Crazy Detective Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Love Gamble

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Qinshan, in the Liu He Shun Steamboat, in the evening.

The previous shop had already been relocated, and the new shop was built in the busy area of Jiuhe Street. Not only was the business not affected by the move, but it had actually gotten busier!

When Zhao Yu and Yao Jia arrived, there were no more seats left in the shop. However, since the boss was an emotional and loyal man, the minute that he recognized his benefactor, Zhao Yu, and the beautiful Yao Jia, he immediately arranged the best room for them. He even served them a fruit platter, appetizers, and treated them to a bunch of other delectable items.

“Hehe, who would have guessed that the boss would still recognize us?” As Yao Jia filled Zhao Yu’s mug with beer, she joked with him. “I wondered if he could still remember my nickname, Thirteenth Sis!”

“Alright, let’s get down to business!” Zhao Yu was not in the mood to jest.

He held his phone and asked, “When I get to Auckland, I should head to the port to catch the ferry, right? Mmm… What’s the name of the hotel that you booked for me on the island? Poppy?”

“It’s Polanti.” Yao Jia reined in her smile and shook her head with concern. “Bro, are you sure you can do this? Don’t you realize that there is a big problem here? Even if you could get your passport and visa, you can’t speak English. I mean, you can’t just be shouting motherfooker at them, right?”

Zhao Yu was embarrassed as he thought to himself…

How could a beauty be able to curse so adorably? Motherfooker! Hehehe…

“I could arrange a Chinese-speaking guide or maybe an overseas student… Oh… And…” Zhao Yu held his beer mug and asked seriously, “Isn’t it all Maori in New Zealand? Why would they speak English?”

“Oh my God,” Yao Jia patted her forehead and said as she raised her glass, “Come on, let’s toast your return.”

After the two of them toasted, Zhao Yu downed his beer and Yao Jia held her mug. She looked as though she had something that she wanted to say.

“Mmm… Police Officer Zhao, I actually…” Yao Jia’s cheeks were rosy as she said in an embarrassed and hushed voice, “Actually, I can help you! I have been to New Zealand and my visa is valid for ten more years. So, don’t I go with you and be your guide? Plus…”

Pfft… Yao Jia was not even done speaking yet, when Zhao Yu spurted out all of his beer. He then asked her in surprise, “What? You go with me? But, this…”

Zhao Yu thought to himself…

I am going to look for my girlfriend! If I bring a beauty with me to look for my girlfriend, what if I really found Miao Ying? There would surely be a misunderstanding then!

“Look, I know English, and I’ve been to New Zealand. Also, I’m close to Xiao Ai, so I could ask for her exact location at the time of the picture!” Yao Jia explained.

She then added, “Plus, with one more person, there’d be more power, don’t you think? And, don’t misunderstand me… I am only thinking of returning a favor!”

Hearing her say this stirred up a lot of emotions in Zhao Yu. Actually, he wasn’t worried that Yao Jia was trying to cozy up to him, but he was worried that he couldn’t control himself if he were to travel with such a beauty alone!

But, Yao Jia was right, there would indeed be more power with one more person, which meant a higher chance of his finding Miao Ying! If it wasn’t for the fact that there was so much work left to be done on the Headless Female Corpses Case, he would have brought Zeng Ke, Ran Tao, and the rest with him!

“Mmm… This…” However, Zhao Yu was still reluctant, as he still found it inappropriate after weighing his options.

“Fine!” Yao Jia said. “Let’s pretend I never said anything at all. I will cancel my flight, and now I’ve got to call my department chief to cancel my request for a long leave of absence too! As for your reward, just go ahead and deduct it.”

“What the h*ck?” Zhao Yu was an expert in relationships, so he could tell what was going on.

He said straightforwardly, “Jiajia! You already got your leave settled and bought a ticket for your flight, yet you dare say that you don’t fancy me or want to get together with me?”

Yao Jia never expected Zhao Yu to be so straightforward. As his words took her by surprise, she blushed.

However, maybe it was because she had been spending too much time with Zhao Yu, but Yao Jia had become shameless! She then hammered the table and roared, “Zhao Yu, can’t you tell? I am just trying to test you! If you could resist the temptation, I knew that meant that your feeling towards Officer Miao were pure and tougher than gold!”


Hearing this, Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. He pondered her words and finally understood what she meant. Regardless of the ridiculous reason that she gave, the actual fact was obviously that Yao Jia fancied him!

“Come on… What is this really?” Zhao Yu seemed to see through her lie immediately.

He kept a smile on his face and said solemnly, “Jiajia, this is not a test. This is a gamble! Can’t you tell? If I were to lose, you…Mmm… Actually, regardless of who wins or loses, it seems like, the loser will be you.”

Zhao Yu told her the truth straightforwardly, and Yao Jia quivered after hearing his reply. She even had tears in her eyes.

“Jiajia, we are not kids anymore. Listen to me,” Zhao Yu advised her patiently, “Gambling with love is bad for families and it damages relationships! If you don’t try to gamble on our hopeless love, we could still at least be best friends. If you were to keep trying to gamble, we would all become losers in love!”

“Alright, I understand.” Yao Jia lifted the bottle and refilled her glass. She then nodded and said, “Police Officer Zhao Yu, you don’t have to say anything else, I totally understand! In the past, I never knew anyone who could be so straightforward about relationships! I admit that I like you. I also admit that I am jealous of Officer Miao! She’s very lucky!”

She then added, “But, don’t worry. I really do understand! You made it clear to me just now for my own good, so that you would not hurt me! So, I toast this glass to you, from Thirteenth Sis to God-King!”

Zhao Yu finally felt at ease when he heard Yao Jia’s words. He immediately lifted his glass and said, “Cheers”.

Then, he drank everything in his glass in one gulp, then laughed and said, “I never expected you to remember the nickname God-King, as I only said it once! Hehehe.”

“Come on, it’s impossible for you to only have one drink. After all, you hurt my feelings today, so I won’t let you off the hook so easily!” As Yao Jia spoke, she refilled Zhao Yu’s glass.

“Hehehe.” Zhao Yu quickly resumed his gangster character, while he squinted his eyes and said, “Let me be honest with you, I am really worried that I can’t hold myself back. If you were to go with me, I might sneak into your bed on the very first night! Hehehe.”

Yao Jia laughed, then admitted, “I have to be honest with you too, then! I also thought that you couldn’t wait once we were on the flight! Come, drink some more!”