Crazy Detective Chapter 678

Chapter 678 I Have Not Been A Jerk For A Few Days

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Zhao Yu leaned his head sideways and saw that there were two good looking girls with slim builds in the room behind him. One of them was wearing a unique yellow sweater, looking cheerful and bright, while the other one was wearing a checkered shirt, looking quite lovely.


As Zhao Yu looked at them, his eyes suddenly beamed. He knew the girl in the checkered shirt, too! She was the girl who wore the dragon-shaped bracelet!


Zhao Yu finally remembered that the young man who was arrogant and currently shouting was no doubt the rich man’s son, who had given Song Xiaoyuan the dragon-shaped bracelet. His name was Liu Xinghui!

Liu Xinghui’s dad was still being detained in the Bai Ling Police Station because he had purchased stolen items! However, Liu Xinghui wasn’t involved in the crime personally, so he had not been detained.

As Zhao Yu didn’t know many people in Bai Ling, he never would have guessed that he would come across three people that he knew at this restaurant! It seemed that the system had put in quite some effort to arrange this side quest!

“You… How did you know that we were here?” Song Xiaoyuan saw that Liu Xinghui had found her, and she suddenly quivered in terror.

She then pointed at the door and said, “You… Leave now! I do not want to see you!”

“Song Xiaoyuan, don’t pretend to be an innocent girl,” Liu Xinghui said coldly. “Who do you think I am? I’m not just some person that you can summon and dismiss at the drop of a hat! You are ridiculous!”

“Liu Xinghui, what are you talking about? Who is the one that is being ridiculous?” The girl in the yellow sweater suddenly pointed at Liu Xinghui and scolded him. “You think it’s okay to beat people up? What did our Yuanyuan do to you? Your dad was arrested, but what does that have to do with Yuanyuan? Forget about the fact that you scolded her, how could you beat her, too?”

“Xiao Qin, this has nothing to do with you, so show some sense and f*ck off!” Liu Xinghui spat out the words. “When I gave her the bracelet, I told her to keep low profile. But, look at her, going and flaunting it so brazenly! You saw that Zhang Zichen came back, so you just had to show off, right? Look what happened now! My dad has been arrested!”

“You told me to keep a low profile, but you didn’t tell me that it was stolen!” Song Xiaoyuan cried as she complained, “Now that something happened, you want to blame me. You are the one who is being ridiculous! You say that you are good to me, but why did you hit me? Liu Xinghui, we are finished! Just leave!”

“You!” Liu Xinghui took a step forward and held Song Xiaoyuan by the arm.

He stared at her and shouted, “Song Xiaoyuan, you are so heartless. I was so nice to you. Now that you see that my family is in trouble, you want to plead your ignorance? Are you even human?”

“Hey, Liu Xinghui, who is the one that is heartless?” Xiao Qin saw that Liu Xinghui was going to take action, so she immediately stood in front of Song Xiaoyuan and hit his arm away.

She then said, “You lied to Yuanyuan, then you hit her. How dare you behave so savagely?”

“D*mn it. F*ck off. This is between the two of us. Go away!” Liu Xinghui got impatient after Xiao Qin scolded him, and he started tearing at Xiao Qin.

“I won’t go away. This is a public place. What can you do to me here, huh?” Xiao Qin was quite impressive. She protected Song Xiaoyuan, while also hitting Liu Xinghui.

The chaos that had just erupted among the trio suddenly attracted the other diners’ attentions, and they all began to look over. Zhao Yu was still standing at his original spot. He felt that it would be inappropriate for him to take action in such a matter that clearly did not concern him. After all, it was merely a fight between young people.

Just as they were tearing at each other, Liu Xiumin flew into a rage and slapped Xiao Qin, who instantly fell on the ground. He then ignored everyone’s gazes and pulled Song Xiaoyuan by the arm.

Song Xiaoyuan grabbed on to Zhao Yu’s sofa, as she wasn’t willing to follow him. Then, there was a kind waiter that came to mediate after hearing the commotion. But, Liu Xinghui pushed the waiter away.

Zhao Yu sat on the sofa in distress and thought to himself helplessly as he looked at the scene, If I were to punch Liu Xinghui, how many points would the system give me?

I reckon it wouldn’t be that many, right?

Hmm… Let’s try some other tricks…

As Song Xiaoyuan struggled before him, Zhao Yu breathed in her sweet scent.

Zhao Yu pondered, I haven’t been a jerk for a very long time. So, I might as well start to misbehave a little again…

Then, he suddenly jumped on his feet from the sofa and knocked into Song Xiaoyuan’s body. At the same time, not only did he knock Liu Xinghui’s hand away, he seized the opportunity to hug Song Xiaoyuan’s chest and pull her into his embrace.

Of course, his hands weren’t idle. He sneakily swept passed her crucial body part.

Mmm… Not bad. He thought to himself. Although her little flower bud is slightly smaller, the good feeling is there.

As he thought to himself, he asked her with concern, “Miss, are you okay? The floor is slippery, so please be careful.”

Just as Zhao Yu was behaving mischievously, Liu Xinghui had a minor accident. As Liu Xinghui’s hand was knocked away by Zhao Yu, he fell backwards due to the law of inertia.

However, as they were all tearing at each other, Wu Fangfang wasn’t idle either. No one knew what that woman was thinking of when she picked up her red wine bottle and attempted to slam it directly on Liu Xinghui’s head!

Her strike was strong. If it were to really land on Liu Xinghui’s head, his head would have definitely been split into half!

But, as Liu Xinghui happened to fall down, he dodged the bullet. Instead of his head, Wu Fangfang hit the air and nearly fell down herself!

Wu Fangfang looked like she had clearly had too much to drink, so she didn’t manage to hit Liu Xinghui. After she missed royally, she held the wine bottle and waved it at Liu Xinghui instead, slurring and yelling, “You… You…”

Liu Xinghui totally had no idea what was wrong with the woman. He quickly moved away from her.

At that moment, the saddest incident took place. As Wu Fangfang had too much to drink, after her chest heaved up and down vigorously, she suddenly vomited!

As she happened to be facing Liu Xinghui, she vomited onto him, splashing his face with her puke! Although she only vomited once, it was like the water dam had broken. After she had finished vomiting, there was even half a prawn that remained stuck on Liu Xinghui’s face!

“Ah!” Liu Xinghui almost went crazy, and he quickly ran away from her.

“The h*ck? That works too!” Zhao Yu held the beauty in his hands as he gawked at the scene before him.

He watched Wu Fangfang slowly return to her seat after vomiting. He reckoned that she was getting ready to black out.

Then, Xiao Qin, who was wearing the yellow sweater, covered her face and ran forward. When she saw Zhao Yu hugging Song Xiaoyuan tightly in his arms, she was dumbfounded.

“Aiyo, that’s disgusting! What happened? Liu Xinghui?” Song Xiaoyuan then realized that Zhao Yu had not let go, so she quickly wriggled away out from his grasp.

Then, turned and told Xiao Qin, “I don’t understand! Liu Xinghui fled!”

As Zhao Yu refused to take advantage of the situation, he could only shake his head. However, his eyes were fixed on Wu Fangfang, who just blacked out.

Then, he told Song Xiaoyuan shamelessly, “Alright, Miss, I just rescued you, but you don’t need to thank me! Hehe.”

He rubbed his hands together and said, “I saved a little beauty, and now, I am going to save the big beauty! Hehe!”

Then, Zhao Yu extended his hands wickedly towards Wu Fangfang.