Crazy Detective Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Secret Worries

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In his past life, Zhao Yu was constantly surrounded by women. But, in all of these relationships with women, he had always been straightforward.

As such, he never once did things sloppily. He would flirt, take petty advantage of women and even have sex casually, but he would never mix friendship with romance.

To this day, he didn’t change that one facet. From Li Beini at the very beginning to Yang Hong, Huahua, and even the female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu, regardless of how close were they with Zhao Yu, he had never once crossed that line with them into intimacy. From the beginning till then, he only had uncontrollable feelings towards two women. One was Yao Jia, and the other was his goddess, Miao Ying.

However, in the beginning, the reason that Zhao Yu liked Yao Jia was merely because Yao Jia was like his lover from his previous life. After he spent some time with her, he quickly discovered that Yao Jia wasn’t the woman that he truly wanted!

After that, he had never once tried to get close to Yao Jia. On the contrary, he drifted even further away from her.

After that, he met his beloved Miao Ying and fell for her instantly. He then confirmed that Miao Ying was the woman that he was fated to be with!

However, the world was unpredictable and ironic. After all, when Zhao Yu was actually pursuing Yao Jia in the past, he made a fool of himself because he tried to be clever. But, now that Zhao Yu had given up the wicked idea of getting physically close with Yao Jia, she decided to take a liking to him!

The catalyst for this turnabout all started when Yao Jia broke up with her boyfriend. At that time, it was Zhao Yu that helped her get through that difficult situation. So, Yao Jia had been grateful to Zhao Yu, then gradually developed amorous feelings towards him.

However, Zhao Yu had already found his dream love by then. Hence, Yao Jia retreated and didn’t try to force anything to happen.

However, the situation took a turn once again. Now, Miao Ying had left Zhao Yu all alone! This had given Yao Jia hope. Although she knew that Zhao Yu only had Miao Ying in his heart, she still wanted to give it a try, even if it only turned out to be a good friendship between her and Zhao Yu.

Actually, Yao Jia really didn’t have any bad intentions. She only thought that she would be happy and relaxed just by being with him. At the same time, she was also greatly attracted to him. As such, Yao Jia had never really considered any consequences of their spending time together.

However, as Zhao Yu who was more experienced, he could clearly tell that those pathetic and heartbreaking love stories that were shown on TV were mostly all caused by people dealing with their situations sloppily! Specifically, love would blind someone, make someone greedy, cause them to become addicted to something, and on and on.

So, Zhao Yu didn’t want to fall into that same trap. This was why he had been so blunt about the situation at the dining table. He had made it very clear that, if Yao Jia was to follow him to New Zealand, Yao Jia would definitely be the one who was hurt badly in the end.

After all, if they found Miao Ying, she and Zhao Yu would obviously end up together, while Yao Jia would naturally feel disappointed. If they couldn’t find Miao Ying, and she really had something with Zhao Yu and got Zhao Yu, she would also feel unsettled and even guilty about how she got him. As such, she would never feel truly comfortable about the relationship.

As such disastrous results could be foreseen in her future, it just didn’t make sense for her to take the gamble and go on the trip. In contrast, if she and Zhao Yu were to cut off their current relationship directly, although it seemed rather cruel, in actual fact, it was the best thing for both of them. Then, they could at least remain friends.

Zhao Yu understood this clearly, and now, Yao Jia seemed to understand it too. So, she told Zhao Yu that she knew it was all for her own good!

However, this wasn’t necessarily true. As she felt rejected, she wasn’t going to be that generous.

So, that night, Yao Jia made Zhao Yu drink ten bottles of beer! He couldn’t even walk straight after that!

When he returned to Shun Feng Street, he had to stumble along while supporting himself against the wall. After he took out his keys to open the door, he realized that the light in his unit was already on.

As he stepped inside, he was surprised to see four people sitting on the sofa in his living room. They were Li Beini, Zhang Jingfeng, Liang Huan and Lan Bo.

Li Beini saw that Zhao Yu was drunk, so quickly went forward to question him. “Bro, why did it take you so long to get home? We have been waiting for you. Why didn’t you answer your phone? Who were you drinking with? Why did you drink so much?”

While they were talking, the other three came forward.

“It’s you!” Zhao Yu was surprised to see them, as he hadn’t told anyone else about his trip back to Qinshan to apply for a passport. Besides seeing Yao Jia and his family, he had kept a low profile thus far.

In fact, when he had applied for his passport earlier that afternoon, he had even exhorted the section chief of the Exit-Entry Administration to keep all of this a secret and to not let any of his colleagues know that he had returned. After all, he didn’t want to trouble anyone.

But, somehow Li Beini and the others had found out and had come to wait for him at his house. Before Zhao Yu went to work in the special investigation group, he had once given the spare keys to Li Beini so that she could help take care of any matters at his home on his behalf.

“Zhao, I have to give you a lecture!” Zhang Jingfeng spoke with authority as a senior. “We are not outsiders, so why didn’t you tell us about all of this?”

“Exactly, Bro Yu!” Lan Bo agreed. “At least the few of us could have helped you with some planning. You can’t do everything on your own!”

“How did you know?” Zhao Yu shook his head. “You must have gotten your information from the old man from the Exit-Entry Administration, right?”

Ignoring his question, Li Beini poured Zhao Yu a glass of water and said, “So, you applied for your passport? You are really going to New Zealand to look for Captain Miao?”

“Bro Yu,” Lan Bo creased his eyebrows and explained, “the head nurse, Yao Jia, found us first. Otherwise, how would she be able to get your number?”

Liang Huan sighed, then said with concern, “Zhao, an anxious person lacks wisdom. You must steady yourself so that you can think straight. Let me ask you… Have you ever thought of the consequences of your heading to look for Miao Ying so recklessly?”

“Consequences… Consequences…” Zhao Yu put his glass to the side and murmured on the sofa spiritlessly.

Actually, what Liang Huan had just said hit the bullseye. Zhao Yu had solved so many major cases, so how could he not have thought of the consequences of his actions in this situation?

If Miao Ying really left back then because of some secret and painful reason, Zhao Yu’s pursuing her might put her in danger! He started to think of all of the possibilities…

What if she became a spy or was completing an important task? Then, my pursuit would no doubt expose her and interrupt her plans!

However, due to his own stubbornness, Zhao Yu wasn’t really willing to consider that at the moment. He only wanted to look for Miao Ying, so he couldn’t care less about anything else. Plus, he was worried that Miao Ying was in danger, which was why he was in such a hurry to find her.

“Bro, think about it!” Li Beini said. “We know your temperament. We also know that we can’t stop you! But, we hope that you can think about this calmly. Are you really sure that you want to go on this trip?”

“Bro Yu,” Lan Bo said, “Today, we came just to hear to your answer. If you have already decided, we are all going to get our visas tomorrow and follow you! After all, you don’t know anyone there, nor are you familiar with any places there. It’d be better to travel with more people!”

“Thanks, everyone!” Zhao Yu said gratefully. “That’s all I needed to hear! Don’t worry, I know my limits! I will not act recklessly.”