Crazy Detective Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Strange Action

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“What are you doing? Are you sure you can do this?” In the cafe, Zhao Yu was looking at Su Jinmei’s with disdain.

It turns out that, when Su Jinmei was talking to the manager, as they wanted to check the surveillance video, the manager was creasing his eyebrows because her English was quite rusty.

“Aren’t you fluent in English?” As Zhao Yu complained, he looked over to see that Su Jinmei was covered with cold sweat.

She quickly turned around and asked, “Theoretical and practical application are very different things. Plus, they have accents here! It’s a New Zealand’s dialect, okay?”

Then, Su Jinmei tried to communicate with the manager again. The manager seemed to have understood her this time, but he pointed at the surveillance camera and shook his head.

He kept repeating the word ‘police’ when he did that as well. It seemed like he was trying to say that only the police had the right to watch their surveillance videos.

Su Jinmei used an excuse, telling the manager some bogus story about Zhao Yu’s having fought with his girlfriend and was now worried about her safety. She hoped that the manager would help her after hearing such a heart-tugging story.

However, her translation might not have been accurate enough, as even after Su Jinmei tried to play the sympathy card, it didn’t move the manager to act on their behalf at all. The manager just waved his arms impatiently, indicating that he wanted them to leave.

Then, Zhao Yu couldn’t stay patient, so he tugged on Su Jinmei’s shirt and said, “Alright. Let me talk to him!”

“Don’t make a mess of things, Master. You can’t even speak English.” Su Jinmei didn’t bother with Zhao Yu, but continued to plead her case.

Zhao Yu then took out his wallet and pulled a cash note out. He then shoved it towards the manager and said, “Money! Money! Isn’t this English enough?”

The moment the manager saw Zhao Yu taking out money, it got his attention!

Zhao Yu smiled upon seeing his immediate reaction, as it seemed that money is an understood language of all of the people across the world! As one New Zealand dollar was equivalent to five Renminbi, Zhao Yu took out a hundred New Zealand Dollars and put it on the table.

The manager’s eyes were beaming, but he was obviously a well-seasoned businessman. So, although his eyes were beaming, he didn’t nod yet.

“F*ck!” Zhao Yu then took out another bill and told Su Jinmei to translate that, “Not only do we want to watch the surveillance video, we also want to make a copy of it!”

After Su Jinmei translated those exact words, the manager seemed to be about to budge. But after some thinking, the greedy man shook his head yet again.

“You are too greedy, a**hole!” Su Jinmei pouted and cursed, while Zhao Yu quickly followed with a “Motherf*cker!”

“Hehehe!” At first, Zhao Yu was quite pissed, but when he heard Su Jinmei curse so adorably, he had to laugh.

Even though Zhao Yu was an expert in making deals, when he saw the manager’s reaction, he could only shake his head helplessly. He then pulled Su Jinmei away by her arm and walked towards the door.

“Master, why not pay him what he wants? I still have some money with me.” Su Jinmei wasn’t willing to go yet, as another clue was almost within their reach.

“Save your nonsense and walk slowly!” Zhao Yu started counting confidently, “1, 2, 3…”

As he expected, when they reached the door, the manager finally shouted at them, “Done!” And just like that, the deal was officially sealed!


Su Jinmei looked at Zhao Yu in admiration, while Zhao Yu sighed. It turns out that the pattern of discussing a deal is the same everywhere!

In order to keep their search for Miao Ying a secret, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei made a copy of the surveillance video in the cafe, but they didn’t watch it in the cafe itself. After making a copy, they left the busy shopping street and went to a quiet park. They then sat on a bench and started to watch the surveillance video together.

It wasn’t difficult to find the information that they were looking for, as the surveillance video had footage from the exact time and date that had been marked on Xiao Ai’s photo. She had also remembered that it was during lunchtime, so that helped them to narrow things down even more.

“Found it!” After they dragged the button on the timeline to their desired date and time, the video then showed the situation of the cafe.

Miao Ying, where are you?

“Here!” Zhao Yu found Miao Ying in the video. As he saw her familiar figure, he could not help but feel a tug in his heart.

He saw that Miao Ying was seated next to the window and held a cup of coffee in her hand. There was also a pair of fashionable shades on the table in front of her.

“Wow! This beauty is Master’s wife?” Su Jinmei complimented. “She’s so cool!”

After she complimented Miao Ying, she realized that Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. He was just staring at the surveillance video as though he had been dragged into it through the monitor!

“Master, don’t worry.” Su Jinmei quickly advised, “There are many surveillance cameras on the shopping street, so we should be able to find her whereabouts!”

“No. That’s not right,” Zhao Yu said, while he fixed his gaze on the monitor.

“Not right? What’s not right?” Su Jinmei creased her eyebrows. “Is the person in the video not Master’s wife?”

Zhao Yu was still staring at the surveillance video. After he remained silent for a while, he said, “She’s Miao Ying, but she looks a little strange…”

“Oh? Strange? Let me see.” Su Jinmei took a closer look. She also saw something strange, and she quickly pointed at Miao Ying in the surveillance video and said, “You’re right! She keeps looking out the window. Was she following someone?”

“Not only that,” Zhao Yu said, “But, I know Miao Ying. Whenever she’s nervous, she’ll rub her fingers subconsciously! It’s like she’s snapping her fingers, but she won’t make any sound.”

Su Jinmei looked as Zhao Yu described her mannerisms, and she did indeed see that the fingers on Miao Ying’s right hand were rubbing together! Although she took a few sips of her coffee, Miao Ying was obviously absent-minded in the video.

“It seems like Master’s wife came across something serious!” Su Jinmei felt an unprecedented sense of tension rise up within her.

“And, Miao Ying’s hair was much longer than that!” Zhao Yu pointed at Miao Ying’s hair and said, “Within one minute, she touched her hair next to her ear twice. I feel that she should be wearing some sort of communication device, like an earphone or something of that sort!”

He then added, “So, either she has other allies or she was eavesdropping on someone.”

Then, Zhao Yu felt insecure. He felt that Miao Ying’s unusual response symbolized that she had been faced with an unusual incident. He wondered what she had gone through.

They continued to watch the surveillance video and saw that Miao Ying finally placed her shoulder bag on her shoulder and put on her sunglasses after sitting in the cafe for two hours.

“Stop!” Just as Miao Ying turned and left the camera’s view, Zhao Yu suddenly paused.

He then pointed at Miao Ying’s waist and said anxiously, “I can guarantee that she had a gun at her waist! Every time she brings a gun for a mission, she likes to wear a long jacket, so that it can cover the gun!”

“Master, I feel that Master’s wife, would she be… Mmm…” Su Jinmei was worried that what she would say next might hurt Zhao Yu, so she hesitated for a moment.

She then asked, “Could she be… Going to assassinate someone?”

What Su Jinmei had just said was exactly what Zhao Yu was worried about. He also felt that Miao Ying’s behavior looked extremely strange, and it appeared like she was really going to kill someone!

Would she really be taking revenge on someone?

Was it because,someone hurt Miao Ying’s family?


With such speculation hanging over his head, Zhao Yu was getting more anxious and impatient to find Miao Ying. If she were to have encountered any difficulty, he wanted to be able to solve it with her!

“Master, don’t think too much!” Su Jinmei advised. “Maybe she wanted to complete a special mission! But, why would it be on an island in New Zealand? This is a tourist place, after all. So, what else could be here?”

Hearing what Su Jinmei had just said, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but recall what the tour guide, Han Dewang, had said before. The island was once called the Island of the Dead.

Could it be that the island that looked so calm and peace actually had a hidden secret?