Crazy Detective Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Disciple Follows

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Although Zhao Yu was seated in a window seat, it was a midnight flight, so he could not see anything after the flight took off. It would take thirteen hours to get to Auckland from the capital, so Zhao Yu figured that he should get some sleep!

However, the sudden appearance of his disciple, Su Jinmei, obviously messed up this whole plan.

No wonder I got a Kan hexagram!

It’s because there is a woman here looking for me!

“Jinmei, where did you come from?” Zhao Yu was shocked to see her.

“Amitabha, I grew up in a land in the East!” Su Jinmei laughed playfully as she put her palms together and chanted the name of Buddha.

However, before she even finished speaking, Zhao Yu thumped his fingers on her head and said, “Nonsense! Quick, tell me… Where did you come from?”

“Ouch! Don’t be so rough, master.” Su Jinmei pouted as she rubbed her head. “I am your disciple, after all. How can you treat me in such a way?”

“What’s this? I haven’t seen you for just a few days, yet you have already learned how to talk back? What is going on?” Zhao Yu pointed to the seat beside him and asked, “When did you book this seat?”

“I booked it online! I wanted to keep you company as you look for your wife in New Zealand.” Su Jinmei opened her eyes wide as she replied. “How, how could I not do anything while my Master was suffering from lovesickness? How could I call myself a responsible disciple if I just stood by and did nothing?”

“I… You…” Zhao Yu was confused and signaled her to stop talking.

He then said, “Hold on a minute. How did you know about this journey? Tell me quickly. Otherwise, I shall remove your white teeth, one by one!”

Just as Zhao Yu threatened her, Su Jinmei flashed her white teeth at him, while she playfully said, “Awesome! I happen to have decay on some of them, anyway. So, go ahead and remove them. Come on! Hurry!”

As he was looking at Su Jinmei as she was acting like such a rascal, Zhao Yu was thoroughly confused. He bemoaned, “My God! What evil deeds did I do to deserve this predicament?”

“Don’t be such a baby!” Su Jinmei crossed her arms and said solemnly, “Anyway, don’t bother yourself about how I found out about this journey! All you need to know is that I bought a ticket and got my visa! When we get to Auckland, you have to let me help you!”

Zhao Yu couldn’t believe that she was speaking to him so boldly. After all, in the past, Su Jinmei would never have behaved in such a way. He had to wonder…

Is it because a disciple always follows her master?

Su Jinmei then took the approach of dangling a carrot from a stick as she suddenly smiled and pulled Zhao Yu by his arm, then said, “My English is at a level eight in proficiency. Plus, I’m petite and am good at sweet-talking people. As such, many things that you would solve with your fists, I might be able to solve by speaking softly!”

Zhao Yu was left speechless by this new situation. He never thought he would have finally advised a beauty to not join him on this journey, only to have her replaced with his disciple!

I am indeed a ladies’ man!

However, as he thought about it seriously, he felt that Su Jinmei’s joining him might not be such a bad thing! If he were to have travelled with Yao Jia, he would feel an unscratchable itch and was worried that he might really be unable to control himself!

But, it was obviously different with Su Jinmei! Although the girl was cute, Zhao Yu felt that he was basically immune to her.

Plus, they shared a master and disciple relationship. So, by bringing her along, he didn’t have to worry so much.

Besides, Su Jinmei was smart and quirky, and she really was a petite sweet-talker. So, she might really be able to help him!

After considering all of these things, Zhao Yu finally relaxed. He then pinched Su Jinmei’s nose and said, “Alright, then I will allow you to come with me! But, we have to set some rules. When we arrive in Auckland, you have to obey all of my instructions!”

“Okay. I’ll obey all of your instructions!” Su Jinmei chuckled. “But, you have to tell me what cases you solved after you joined the special investigation group. Is there anything amazing that you can share with me about that?”

Zhao Yu felt smug when she brought up his success. He immediately boasted, “What nonsense it this? What do you call amazing? I’m afraid that I might scare you by telling you such details…”

But, as the three major cases that Zhao Yu had just solved had already come to an end and the news might spread across the nation very soon anyway, Zhao Yu didn’t have to keep anything a secret anymore. So, he went ahead and told Su Jinmei about the cases on the plane.

Such shocking cases, accompanied by Zhao Yu’s exaggerations, inevitably attracted Su Jinmei’s adoration and awe. Su Jinmei had never expected that, within a month’s time, Zhao Yu could solve so many cases, all of which were major cases! This made her admire Zhao Yu even more.

As he now had the company of another person, the time flew past quickly. As they chatted, the plane approached their destination.

Zhao Yu had it all planned out. The flight landed in Auckland Airport at two thirty. So, after he passed through customs and met up with the tour guide, it was already almost four.

The tour guide was a local Chinese man, but his name, Abby, was English. After they met up and chatted for awhile, they found out that Abby’s Chinese name was Han Dewang! The two names were really a sharp contrast, which both amused and saddened Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei.

Han Dewang was almost forty years old, and he was a professional tour guide for a local travel agency. He specialized in taking China tourists around New Zealand. On his resume, it revealed that he was quite famous locally as being the top tour guide in the whole area.

As Zhao Yu had spent a large sum in obtaining his services, this tour guide had to make them feel that it was worth the price. So, when he picked them up from the airport, he drove a car that looked quite luxurious to take them to the port.

Auckland was the biggest city in New Zealand. Although the roads were smooth, the distance from the airport to the port was quite far.

As such, it took Han Dewang one and a half hours to finally reach the port. They barely arrived in time to catch the last ferry!

The Landing was quite a distance from Auckland too. It would require them to travel for a long time.

As the seasons on the Southern and Northern hemispheres were opposite to one another, Auckland was at the beginning of summer. So, the weather was temperate, but not warm. As the sea breeze blew across the ferry, there was even a slight tinge of coldness to it.

“Mister Zhao,” Han Dewang said, “I already made arrangements for you to have dinner at the hotel that you are staying at. But, as it is already so late, I’m afraid that you will have to wait until tomorrow to start looking for someone!”

“No,” Zhao Yu replied. He was determined. “Help me to check and see if there are any places to practice Wushu on the island.”

“What? To practice Wushu?” Han Dewang was a bit confused by the question. “You mean a martial arts studio, right? Like Kung Fu?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu nodded. “Please check on this for me. A martial arts studio definitely wouldn’t be closed at this time! Maybe, the person that I’m looking for might be there.”