Crazy Detective Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Who Did We Offend?

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“Yes, that’s what happened!” Over the phone, Zhao Yu told the whole story to Section Chief Ma Runkui. “I have no idea what is going on. But, please trust me, we really don’t have any reason to kill anyone! I suspect that this is all simply a conspiracy!”

As that moment, Zhao Yu reporting everything that had happened in New Zealand to Ma Runkui, who was the section chief of the Foreign Affairs Office. Since Zhao Yu thought that he might be able to provide assistance to Zhao Yu, he had decided to inform him first.

“Oh my God!” Ma Runkui exclaimed after hearing the whole story.

He had never come across anything so bizarre. He advised, “Zhao Yu, I will report this to the higher ups now! But, you know, the best thing would be to turn yourself in to the local police. Do not fight back. Otherwise, there will be chaos!”

Su Jinmei shook her head helplessly and thought to herself…

Isn’t it too late to talk about not fighting back? After all, Zhao Yu already smashed up all of the police cars! Is this not considered fighting back?

“Don’t worry. We will try to get in touch with them and request a collaborative effort in taking care of this situation together. Then, they wouldn’t dare to act on this matter alone!” Ma Runkui assured him. “But, in the meantime, you can’t act recklessly!”

“I know, I know!” Zhao Yu replied calmly. “But, it’s obvious that there’s someone who is trying to frame us. At this point, I can’t tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys! Especially that mysterious sniper… He might even be from the police force! I can’t take that risk!”

Ma Runkui was put in a difficult position. “Well, just try your best. If you do anything rash, even if there were ten Central Criminal Divisions behind you, no one could save you! Stay by your phone and keep in touch with us. I will inform you as soon as there are any updates on our side!”

“Alright!” Then, Zhao Yu hung up the phone.

He and Su Jinmei then drove the distorted police car towards the border of the forest in the Landing. After awhile, they arrived.

After Han Dewang was assassinated, Zhao Yu’s previous plan had failed. He didn’t seem to know what to do anymore.

He knew that, although the police force on the island was limited, they would be able to get back up to chase after him and Su Junmei in no time. Hence, the longer it took, the more they would be at a disadvantage.

“Master, our phones’ GPS can be located!” Su Jinmei pointed at Zhao Yu’s phone and said, “We have to throw them away!”

“Mine is fine,” Zhao Yu explained. “My phone is encrypted, as it was given to me by the Central Criminal Division. As long as I don’t make any calls, they won’t be able to track me! However, this car…”

“Yeah!” Su Jinmei then realized what he was going to say. “There must be a GPS tracker in this police car. In that case, they will find us very soon!”

“Mmm… And… The car is out of petrol!” Zhao Yu sighed. “Leave your phone in the car. Let’s leave!”

“Master, where do we go?” Su Jinmei shook her head and asked. “The people from the Central Criminal Division told us to turn ourselves in! If you are worried that someone is trying to kill us, we should turn ourselves in at the police station. Then, we can stay at the police station. Surely the killer can’t do anything to us then, right?”

“Sure,” Zhao Yu said, “But, do you actually think that we can reach the police station alive? Did you forget how Han Dewang died?”

As they were conversing, Zhao Yu had already packed his bag and dragged Su Jinmei out of the car. They then walked towards the forest along the side of the road.

“Master, we have to at least try.” Although Su Jinmei understood the situation, she insisted, “Don’t you understand? We have no other choice!”

“There is one other choice…” Zhao Yu took out his tablet and said. “We can find out the truth and save ourselves! Don’t forget that your master is a genius detective!”

“Hehe.” Su Jinmei laughed bitterly. ‘Master, I really do not doubt your ability to solve any case, as I also believe that you can find the truth! But, you must know that the entire Landing, maybe even all of New Zealand, is after us! In such a situation, how could you solve a case?”

“That’s why we have to be quick!” Zhao Yu was determined, while he pulled Su Jinmei towards the opposite direction of the forest. “Actually, the both of us are frightened by what happened to us! Who wouldn’t be? But, I think that’s the exact outcome that the killer wanted!”

“Mm? What, what do you mean?” Su Jinmei was confused.

“Jinmei, I feel that maybe this is not as complicated as we first thought. We were merely caught off guard, so we couldn’t think too carefully!” Zhao Yu said.

“Master, what are you talking about now? I really don’t understand you at all!” Su Jinmei was still shaking her head.

“Firstly, we have to steady ourselves and analyze all of this calmly!” Zhao Yu said.

He then added, “Based on our current situation, the person who framed us and killed both the Thai girl and Han Dewang is most likely someone who is very smart and capable. Moreover, it appears that this person may even be a professional! In fact, it may not even be an individual, but a group! Let us analyze this!”

As they discussed the situation further, they walked towards a bee farm. It was already the middle of the night, so the surroundings were very quiet. However, they both understood that this quiet night was merely the calm before the storm!

“Analyze it? How?” Su Jin looked very impatient.

“First, we must decipher their intention!” Zhao Yu said. “Come on, let’s make a guess. What would their intention be?”

“Mm… I don’t know.” Su Jinmei shook her head. “Is it because we offended them? Perhaps we found out about their secret, or maybe we saw some evidence of their committing a crime…Something of that sort? But, we just got to the Landing, and we have yet to do anything!”

“Exactly! You’re right! I thought this same thing, too. Besides the few reasons that you stated, I couldn’t think of any other reasons!” Zhao Yu exclaimed.

“Yes, when I solved cases in the past, I might have offended someone. However, these people from my past cases are not in power anymore. So, I think we must rule out revenge as a motive,” Zhao Yu said.

He then added, “Plus, as this happened so suddenly and so strangely, I feel that it hadn’t been plotted for too long! Also, don’t forget… The Thai girl disappeared before we even got to New Zealand!”

“Yeah! We just got here, and we have been busy looking for Master’s wife! We didn’t get into any fights or cause any trouble, so how could we have offended anyone? However, the Thai girl that you were talking about….” Then, Su Jinmei suddenly blinked her eyes and asked anxiously, “Hey! Master.. Could it be that there’s a criminal ring that is involved in human trafficking or organ trading? If so, they could have kidnapped the Thai girl, especially if Han Dewang was working with them!”

She was getting more excited as she kept talking about her hypothesis, “Then, when we came to look for Master’s wife, they must have thought that we were coming here for them! Hence, they took action against us first! In the end, they saw that we evaded the police’s pursuit, so they were afraid that Han Dewang would spill the beans. So, they killed to shut him up!”

“Impossible!” Zhao Yu shook his head. He then said, “If that is so, they might as well have killed the two of us already. Jinmei, I understand how the human traffickers work. They wouldn’t be capable of executing anything this professional!”

He then added, “Plus, from what I saw, there’s nothing shady about Han Dewang. He is innocent! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have behaved so normally over the phone, and he definitely wouldn’t have come to wait for us by the side of the road! I did a background check on him before I came, so I am certain that he doesn’t seem to be fishy!”

He finally concluded, “Plus, if there was really a criminal gang that is involved in human trafficking, the people of the Landing wouldn’t find the missing Thai girl to be such a shocking occurrence!”

“Well, if it’s not human trafficking or Han Dewang… What else could it be?” Su Jinmei was getting more and more confused.

Zhao Yu said confidently, “Well, because I found nothing pointing to Han Dewang, I was, even more reassured about another possibility. Maybe, I already know who we offended…”