Crazy Detective Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Top Grade Device

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Zhao Yu was surprised when he saw that the miracle adventure accumulated points had shot up like a spring when the Buick hit the tree. In the blink of an eye, the points had reached 462 points from the original 351 points! Furthermore, they didn’t seem like they were going to stop increasing!

Hehe. This is interesting!

After suddenly receiving Miao Ying’s news, Zhao Yu became energetic. He pushed Wu Fangfang aside, then got out of the car.

Along with a squeaking noise, the Buick’s door was finally pushed open. The first person to get out of the car was a man with long hair.

He walked directly towards Zhao Yu and assumed a commanding air. He held his fists tight as he walked up to Zhao Yu and prepared to hit him.

The man was like a mini explosive universe. As his hair flew in the air, he cracked his knuckles and readied to take his punch. The scene reminded Zhao Yu of a saint descending to the human world!

However, the most shocking part was that, just when the man posed, ready to strike Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu suddenly pressed the man’s head downward with his hands. Then, the man’s head landed directly on the car!


After his head hit the car with a loud thud, the man bounced back and fell onto the ground. He was knocked out completely!


Another five points? That’s already 467 points!

Zhao Yu was still counting up his points when the other few people got out of the car, including Liu Xinghui, who was covered in puke. Zhao Yu was surprised that the few of them were silly enough to not be able to see that the situation was clearly not in their favor. They saw that Zhao Yu had taken care of their ally with great ease, yet they still had the guts to come forward!

As Zhao Yu saw the tremendous growth in his accumulated points, he thought that this was a most welcome opportunity. As such, he greeted the next person who got out of the car by promptly breaking his arm!

Then, he broke another person’s nose. In the end, he stuffed that person through the narrow car window like a little child’s ball.

Liu Xinghui then knelt before Zhao Yu and begged for mercy, “Brother, it’s all my fault! It’s all my fault!”

Although Liu Xinghui was begging for mercy, Zhao Yu was still high on the thrill of getting more accumulated points, so he kicked Liu Xinghui and got another extra five points!

After that, Zhao Yu saw that the few young men had already lost their abilities to fight. So, if Zhao Yu wanted to earn more points in his dealings with them, he might have to go so far as to kill someone!

At this point, Zhao Yu had no choice but to take another approach. He lowered his head to re-enter the Buick.

As he entered, he saw Song Xiaoyuan, who looked like a mess. Her hair was in complete disarray, and she was pale and shivering in fear.

“Come here, baby!” Zhao Yu smiled and extended his hands to lift her up. He then carried her out of the car gently.


As he had expected, once Zhao Yu carried her out, he earned two points more! Maybe it was because girls have things for heroes, but when Song Xiaoyuan saw that Zhao Yu had taken care of all of the bad guys, she couldn’t help but hug Zhao Yu. They looked really intimate!

Another extra two points…

“Miss, I merely save your life. You don’t have to repay me with such effusive gratitude,” he said.

Then, while he was looking at the beauty who was sinking into his embrace, as well as thinking of his accumulated points increasing, Zhao Yu suddenly made a shameless request. “Can you give me a quick kiss? Or, maybe you can let me touch you as well? Maybe we should even get a room at Shangri-la?”

Gulp. Song Xiangyuan swallowed her saliva and removed her arms from around Zhao Yu immediately.

“Wow. That’s too cool! Too impressive! Too… Shameless!” Xiao Qin, who just gotten out of the car, was shocked by Zhao Yu’s power. When Zhao Yu carried Song Xiaoyuan past her, she couldn’t help but get carried away and say, “But… I like it.”

Ten minutes later, Captain Sun had already led a bunch of policemen to the scene. Officially, Captain Sun was considered to be a retiree since the day before! But, ever since he had known Zhao Yu, he was still heavily involved in this case.

Also, he helped to solve the Headless Female Corpses Case and the Gem Theft Case, which obviously earned him credit too! As such, he was understandably expected to be involved in any follow-up work. Hence, Bureau Chief had already given orders for Captain Sun to take part in the case.

This was fine by Captain Sun, as such work was all that he could have ever wished for! To be able to retire with such glory to his name was something that he never would have dreamed of!

Hence, to a certain extent, Captain Sun had Zhao Yu to thank for many things. So, the moment that he heard that Zhao Yu had called for police backup, Captain Sun didn’t delay, but brought his men and rushed to the scene immediately. Then, he took care of the situation in the most efficient and expert way.

Song Xiaoyuan, Xiao Qing, Liu Xinghui and his gang were brought back to the police station for investigation. Meanwhile, Wu Fangfang was entrusted to Captain Sun, who would arrange for a police detective to send her to the hospital for a check-up.

Then, Zhao Yu finally got some news about Miao Ying. So, he naturally wasn’t in the mood to be involved in any of those matters. After he briefly passed over the case to his colleagues and divvied up the tasks, he borrowed a car from Captain Sun and left the scene.

As he was anxiously looking for Miao Ying, Zhao Yu first wanted to drive to the airport directly in order to head back to Qinshan.This was because there weren’t any suitable flights. Also, the Headless Female Corpses Case had yet to be completed, so he had a lot of work that he had to delegate to his colleagues.

After weighing his options, Zhao Yu decided to take care of the work issues first and return to Qinshan. So, he drove back to the hotel that he was staying in previously.

When he returned to his old hotel room, he didn’t even take off his jacket before he looked began to study the photo that Yao Jia had just sent to him.

That’s right!

Miao Ying!

It’s really her!

That photo showed the nurse, Xiao Ai, who had gone to a place called “The Landing” in New Zealand for a photoshoot. In the photo, Xiao Ai and his fiancée were taking a selfie on one of the streets.

Who would have thought that they’d accidentally take a photo of Miao Ying in the background?

Behind Xiao Ai, there was a coffee shop, where Miao Ying was seated by the window. She was listening to music on her earphones, while she sipped her coffee leisurely. As Miao Ying wasn’t wearing any glasses or disguises, Zhao Yu could clearly see that it was really her!

New Zealand?

Oh my goodness, why would she be so far away? Miao Ying, what were you doing there?

Tsk tsk.

The reason why Zhao Yu was in such a rush to head back to Qinshan was firstly to talk to the nurse, Xiao Ai. Secondly, it was embarrassing to say, but Zhao Yu never got his passport! So, he had to head back to Qinshan to apply for his passport before he could visit New Zealand to look for Miao Ying!

As it required time to apply for a passport, Zhao Yu began to feel incredibly impatient. He was afraid that he might miss Miao Ying!

Miao Ying, Miao Ying! Regardless of how long it takes, I’ll definitely find you!

Just as Zhao Yu was thinking these things, the system in his head suddenly alerted him with a notification. The miracle adventure for that day had finally ended.

Zhao Yu never thought that he could get such a high completion rate for this miracle adventure! However, things do tend to happen when one least expects them to! As he looked at the system interface, he was surprised to see the character of 222 percent!


Zhao Yu was dumbfounded!

This is unbelievable!

How could it be so high?

It seems that it is because the Headless Female Corpses Case is finally solved. The case is a national level major case, after all!

Then, with such high completion rate, what do I get?

Then, he quickly looked to see the ending of the notification… Congratulations, you have received a top grade device!


A top grade device?

What could this top grade device be?