Crazy Detective Chapter 677

Chapter 677 I Havent Been A Brother For A Long Time

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Entering the restaurant, Zhao Yu swept the snowflakes from his shirt and prayed in his heart…

System Bro, the Headless Female Corpses Case has ended. Please take note of your limits and be kind! I am exhausted, so why not arrange for me to be a hero who rescues a few younger girls? Even better, it’d be best if you’d let me relax. Understand?

As he prayed silently in his head, Zhao Yu entered the restaurant. The restaurant had been luxuriously renovated and had an elegant style.

The waitress greeted Zhao Yu enthusiastically, but Zhao Yu wasn’t there to eat. He found a dining table for four according to the GPS on his phone and lied and told the waitress that he was waiting for someone as he sat there on his own.

As there was still some time before the miracle adventure would take place, Zhao Yu felt that it would be inappropriate for him to just sit there and wait all alone. So, he requested that the waiter serve him some complimentary tea.

During the banquet, although they only had champagne, Zhao Yu had too much to drink due to having to both his left and right. Plus, he had not rested well for the past few nights, so he felt extremely exhausted. He closed his eyes and leaned back, trying to relax.

But, he couldn’t block out some of the noisy diners of a lower class standard that surrounded him. They shouted and taunted each other to drink more, while some laughed loudly. It was so noisy, Zhao Yu couldn’t even relax.

Helplessly, Zhao Yu took out his earphones and put them on his ears and played a few songs from his phone. Coincidentally, the very first song that played was a very old song called “Brother.”

The song was filled with vagabond vibes and had a really cool sound. Zhao Yu liked it a lot.

He had memorized the lyrics long ago. As the familiar rhythm played, he started humming and lightly singing along, “I haven’t been a brother for many years. I do not love the edge of the bed that is cold…”


Singing along with the song, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but think of the Headless Female Corpses Case. No doubt, the murderer Li Fei was really a brother. But, he was also helpless and aggrieved!

Theoretically speaking, he did well by his juniors. But, at the crossroads of his own life, he repeatedly made wrong choices. In the end, it led to his downfall.

But, did he really have a choice?

Zhao Yu thought about the cause and effect of the whole situation, then realized that Li Fei had been born in a thief’s lair and was abused by his master’s wife since he was quite young. It seemed to be his fate to be mentally twisted, as it must have planted a seed that he would do wicked deeds when he grew up.

As he had grown up in such dark times, Li Fei couldn’t grow up like a normal, healthy human being! In the end, the case was the same as the Bank Hidden Corpses Case. There was only law that could be considered, but no human feelings. His ending was the same as Qiu Xinyang’s. As long as one was a criminal that harmed human lives, they wouldn’t be able to escape the punishment according to the law!

Dealing with these kind of criminal cases, the only thing that people could do was to wish for community improvements. In this way, society would hopefully step in and help to eradicate such darkness, so that all children could grow up in more healthy environments and have better chances at succeeding in life.

Ding ling ling.

Just as Zhao Yu was listening to his music and thinking about the case, he heard a crisp noise. Zhao Yu quickly took off his earphone and looked up to see that someone had dropped a wine bottle. Although the bottle hadn’t shattered, it was spinning on the ground a bit still.

Then, a woman with long hair appeared before Zhao Yu. The woman appeared to be drunk.

She bent down to grab the wine bottle a couple of times, but she only managed to finally grasp it after a few tries. She gripped the bottle tightly and put it back on the table.


Although Zhao Yu could only see the side of her face, he found her to be extremely familiar. It was at that exact moment that he recalled his side quest. Would my miracle adventure side quest be related to her?

Then, Zhao Yu walked carefully took a closer look at the woman from the side. He then realized that the woman was Wu Fangfang from the special force for the Gem Theft Case!

Why would I run into her here?

Such a coincidence!

Or… Is it?

With his side quest having brought him to this exact spot, he naturally couldn’t tell if it was a coincidence. After all, the restaurant was merely a step away from the Bai Ling Police Station, so it was totally normal that Wu Fangfang would appear here.

Looking at the hot-tempered woman, Zhao Yu first thought about their mutual shared resentment and he, of course, wanted to pull a prank on her. But, he gave up the idea after thinking on it for a few moments.

As he thought about it carefully, he saw clearly that the woman seemed to command admiration. She acted with courage and determination, and she loved and hated with audacity and tenacity. Her only downfall was that her temperament was really bad.

Actually, to be able to solve two cases at once, to a certain extent, Zhao Yu had helped the woman out. After all, they had a deadline order for the Gem Theft Case, too. Then, the gemstone was found and the Central Criminal Division’s excuse to transfer Wu Fangfang back had fallen through.

However, although the deadline order was dismissed, Wu Fangfang’s position took a strange turn. Hence, her future was obviously at a crucial crossroads.

The gemstone was found, so the special force was dismissed. Now, if the Central Criminal Division couldn’t transfer Wu Fangfang back to her original branch, they had to find something else for her to do!

But, regardless of what she did in the future, Wu Fangfang would definitely be restricted and excluded due to her previous convictions. So, she was naturally not in a good situation at the moment.

Earlier, before the banquet was dismissed, Division Chief Jiao purposely brought up this very matter with Zhao Yu. It was Zhao Yu’s opinion that the best course of action was for Wu Fangfang to write a letter to apply to be transferred back to her original branch. That would be the best arrangement for her, as well as the higher ups in the Central Criminal Division.

Wu Fangfang had been working in the special investigation group for so many years. When she returned, as long as the higher ups in the division got in touch with the police station, it would be fairly easy if she wanted to be a section chief, deputy bureau chief, or an equally high status position of that sort.

However, the stubborn woman firmly refused. She claimed that she would rather be fired than to bow to pressure! Furthermore, she attested that she would never resign!

Zhao Yu changed his mind about her the moment he heard her decision. From Zhao Yu’s viewpoint, he couldn’t bring himself to think highly of her at all.

Zhao Yu returned to his seat and thought, It seems that Wu Fangfang didn’t come here to drink for no reason…

Mmm… Then, why did the system arrange for her to be here in front of me?

Zhao Yu looked to the left, then to the right. He wondered if there would be a few gangsters that would harass Wu Fangfang, or if Wu Fangfang would have too much to drink, resulting in him having to take care of her.

Just as Zhao Yu was looking around, a person came barging in from the entrance. He was a young man, and the moment he entered, he walked towards Zhao Yu angrily.


Zhao Yu looked up and found that the young man looked extremely familiar. I seem to have seen him somewhere before…

But, before Zhao Yu could recall who the young man was, he had already run before Zhao Yu and shouted towards the room that was behind Zhao Yu, “Song Xiaoyuan, you are ridiculous!”

The young man was roaring aggressively. “Look at what you did to my family! You can’t even bear a few words of scolding? What are you thinking to break up with me now? Are you making fun of me? Today, let’s talk about it!”