Crazy Detective Chapter 693

Chapter 693 The Same Location

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What is going on?

After the sudden appearance of the hexagram, Zhao Yu was terrified and confused.

Alright! A Kun hexagram! I’ll take it!

That means a major incident will occur, right?


Come on then. I’m not afraid!

But, what the heck does the Zhen hexagram that is behind it mean?

As the Zhen hexagram represents ranking, and I am already in New Zealand, what ranking could we be talking about here? I am just a tourist, so what ranking could I be heightened to? Could it be that I am going to become an officer in New Zealand?



Zhao Yu faintly had a feeling that the Kun Zhen hexagram would represent some very strange situation. For example, maybe he would rescue someone important on the island, or perhaps he would arrest some important criminal. Then, he would become everyone’s hero, which would then naturally heighten his ranking here in New Zealand!

Then, his thoughts inevitably turned to the missing Thai girl…

I just might discover the Thai girl’s whereabouts coincidentally, while I look for Miao Ying! Perhaps I’ll even saved her! Moreover, if I fight a ferocious fight with her kidnappers, such a thing would surely elevate my reputation!

Is this possible?

But, if all of this is really so, wouldn’t a Kun Gen hexagram be more suitable?

Plus, as I have already spent so much time and effort, yet still haven’t received the ideal Kan hexagram, does that mean that my search for Miao Ying will end here?

Tsk tsk.

Bro System, what are you trying to do? If you really have yet to acclimate to this situation, let me go get you a doctor! Let’s not fool around, okay?

What do you think you are doing, anyway?

As though a Kun hexagram wasn’t enough, you ridiculously decided to give me a Zhen hexagram too! What exactly are you trying to do?

The more thought Zhao Yu thought of this, the more puzzled he became. It was no wonder that people always said, “You never know!” If anyone could control his own future, that man must be a very successful man! After all, one’s future was never that easy to control.

Take the hexagram, for instance, although he knew that he would come across a miracle adventure each day, he never knew what was going to happen within that adventure. In Zhao Yu’s opinion, he had never once gotten it right!

So, he was trying to not overthink everything so much. If the future was indeed unpredictable, he might as well not panic, as it was out of his control anyway!

At that moment, Zhao Yu pushed aside the terrifying feelings that the Kun hexagram had brought and redirected his focus to the side quest. As he did so, his emotions that had just settled down instantly were all aflutter again!


This is very interesting!

Bro system, are you broken?

Why would it be the same again?

The coordinates for the side quest were exactly the same as the day before. It was still directing him to their room. Moreover, it was set to occur, yet again, at eight in the evening! The location and the time had remained exactly the same!


Zhao Yu let out a heavy sigh, finding this difficult to understand.

Why is this happening? Is it because the Landing is small and has less people? Is that why bro system couldn’t arrange for miracle adventure, and also why he decided to arrange the side quest to take place in my room?

The side quest from the day before was referring to Han Dewang’s visit, but how about today? Was it Han Dewang’s visit, yet again?

Alright then… Bro system, as you gave me a Kun hexagram, if you are really capable, you might as well send Miao Ying to my doorstep directly! System Bro! Say something!

Receiving the shocking hexagram and being faced with the bizarre side quest had confused Zhao Yu. As such, his thoughts were swirling in his head. He tried several few times to make sense of the situation, but he failed.

I can’t predict the future, so how can I control it?

When Zhao Yu woke up in the morning, he had the same feeling as he had the day before. It was almost as though he was reliving the same day!

Su Jinmei, who was originally on the sofa, had somehow found her way to his bed again. What was worse, she was even under the blanket with him!

However, Zao Yu wasn’t as shocked as he had been the day before. He didn’t even bother checking his pajamas before getting out of the bed to wash his face and brush his teeth.

As he splashed water on his face, he suddenly realized… There was a beautiful lady, who was only wearing her pajamas, sleeping right next to me for two nights, but I didn’t do anything to her!

He couldn’t believe it! But, it was true. He didn’t even know how he had managed to do it!

After getting up and getting dressed, the two of them seemed to be replaying their same actions from the day before. They ate, departed, then continued to watch the surveillance videos and tried to find Miao Ying.

Their work was going pretty smoothly, and soon, they found a clue that would help the, track Miao Ying’s movements from the surveillance videos. They had seen Miao Ying walking along the street, heading towards the port!

However, as the two of them continued to watch, they soon realized that Miao Ying had suddenly disappeared from the video frame! At first, the first video from a shop had shown her traveling to the south.

But, when they went to the next shop’s video that was right down the street in the same direction, she was nowhere to be found! They even checked the surveillance videos along that same street and location, still not finding a trace of her!

Su Jinmei thought that there were only two possibilities for Miao Ying’s sudden disappearance from these frames. Either she had entered another shop, or she took another form of transportation in between the two shops.

Very soon, the two of them eliminated the first possibility, as they didn’t see any footage of Miao Ying entering any shop in the surveillance videos. But, they had seen a local taxi drive past, heading in the exact direction where Miao Ying had disappeared from. As such, Zhao Yu and Jinmei felt that Miao Ying had very likely hailed a taxi!

This spot was about three kilometers away from the port. Hence, it seemed to them that Miao Ying might have taken the taxi to the port.

In order to test the validity of their hypothesis, the two of them headed to the port directly. They wanted to look for the taxi from the surveillance videos from the shops that were nearer to the port.

But, although they could see the taxi in the new surveillance videos that they found from the nearby shops, they couldn’t clearly see if the passenger in the taxi was Miao Ying. They could only see that the taxi had indeed entered the parking lot at the port, then left after a few minutes. Also, when it left the parking lot, the vacant sign on the taxi was lit, which meant that there was no paying passenger in the car.

At this point, Zhao Yu had no choice but to believe the worst. All signs showed that Miao Ying seemed to have left the Landing via the ferry on that day.

However, Zhao Yu was still puzzled, as Miao Ying’s movements were very suspicious. As he couldn’t see her clearly in the surveillance videos, he had no way of knowing what she was trying to do.

Why would she take a stroll around the shopping street, then just leave? Also, why was she behaving so anxiously in the cafe?

Zhao Yu immediately decided to continue his investigation at the port. He wanted to see if Miao Ying really did get on the ferry at the port.

But, there was a problem. Places like the port were different from the ordinary private run shops. As such, their surveillance videos could be simply be procured with a little flirting by Su Jinmei!

Hmm… how can we get those surveillance videos from the port?