Crazy Detective Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Hexagram That Didnt Make Sense

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Zhao Yu woke up, yawned, and stretched. He had a great sleep, which had wiped away all of his exhaustion from traveling the day before.

Just as he turned around, he suddenly hit a soft and warm object beside him. He opened his eyes and looked over, only to see Su Jinmei, who was wearing thin pajamas! She had somehow slept next to him, while he was sleeping soundly!

Zhao Yu got a shock and quickly pointed as he shouted, “Hey! You! What are you doing? Didn’t we agree that you would sleep on the couch?”

Su Jinmei yawned, then said groggily, “Be quiet. I still want to sleep a while longer!”

“Wake up!” Zhao Yu shook her, then quickly opened the covers and checked his pajamas.

Thank God!

Seeing that his pajamas were still on, Zhao Yu then let out a breath of relief and said, “Girl, you are getting more and more ridiculous. Can you not test your master’s determination so much? I am a man, after all!”

“Mm?” Su Jinmei turned around and looked at Zhao Yu. She then lied down sloppily again and said, “Oh, that’s easy to fix. Just don’t look at me as a godd*mn woman! That will do nicely.”

“You! I can’t believe that you would talk back to me yet again, and you even cursed!” Zhao Yu was quivering in anger.

That was the very first time that he had experienced her talking back to him in such a bold manner! Although they hadn’t spent much time together, Su Jinmei seemed to have picked up his classic characteristics and potty mouth!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu was dying to take off her bra and give her a good spanking! However, he knew that he couldn’t do it! He wasn’t Xiao Long Nu after all.

He couldn’t do anything to his disciple. If something were to happen between the two of them, and news of it were to spread, it would definitely damage his reputation!

After Su Jinmei woke up, she made herself at home. She used the toilet as she wished, showered as she wished, and didn’t even close the bathroom door as she went about her business! Zhao Yu was so annoyed by her behavior!

However, Zhao Yu, of course, wasn’t really angry. On the contrary, to be able to squabble with a smart yet quirky and beautiful disciple was at least a momentary relief for his boredom. At least, it was better than him staying all alone.

But, when he looked at Su Jinmei, who was walking back and forth as though nobody was around, he had to complain in his mind…

It would be best if she would just wear some more clothes! What should I do if she keeps exposing herself? As of right now, I have to remind myself that impulse is an evil every three minutes!

However, as there was still an important task to handle, Zhao Yu quickly activated the system in his head to get a new hexagram. When he was getting the hexagram, he kept chanting in his mind… Kan, Kan, Kan, Kan!

He knew that it would only be possible for him to find Miao Ying if he got a Kan hexagram. In the end, the miracle adventure system was nice enough to give him a Kan Gen hexagram!

Tsk tsk.

Although the hexagram was merely two characters, Zhao Yu seemed to be able to foresee something important about it. Firstly, the Kan hexagram was, of course, important, but the Gen hexagram that followed it was what had really caught Zhao Yu’s attention.

This was because Gen normally represented something about his career or a case investigation. As Zhao Yu was already in New Zealand, the career and case option didn’t fit. Hence, Zhao Yu thought it didn’t quite make sense for him to get a Gen hexagram.

He wondered if it signified that, in order to search for Miao Ying, he would have to approach his search just like he would any regular case. Or, he even thought that maybe there was something that had been mishandled thus far. It was all so confusing and mysterious!

Zhao Yu then took a look at the side quest for the day. The side quest also followed the local customs. As Zhao Yu was in the Landing, the location of the side quest followed the Landing too.

Coincidentally, Zhao Yu didn’t even have to compare it to the map, as the location of the side quest just happened to be exactly where he was right then!

That’s interesting. Zhao Yu took a closer look and realized that the side quest would take place at eight-thirty that night. So, as long as he returned to the hotel room by then, he should be fine.

Zhao Yu then took a look at Su Jinmei, who was humming a song and brushing her teeth, and he thought…

Would the side quest be related to my disciple? Would I do something to her, as I couldn’t fight the temptation any longer?

Although he was curious about this, he couldn’t delay in following the exact plan that he made earlier. So, after he washed up, Zhao Yu brought Su Jinmei to the restaurant for breakfast.

At first, Zhao Yu really thought of leaving Su Jinmei there, but he had no choice but to bring her along, as he couldn’t speak any English. Just as they arrived at the restaurant, their tour guide Han Dewang was already waiting for them. However, right after he greeted them, Zhao Yu told him to leave.

It turns out that, as he had suddenly gotten a Gen hexagram, Zhao Yu thought that it’d be best to have the fewest possible people know about his intention of searching for Miao Ying. Hence, he resolved that it should be done covertly, in silence, just in case.

Just as he had expected before, if Miao Ying were to be in danger, his search would possibly cause her to get into more trouble. Hence, he also had to be careful for his own safety as well.

Although Han Dewang knew that Zhao Yu had come to look for someone on the island, Zhao Yu had never shown him Miao Ying’s photo, nor had he told him who he was looking for exactly. Then, as Su Jinmei could speak English, he naturally didn’t need Han Dewang to partake in the search.

In the beginning, Han Dewang was worried that Zhao Yu was unhappy with his services and wanted to fire him, so he started to explain himself. It was only after Zhao Yu reassured him that his payment would be made as promised that he readily left. After all, to get paid without doing any work was, of course, a most welcome arrangement!

After Zhao Yu had a simple breakfast, he departed with Su Jinmei. It was gloriously bright outside and the air was fresh. Because it was an island, the temperature was much lower than in Auckland.

As such, they had to wear jackets on top of their shirts. The clothes that Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei had packed were either too thick or too thin, none of them were suitable. So, Zhao Yu found a fashion retail shop and bought new clothes for the both of them.

Although he wasn’t a wealthy man, Zhao Yu had total assets of over five hundred million. So, his biggest trouble was that he had no time to spend it all.

After all, he had always been busy with case investigations, so he didn’t have the time to spend his money. At first, he wanted to buy himself a luxurious house in Qinshan, but he was always occupied with other tasks.

However, especially in moments like these, it was a good thing to have money. At least, Zhao Yu didn’t need to worry about his finances.

After getting dressed accordingly, the two of them left the hotel and took a cab to the commercial street on the photo. According to Xiao Ai, that street was the biggest commercial shopping street in the Landing. Almost every tourist group went there to take photos.

As expected, the shopping street was already bustling with people when the two of them got there. They walked along the shopping street and looked carefully at the shops on both sides. Soon, they found the shop where Miao Ying had once appeared.

He lifted his head and saw that it wasn’t a big shop, but it had been stylishly renovated. Besides coffee, the shop also sold desserts, ice-cream, and delicacies of that sort.

After entering the shop, Zhao Yu suddenly became anxious. He had finally found a clue that was related to Miao Ying!