Crazy Detective Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Hexagram That Didnt Correspond

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Zhao Yu was very clear that Song Xiangyuan and Liu Xinghui fought and broke up because of the dragon-shaped bracelet. Liu Xinghui stole it from his father’s collection, then gave it to Song Xiaoyun.

But, she had shown it off, which had attracted the attention of the police. Hence, Liu Xinghui’s father was currently being detained at the police station.

However, as they were just a couple at loggerheads after all, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Zhao Yu to get involved in their little scuffle. Besides, since it was the dragon-shaped bracelet that had provided the crucial clue for solving the case, Zhao Yu couldn’t do much about it now. It was out of his hands.

Dealing with the side quest, the only thing that Zhao Yu could do was to take advantage of the situation and get his jollies with a beauty! Facing the mischievous Zhao Yu’s advances, Song Xiaoyuan was forced to keep her grievance to herself.

After all, under such circumstances, she could not possibly pursue the matter further. So, she sent a death glare at Zhao Yu and went to pay the bill at the cashier with the girl in the yellow sweater.

At the moment, there were two waitresses who were upset by the puddle of vomit. Dealing with such a situation, they had to hurry and clean up the scene.

Otherwise, it would affect the other diners and they would be scolded by their boss. However, no one was really willing to do such a degrading and disgusting task!

Zhao Yu was understanding of this. Although he knew that it had nothing to do with him, he took out two hundred dollar bills and passed them to the two waitresses coolly. Looking at the huge tip, the two of them suddenly became energetic and quickly cleaned up the scene.

“Hehehe.” Zhao Yu rubbed his hands together again and sat down next to Wu Fangfang. As Wu Fangfang was already drunk, she didn’t respond at all.

I haven’t been a brother for many years. I do not love the edge of the bed that is cold…

As the scene quieted down, the song was played from Zhao Yu’s phone again. He then realized that the music in his phone was set to loop, and it had been playing the song repeatedly.

Zhao Yu turned off his phone, then lifted his wicked hand to take action. Then, after he took a whiff and smelled the alcohol smell, Zhao Yu had no choice but to stop and grab a wet towel on the table. He then held Wu Fangfang’s shoulders started to clean her up.

This was the first time that Zhao Yu had gotten so close to Wu Fangfang. To be honest, Wu Fangfang was actually quite good looking.

She had delicate features and her skin was smooth. However, as the woman had been depressed for so long, this led to the corners of her mouth and the tips of her eyebrows having a violent and domineering aura about them. As for her body…

As Zhao Yu cleaned her up, he pulled her closer to take a good look at her.

She’s alright. Although she isn’t tall, her body is proportionate. However, I really can’t bring myself to compliment her capabilities, still. After all, she doesn’t have a brilliant brain, and she doesn’t have great fighting skills. Besides, there’s that volcanic temperament of hers to consider…


Speaking of volcanic temperaments, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but recall her story. He remembered that she had splashed water on the higher up, and he also remembered her husband’s unfortunate encounter He even remembered the pathetic look on her face as she had been drinking alone just then.

Then, Zhao Yu reined back his wicked hand that he had already extended into the woman’s wool sweater and sighed. Why am I such a gentleman?

Forget it. I shall not pull a prank on you today, then! I will not bring you back to the hotel to take a photo either!

After cleaning her up, Zhao Yu figured that he might as well be a nice man till the very end of the story. So, he paid her bill and carried her to his car. He then planned to send her back to the police station.

But, he soon saw that the snow had gotten heavier outside, and the ground was covered in white. The snowflakes continued to fall, and the scene was extremely romantic. However, as he was carrying a woman who was piss drunk in his embrace, Zhao Yu didn’t feel a tinge of romance in the air!

In his heart, he just missed Miao Ying! Such snowy scenery only made him feel more lonely. In fact, he had thought more than once that it’d be great if he could solve the Headless Female Corpses Case with Miao Ying.

