Crazy Detective Chapter 686

Chapter 686 A Ladies Man

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Li Beini and the others knew about Zhao Yu’s temperament, and they also knew about his capabilities. So, when they saw that Zhao Yu was already determined in his decision, they didn’t try to force him to choose otherwise. So, after they caught up with each other for a while, they left.

After Li Beini and the others left, Zhao Yu’s miracle adventure system sent him an ending notification. As the miracle adventure that day was calm and steady, Zhao Yu only received a completion rate of 99 percent. Plus, due to the fact that he was rushing around to start his journey, he had missed the side quest of the day.

However, he did manage to get a decent device that day. It was something called the Invisible Sleeping Pill.

On the introduction, it said that the Sleeping Pill was colorless, odorless, shapeless and had no side effects. After consumption, it apparently could enhance the effects of sleep. As such, it was the best medicine to help with sleep and also to recover one’s spirits.

Of course, the very first thing that Zhao Yu thought of when he received this device was not to use it for his personal consumption, but to pull a prank on someone or commit some other wicked deeds!

As such, it was a pretty ideal device. He could easily knock someone out secretly with it!

However, such a device couldn’t be used on someone else as an anesthesia, like a needle injection before surgery, as it had to be consumed like a real sleeping pill. Thus, it had to be put in water or drinks, then consumed orally for it to take effect. Plus, it would only help to ensure that one would sleep soundly, not like anesthesia, which could guarantee that one would not feel anything at all.

Although he had too much to drink, Zhao Yu wasn’t completely drunk. He simply gurgled a little bit, staggered around a bit, then went to bed.

Zhao Yu tossed and turned all night, without getting a wink of sleep. He never would have expected that, after he had just solved three major cases, he wouldn’t be able to rest or take the time off to bask in his glorious achievement. Instead, he had to go on a new journey already!

However, this was different from just solving another case, as he was going to look for Miao Ying in a foreign country! Zhao Yu’s biggest concern was that Miao Ying wasn’t there anymore!

After all, the world was so huge. If Miao Ying had already left, it wouldn’t be easy to find her again.

Another reason for his sleeplessness was that it had been a very long time since he had slept in his old house on Shun Feng Street. As such, Zhao Yu had yet to adapt to it.

As he lay in bed, he began to drown in his own thoughts. It wasn’t until much later that he finally fell asleep for a mere few hours.

In the following three days, in order to ensure that there were no mishaps, Zhao Yu didn’t get any new hexagrams. This was because he was worried that he would get a Qian Kun or something of that sort of hexagram, which might cause him to stay back in Qinshan. That would clearly hinder him from looking for Miao Ying in New Zealand!

So, during the three days, he fully focused on getting prepared for the upcoming search. He activated his overseas phone number and cell data, prepared his credit card so that it could be used across the world, and he downloaded an English translation application on his phone. He even found the time to research some cultural and geographical information about New Zealand.

He also booked a local Chinese tourist guide through an online platform. This person would take care of his airport transfer, the hotel, his travel schedules and so on. As Zhao Yu wasn’t financially constrained, it was only natural that he wanted to hire an excellent tour guide to make things as easy as possible for him during his search.

Of course, as he had returned to Qinshan, he had to meet up with some of his old friends, such as Blondie Zhou Yang, and the others. When Zhao Yu had left long ago, Blondie and the others had been taking care of the gym. Although this didn’t earn them a huge income, the business had been quite stable all of these years.

Ever since they had gotten back into the legal business, Zhou Yang and the others had thoroughly reformed themselves. They were no longer those gangsters that used to behave like rascals.

In fact, Zhou Yang was in a relationship with a girl that sold cosmetics in the mall. They were already close to getting married!

Upon seeing that the gym business was running smoothly, Zhao Yu happily gave his staff members bonuses. However, when he came to the San-da training room in the gym, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the past. He recalled that Miao Ying used to spend time with him there.

