Crazy Detective Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Prepare To Go Abroad

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Zhao Yu was once an itinerant knight in a mundane world. He was also a true man, who was full of emotions. Hence, he was a man of his word.

When he had arrested Flying Squirrel Gao in the past, he had long ago promised his three teammates that he would reward them fifty thousand each if they could arrest Flying Squirrel Gao.

At that time, not only did Zhao Yu did not go back on his word, but he gave them a hundred thousand each! The three of them were very surprised by his generosity. Although they knew that Zhao Yu drove a Volkswagen Phaeton, they didn’t expect that their team leader would be that generous with his wealth!

Although the ranking of a special investigator wasn’t low, their salaries were nothing to shout about! So, to them, a hundred thousand was no small figure. Hence, they called Zhao Yu their “God of Fortune!”

Actually, Zhao Yu had his own secret intentions when he gave them the money. Firstly, he had vocally made the vow beforehand, so he had to carry out his promise.

Secondly, he was aware that the three of them would shoulder the heavy responsibilities after he applied for leave. As he knew that this would be hard work, it was his way of saying thank you.

After all, even setting aside the the Gem Theft Case, the major Headless Female Corpses Case alone was not a case that could be closed by simply writing a few reports! Besides continuing to interrogate everyone regarding the case details, they also would have to bring the murderer Li Fei to identify the crime scenes, one by one.

Then, they would have to deal with the media, to cooperate with the judiciary courts to start legal proceedings, and even take care of Cui Lizhu and Tao Xiang, as well as other affairs. All of these jobs would require the special investigation team’s intense and unwavering efforts to complete.

Once Zhao Yu left, the heavy responsibilities would fall upon these three teammates. As Zhao Yu felt guilty, he had decided to give them an extra fifty thousand each.

As for the third reason for his generosity, Zhao Yu had earned quite a bit of money when he was solving the case. Compared to the few million that he had received from Jinping He Sheng Credit, that amount of money that he gave to his three colleagues was barely anything. But, the bottom line was that Zhao Yu was a man of integrity, and he was never stingy to his friends.

After he had passed down all of the follow-up matters to his colleagues, he didn’t leave Bai Ling immediately, but met Cui Lizhu again in the Bai Ling Police Station. Actually, Zhao Yu didn’t know why he had to see her, but it was obvious that Cui Lizhu was delighted and Zhao Yu was gratified after they saw each other again.

Cui Liz told him that she was very grateful for all that he had done. Not only did Zhao Yu help her unearth the mystery of her life, but he had even helped to clear Tao Xiang’s name. Most importantly, he gave her a chance to start a new life!

Zhao Yu took the opportunity to comfort her, telling her to give her full cooperation to the police so that she could be released on parole soon. Although Cui Lizhu didn’t know what Zhao Yu was going to do when he left, she exhorted him to take be safe and stay healthy before he left. After the two of them exchanged a smile, Zhao Yu turned to leave.

Due to the pressing of time, Zhao Yu took a flight back to Qinshan directly instead of driving. Before he left, he called Li Luoyun from the Jinping Police Station, telling him to send someone to drive his car back to Qinshan.

After his surgery, Captain Li Luoyun was still waiting to recover in the hospital. He had already received the news of Zhao Yu’s solving the Headless Female Corpses Case, so he congratulated Zhao Yu at this time. Regarding the matter of sending Zhao Yu’s car back to Qinshan, he promised to do immediately.

The first snowfall in Nanjing had finally stopped falling. But, as he sat in the plane, Zhao Yu could see that the ground was still covered in white. As he left Nanjiang, Zhao Yu could feel all of the pressure from the three major cases fading away.

Unlike Nanjiang’s snowy weather, Qinshan’s weather was the total opposite. The air in Qinshan was dry and chilly, and the wind was howling.

The moment that Zhao Yu landed in the airport, he quickly wrapped his scarf around him and got a cab. He then headed towards Mi Yang county, his hometown.

As he rode in the cab, Zhao Yu pondered…

Oh… No wonder I got a Xun hexagram that represented family. It turns out that it signified that I am going home!

Zhao Yu had also thought of a crucial matter during his flight. Even though he insisted on looking for Miao Ying in New Zealand, he didn’t even have a passport!

As such, he had to return to his hometown to get his household registration in order to apply for a passport. As Zhao Yu worked within the public security system, he was quite familiar with the procedures for getting a passport. The county police station wouldn’t be able to help him get the passport, so he could only go through the application at the municipal or district level units.

Plus, the process would generally require ten working days before one could get their official passport after filling out the application. However, Zhao Yu was burning with impatience, so he knew that he couldn’t wait that long.

Fortunately, the Rongyang Branch had a special Exit-Entry Administration. Plus, Zhao Yu was close to the section chief there, so Zhao Yu got in touch with him. As long as the procedure went smoothly, they would only need three days to get it done for Zhao Yu!

Hence, Zhao Yu’s first priority was, of course, to return to his hometown to get his household registration, then to head straight back to the Rongyang Police Station. Of course, leaving the country wasn’t that simple either.

Besides a passport, he also needed to apply for a New Zealand visa, which meant waiting three more working days till he could gets that particular visa. As such, in total, all of that red tape added up to almost a week’s time!

Zhao Yu, of course, didn’t want to wait for such a long period of time. So, he had no choice but to call Section Chief Ma Runkui in the Foreign Affairs Office for help. As Division Chief Jiao had already notified him earlier that Zhao Yu might be calling, he was sure that Ma Runkui wouldn’t give him the cold shoulder.

In fact, he immediately guaranteed that he could provide Zhao Yu with a special visa from the International Relations Office, as long as Zhao Yu visited the Criminal Division personally. He even said that he would get it done the very day that he came! After hearing this, Zhao Yu estimated that, if everything went smoothly, he would be able to get on a flight to New Zealand four nights from tonight!

He heard from Yao Jia that the Landing was on the sea region near New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland. Hence, he had to book a flight that flew directly to Auckland from the capital.

However, as Zhao Yu had never bought any international flight tickets before, he had no idea how to do so. So, he gave Yao Jia a call to ask her to book the flight on his behalf.

Since the airport wasn’t far from Mi Yang country, Zhao Yu managed to reach his home before lunchtime. Zhao Yu had not returned to his hometown for quite some time. He had gone back there with Miao Ying before, which was the time when he solved the cow murder case.

Ever since Zhao Yu had left, his home had changed quite a lot. His family had already started building their new house, and the main framework was almost completed. Only a few final renovations were left.

Also, ever since Zhao Yu caused quite a bit of chaos during his last visit, the village chief and everyone else knew his capabilities, so no one dared to bully the Zhao family anymore. In actual fact, the village chief and the others didn’t even know that Zhao Yu was now even more intimidating than before!

At the moment, Daheng, also known as Sherlock Holmes, was living a comfortable life at home. He was even more muscular than before.

Although he had not seen Zhao Yu for a very long time, Daheng was still extremely close to Zhao Yu. The minute that Zhao Yu walked through the door, he started rubbing against Zhao Yu’s legs.

Zhao Yu’s mom made Zhao Yu his favorite dumpling dish and the family enjoyed their food together. However, regarding Miao Ying, Zhao Yu only told them that Miao Ying had to work, which was why she couldn’t take part in this visit.

After lunch, Zhao Yu brought his household registration and rushed back to the Rongyang Branch. By then, Yao Jia had already booked his flight, so his plan was well underway!