back then, not one of them was useful! Suddenly, I felt like giving up. In fact, if I hadn’t felt some sort of appreciation from those few women that I had dated, I might have committed suicide!”

He looked like he was about to cry as he said, “I didn’t even have much money, so in order to eke out a simple living, I had no choice but to start looking for jobs in funeral parlors. However, the funeral parlor regulations in the South and the North are very different, as in the South, the management is much stricter, so I didn’t stand a chance.”

He looked truly miserable now. “Hence, I had no choice but to return to the North. Then, I found an assignment in a coastal town and worked for a few years.”

Then, Li Fei started laughing maliciously again. “There is always a way out, eh? I never thought that I would come across another turning point at the most hopeless and dispirited time in my life!”

He had a crazed grin on his face as he said, “One day, after I finished taking care of a dead body in the funeral parlor, I went to a noodle shop across the street. Suddenly, there was someone who sat down at the table opposite me!”

His eyes were wide as he laughed and exclaimed, “Hehe! I thought I would never see Tao Xiang ever again. Who would have guessed that he would pop up in front of me in a noodle shop?”