He remembered the scene of them being there together like it was just yesterday…

“Don’t belittle the double-cut!” Miao Ying said, while she demonstrated the move and rectified Zhao Yu’s position. “Your strength is your advantage. If you want to bring someone down, you could try the double-cut!”

“But, I don’t understand.” Zhao Yu held Miao Ying’s hand inappropriately and asked her, “Why do I have to knock him down? Can’t I just punch him and have it over with?”

“Always talking back!” Miss Miao extended her hand and grabbed Zhao Yu’s ear. She then turned and retorted, “How dare you talk back to your master? You are asking for it!”

Zhao Yu then hugged Miao Ying legs and pushed her to the ground. He pressed himself on her as he teased her, “I had to sleep with my master to learn this move! So, master, let’s go for a round in Shangri-la, and I will definitely master that double-cut skill!”

As the memory faded from his mind, Zhao Yu missed Miao Ying even more.

Alright, New Zealand, here I come! Miao Ying, wait for me. No matter what situation you’re in, I can definitely solve it!

Three days passed very quickly, and Zhao Yu got his passport as scheduled. When everything was ready, Zhao Yu bid farewell to Li Beini and his other colleagues, then took the train to the capital.

In the Foreign Affairs Office in the Central Criminal Division, Section Chief Ma Runkui, who was already waiting for him, immediately took care of the visa matter for Zhao Yu the moment he arrived. As he had already filled out an application for Zhao Yu beforehand, the procedure was very quick and smooth.

He merely took a few photos and stamped a few fingerprints, and Zhao Yu’s visa was ready. Then, it only required Section Chief Ma to send someone to get the document verified at the embassy for it to be official.

Section Chief Ma told Zhao Yu that he did the emergency visa for him in the name of the Criminal Division. He then exhorted Zhao Yu to remember that he shouldn’t cause any trouble abroad. Otherwise, if they made inquiries later, not only would he personally have to take responsibility, but the entire Criminal Division would also be placed in hot water.

He also reminded Zhao Yu that he was not Interpol, and he didn’t have any authority in New Zealand. So, he urged Zhao Yu to remember his place and not behave like a police officer while over there.

Finally, he told Zhao Yu that the emergency visa would only be valid for 10 days. After those 10 days were over, he had to return right immediately.

However, he did promise that he would try to figure out ways to help Zhao Yu extend his visa. After all, if Zhao Yu was successful in his search, it would naturally affect the deadline.

When everything was ready, in the middle of the night on the fourth day, Zhao Yu finally boarded the flight to Auckland from the capital, just as he had wished to do for so long! Zhao Yu’s had a window seat, and as he looked out at the air terminal through the window, he activated his system interface and to get another hexagram.

He knew that this hexagram would be extremely important. If he could get a Kan hexagram, it meant that there was hope of finding Miao Ying! In the end, the God of Luck took care of Zhao Yu, as he got a Kan Li hexagram!

That’s great!

Zhao Yu felt an immediate boost in his confidence.

With the support of the miracle adventure system, I am sure that I can Miao Ying!

After he got a hexagram, Zhao Yu noticed that the seat next to him was still empty. He knew that Yao Jia had booked two tickets when she had booked the flight on his behalf.

Yao Jia, of course, couldn’t come. So, he assumed…

She would have canceled the ticket, right?

Tsk tsk.

Zhao Yu looked at the empty seat and felt a tinge of regret. After all, if he had travelled with a beauty like Yao Jia, it would have been nice to have someone to talk to at least.

“I’m here! I almost didn’t make it!” In the end, just as Zhao Yu was moaning and groaning with regret, he suddenly heard a woman’s voice!


Could it be…

As he was curious, Zhao Yu turned around and looked in the direction of the voice. At first, he really thought that Yao Jia had come after all! But, he looked up and was stupefied.

Oh my motherf*cker, why?

“Alright, I’m here!” The voice belonged to a woman in a purple coat, who was carrying a small backpack in her arms.

She then took the seat next to Zhao Yu and greeted him politely, “Hi Master! You can’t chase me away this time!”