Crazy Detective Chapter 694

Chapter 694 Thai Girl Is Here

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It was half-past seven at night, and Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei were sitting at an open-air restaurant by the Landing’s beach. They were having a delicious dinner as they enjoyed the night view over the ocean. It was as pretty as a painting.

There were sailing boats passing by and a lighthouse could be seen in the distance. Seagulls were flying by and chirping loudly, while gentle waves lapped against the shore, creating a soothing sound. Everything seemed so peaceful.

“Master…” Su Jinmei said, while she sucked on a huge Australian lobster claw greedily. “I really admire you! Tell me… Is there anyone more amazing than you? You were even able to break through the port’s surveillance system! Such a capability is much cooler than Tom Cruise in every Mission Impossible film!”

She smiled, then asked, “Master, why have I never seen you show these skills before? You didn’t even need any professional equipment!”

In the face of Su Jinmei’s flattering compliment, Zhao Yu didn’t even lift his eyes, but continued to watch the surveillance video on his tablet. He was completely focused on trying to find Miao Ying in the video.

It turns out that the reason he was able to get the surveillance video of the port was that he had used the two Hacker’s Commands. Just like every other system device, the Hacker’s Command was a step beyond real hackers. As such, he had merely connected it wirelessly, then smoothly entered the central surveillance system and shared the videos with his own tablet.

In other words, he didn’t even need to copy the surveillance videos, as he could check all of them via his his tablet. Not only could he now watch the live surveillance videos from the port, but he could also replay any previous recordings as well.

Su Jinmin was still curious. “I really don’t understand. If you have such high hacking skills, why didn’t you just hack all of the shops’ surveillance cameras? It could have saved us so much time!”

“Mm. That’s different!” Zhao Yu could only make up some excuse. “Those shops are running on private servers, but the port uses a public server. It’s much easier to break through a public server.”

“Oh, is that so?” Su Jinmei looked at Zhao Yu suspiciously.

She was really curious about the background of her young Master, so she asked, “Master, I’m beginning to feel that you’re quite rich! I read the menu earlier, and this meal will end up costing quite a lot! Why aren’t you worried about this at all? If I remember correctly, you were quite stingy back in Qinshan.”

Zhao Yu finally put down his tablet, then looked at Su Jinmei impatiently. Completely ignoring her previous question, he demanded to know, “Are you done eating now? If so, let’s go back to the hotel! There are so many videos to go through, we will probably need to stay up all night!”

“What? There’s, I have more than half of an Australian lobster left!” Su Jinmei felt wasteful.

“Get a takeaway container for it. We can go back to the hotel and eat. Hurry, or we will be late!” Zhao Yu was referring to the side quest that night. As it was almost eight, he had to rush back to the hotel!

But Su Jinmei didn’t understand this, so she asked, “Master, you just said it yourself… We have the whole night! Why are you rushing? I understand that you’re in a hurry to find your wife, but you have to eat something! If you starve yourself, I will have to take responsibility for it! Come on… Eat some of this!”

As Su Jinmei spoke, she removed the lobster shell and put a piece of the meat before Zhao Yu. Looking at his disciple, who was being so nice to him, Zhao Yu didn’t act courteous at all.

Instead, he opened his mouth and chomped down on the meat ferociously, gobbling it up with a single bite! After that, they took a cab back to the hotel.

The Landing was about the same size as a small city. As such, the cab arrived at the hotel entrance in less than ten minutes.

Su Jinmei yawned and stretched her arms as they were riding the lift upstairs. She then said, “I had too much to eat for dinner. I am already sleepy!”

“Humph, how dare you?” Zhao Yu reprimanded her. “You slept so comfortably on my bed last night, and yet you are sleepy again now? Let me be blunt… My patience is limited. If you sleep on my bed again tonight… Hehe…”

Then, Zhao Yu made a gesture like a big grey wolf going after a pure little sheep.

“Alright, come on then. A night with you is more than I could wish for!” Su Jinmei said carefreely. “Do whatever you want to me, but know that I will report about it honestly when I see your wife!”

Her reply saddened Zhao Yu, who immediately roared, “Oh my God! What did I do in my previous life to deserve getting a ridiculous disciple like you? I must cut you off!”

“Don’t say that! Oh my God. That’s not nice!” She pouted.

“I can’t do this anymore! I will kill you!” Zhao Yu felt like he was going crazy. He extended his hand and wanted to grab Su Jinmei’s neck!

Then, the lift door opened. Su Jinmei chuckled, then ran towards their room. Zhao Yu was, of course, joking. After all, someone had to relieve the tension that had accumulated in the lift just now!

When Zhao Yu caught up with her, he teasingly grabbed ahold of Su Jinmei’s neck. She was chuckling as she opened the door to their room and went inside.

“Where else can you go?” Zhao Yu laughed maliciously. “Wait until you see how I will deal with you today!”

“Alright. I’m waiting!” Su Jinmei shook off Zhao Yu’s hands and ran towards the toilet. “I can’t hold it! If you can… Come in!”

Zhao Yu lifted his eyebrows, then asked, “Trying to push your luck, huh? I am a graduate from the gangster university, so why would I be afraid of you? Alright, you asked for it! I’ll look at you when you pee today. Let’s see if you are embarrassed…”

Zhao Yu then ran towards the toilet as well. Su Jinmei was really being a smarty pants. She ran into the toilet and turned around to lock the door! So, when Zhao Yu shook the door handle, he saw that it was locked!

The bathroom light lit up, and the moment it did so, a terrifying scream came from inside the bathroom!

“Ah!” That scream was obviously Su Jinmei. Her scream was heard all the way across the room. It even gave Zhao Yu a shock!

Ka ka ka ka ka ka.

Su Jinmei unlocked the door and ran out from the bathroom as though she had caught on fire. “Ah! Master!” Su Jinmei was shivering in horror as she pointed at the toilet behind her.

“Humph!” Zhao Yu thought that Su Jinmei was playing a joke on him, so he pushed her away and asked, “What? Is it a rat? A cockroach? I can tell that you won’t give up until you make me crazy. Are you still pretending?”

“No, no, no!” Su Jinmei was shivering all over. Her face was as pale as a sheet as she pointed at the toilet and said, “Someone died!”

“What?” As Zhao Yu looked at her face more closely, he suddenly realized that Su Jinmei’s face was really distorted with a true fear. She didn’t look like she was lying at all!

Hence, Zhao Yu quickly ran into the bathroom. As he entered the bathroom, he got a shock too!

He saw a naked woman, who was lying in the bathtub. Her hair was messy, and she was covered in blood!

The scene was horrifying! The blood was splashed all over the bathroom, and its pungent smell was suffocating.

This… How could this have happened?

When Zhao Yu looked at the woman more carefully, he recognized that she was none other than the missing Thai girl from the photo!