Ying, I already solved the first case in the yellow notebook! We got it all wrong back then!

There are another four cases in the notebook. If you don’t come back, I’ll solve all of them without you.

“Oooooooh…” Just as Zhao Yu was thinking, Wu Fangfang, who was seated on the passenger seat, groaned in agony, which brought Zhao Yu back to reality.

“Hey, sis, although this is just a car that I borrowed from the police station, you better not puke in it!” Zhao Yu advised her. “Hang on, we’ll be at the police station soon. You can puke however you like then.”

Bang bang bang. Vroom!

Just as Zhao Yu spoke, there was noises in front of them! Zhao Yu lifted his head and saw that the door of a Buick MPV had just slammed shut.

The care looked like it was going to drive away, while the girl in the yellow sweater from earlier was hammering on the door.

She looked as though she was mad! It looked like someone in the car had stolen her belongings!


The Buick accelerated and left the girl there.


What’s going on?

Zhao Yu could tell that something wasn’t right, so he immediately started the car and drove up next to the girl.

“Ah. It’s you! Hurry up!” Xiao Qin shouted. “Liu Xinghui grabbed Song Xiaoyuan and took her away with him. Hurry up. They’re in that car in front of us!” Then, Xiao Qin opened the door and got in the car.

“Bro, I beg you. Please catch up with them!” Xiao Qin shouted anxiously. “Liu Xinghui is crazy. I can’t tell what he will do to Yuanyuan!”

However, just after she said that, Xiao Qin suddenly saw Wu Fangfang, who was drunk, seated on the passenger seat.

“Mm… You…” Xiao Qin got a shock and suddenly realized the situation. “You… How could you bring her in your car? You… Ah!”

Xiao Qin wasn’t done talking yet, but Zhao Yu slammed his foot on the gas pedal to chase after the Buick, startling her.

“Call the police! No, I will call the police… You… Stop the car. Ah!” Xiao Qin clearly thought that Zhao Yu was a gangster who was taking advantage of this woman, so she screamed in terror.

“Shh!” Zhao Yu shushed her. “I am the police! Who are you trying to call?”

Zhao Yu drove really fast, while Xiao Qin grew pale and Wu Fangfang suddenly was catapulted over onto Zhao Yu’s thigh because of the shaky car ride. Her face landed in between his legs, which wasn’t a pleasant scene to watch!

“The h*ck?” Zhao Yu tried to to push her away, but that looked even more shady, as the car was shaking!

“What are you trying to get her to do to you? B*stard! Ah, stop the car! Quick, stop the car!” Xiao Qin screamed again.

“Motherf*cker!” Zhao Yu was going crazy too. He wanted to shout at her to shut up, but his phone rang at that exact moment.

“Look at this. I am a police officer, and so I am talking to the police now, too. Stop shouting!” Zhao Yu drove at a steady speed as he looked at his phone.

At first glance, he was surprised. He thought Zeng Ke and the others were looking for him because of urgent matters, but when he looked at the phone number, it was a call from Qinshan!

Who is calling me? It is already so late. Why would someone be calling from Qinshan?

These bunch of numbers seem familiar too…

Zhao Yu was worried that there was an emergency, so he quickly answered the call. As he was driving and he didn’t have a bluetooth earphone, he had no choice but to activate the handsfree mode on the loudspeaker.

“Hello? Police Officer Zhao, is that you?” The voice of a gentle woman could be heard on the other end of the phone.

“Ah! It’s you?” Zhao Yu recognized the voice of the female head nurse, Yao Jia!

This is interesting. I didn’t get a Kan hexagram, so why would I come across so many women at once?

It was already close to midnight, so he had to wonder why would Yao Jia call him so late. Plus, Zhao Yu had changed his phone number after he joined the special investigation group, so this was strange. Besides the few people that he was close to in Qinshan, no one else should know his new phone number!

Is Yao Jia in trouble?