Crazy Detective Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Right Time To Flirt

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“Yao Jia, I am Zhao Yu. What’s wrong? What happened?” As Zhao Yu was chasing after the Buick, he was naturally straightforward when he answered the phone.


As the driver of the Buick in front of them realized that there was someone chasing him, not only did he accelerate faster, but he even started maneuvering the car to start taking many sharp turns.

Zhao Yu was shocked by this, but he quickly turned his steering wheel to follow the Buick closely. As the change of direction was too sudden, the right side of the car spun out of control and they hit a rubbish bin!

“Ah!” Xiao Qin landed heavily on the back seat and screamed in terror again.

“Mm?” Yao Jia heard a woman’s scream from the other side of the phone, so she quickly asked with curiosity, “Police Officer Zhao, are you not in a convenient situation to talk?”

“Go ahead! Don’t worry about it!” Zhao Yu held the steering wheel tightly and managed to straighten the car.

He then drove through the slippery snow-covered roads and continued to chase after the Buick. Then, as Zhao Yu sped up again, in the blink of an eye, he was right behind the Buick!

“Oh, you know,” Yao Jia spoke with some hesitation, “I heard from your colleagues about you, so I… I wanted to ask…”

“Woo. Bleh…..” Just as Yao Jia was speaking, Wu Fangfang, who still had her head in Zhao Yu’s lap, suddenly retched.

“Don’t puke on my crotch! You’d better! Mmm…” Zhao Yu yelled at her angrily, but immediately regretted it.

Cough cough, cough cough… Luckily, Wu Fangfang had nothing to puke, so she merely made a bunch of dry heaving sounds and coughed a little.

“Mm.” Yao Jia was even more shocked now. “Police Officer Zhao, where are you? What is going on? Why don’t we talk when you’re not so busy?”

Zhao Yu could tell from Yao Jia’s reply that she had definitely misunderstood him and the current situation. He quickly clarified, “Nothing is going on. There’s someone who is drunk here. Go ahead and tell me whatever it is you need to say.”

Zhao Yu could tell that something was up. He was worried that Yao Jia was really dealing with a difficult situation.

“Oh… I’d like to ask if Police Office Miao… Mmm… Your girlfriend… Did you find her yet?” Yao Jia asked timidly.

Just as she asked the question, Xiao Qin screamed again, “Ah!”

That scream could have startled the whole universe and moved the Gods themselves! It turned out that, as Zhao Yu had sped up, he was heading straight forward and was about to hit the Buick!


With a loud crash, the car shook vigorously, causing Xiao Qin to roll to the ground from her seat, while Wu Fangfang dove deep into Zhao Yu’s private parts! The Buick’s tire tracks and screeching brakes left a line on the road and its exhaust pipe was giving out black smoke. In the end, it regained its center of gravity and drove away!

“Motherf*cker!” Zhao Yu then stepped on the gas pedal again, but he didn’t forget to tease Yao Jia over the phone, “Head nurse, why are you bringing this up again? My girlfriend is gone, and you are trying to take advantage of the situation! You wanted to get the excellent hot guy into your embrace instead?”

“Let me, let me go! Woo woo…” Xiao Qin was frightened after the near accident, so she started crying her lungs out. She then put on her seatbelt as she pleaded with Zhao Yu, “I want to get out! Please, I beg you!”

“Mm… Police Officer Zhao, how can you still can make jokes at this time?” Yao Jia spat out her words. “I think you have enough women over there to keep you busy. I’m afraid you’re not worthy for someone to entrust you with their life…”

“Hehehe.” Zhao Yu giggled, then quickly explained himself, “I knew that you would misunderstand me. Let me tell you, I am in the car! I am chasing a criminal! The ones in the car with me are those that I rescued heroically! Oh, hold on…”

Just then, Zhao Yu stepped on the gas pedal again and crashed into the Buick once again. The car’s bumper and headlights were all broken, but the car itself was still traveling at high speed.

The police car that Zhao Yu had borrowed was an old Jetta without police tags. After the crash with the Buick, he was naturally at a disadvantage. After hitting the car twice, forget about the police car’s bumper, even its front hood was badly warped!

“Alright, so be it!” Yao Jia said. “I called to tell you something specific!”

“Oh? What is it?” Zhao Yu asked, while shifting to drive the Jetta parallel to the Buick.

Through the Buick’s window, he saw that there was not only Liu Xinghui in the car alone, but that there were two or three young men with her. He could also see that Song Xiaoyuan was being restrained by these people.

“Do you remember the nurse named Xiao Ai in our department back then?” Right at that crucial moment, Yao Jia strangely brought up a random person.

“Oh yeah! I sure remember her! Hehehe…” As Zhao Yu had been under Yao Jia’s care for half a month, he, of course, remembered all of the pretty nurses!

“You have such a dirty mind! You act differently now that you have a higher ranking!” When Yao Jia was rebuking him, Zhao Yu turned the steering wheel and hit the Buick yet again! Xiao Qin screamed in terror again, while Wu Fangfang was still retching on his thigh.


The Buick was pushed against the metal railing by the side of the road, which caused fire sparks to dance all over the roadway.

“I’m only telling the truth! However, I have to wonder why you are bringing up the nurse?” Zhao Yu joked, “Please don’t tell me that you are trying to be a matchmaker!”

“What? I know that you are a loyal boyfriend, so I wanted to help!” Yao Jia chuckled. “So, what happened was… Xiao Ai got married, and she just got back from her honeymoon in New Zealand with her husband.”

Then, the driver of the Buick suddenly turned his steering wheel and squeezed Zhao Yu to the side of the road. He did this easily, as the Buick was much heavier than the Jetta. After it was pushed over, the Jetta was squeaking as though it was going to fall apart!

“No. Ah. I don’t want to die! Woo woo…” Xiao Qin quickly covered her eyes.

“Head nurse, can you get straight to the point?” Zhao Yu held onto the steering wheel as he urged Yao Jia to spit it out! “I have something going on here. If you don’t tell me right now, I might not ever heart it!”


The Jetta was pushed to the edge of the pedestrian lane by the Buick. Its rearview mirror fell off, the windscreen shattered, and the worst part… There was a phoenix tree at the end of the road! If Zhao Yu were to hit it, the car and everyone in it would be doomed!

“Alright. Alright. So…” Yao Jia sped up as she spoke, “In New Zealand, Xiao Ai took many photos, as she was on her honeymoon. I saw your girlfriend in one of those photos!”

“Huh? What?” Zhao Yu roared in surprise. “What did you say?”

“That Police Officer Miao! Xiao Ai was taking a photo, and she happened to capture her in the background inadvertently!” Yao Jia repeated herself.

“The h*ck?” Zhao Yu’s eyes were wide open.

He suddenly exerted all of his strength, and right before the Jetta hit the tree, he activated an Invisible Spring Launcher and used it on the Buick. Then, the Buick bumped in the air about two meters high, while Zhao Yu turned the steering wheel and stopped right below the Buick!


With a loud thud, the Buick landed heavily, right at the Jetta’s hood. As the top of the car was narrow and imbalanced, the Buick slipped off really soon. It then spun out and hit the big tree. Then, it didn’t move anymore!