Crazy Detective Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Vital Message

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After Zhao Yu strengthened the Energy Booster and the Invisible Detector, he had spent four hundred accumulated points in total. Now, he barely had any accumulated points left. They definitely weren’t enough to increase the range of the Power Jamming Device.

So, if he wanted to take the drone down, he had to look for other methods. Luckily, when Zhao Yu looked through his device bar, he found a suitable tool very quickly.

He knew that if the drone had already targeted him, it would definitely use another high-tech device to locate him. So, regardless of his method, it would be turned into a signal for the drone automatically. Hence, Zhao Yu immediately took out a Signal Jammer that had not been used for a very long time.

In the past, he had used the Signal Jammer to pull a prank on Miao Ying. Due to the uniqueness of the Signal Jammer, he rarely used it. After saving it over time, the number of uses that his Signal Jammer had accumulated was almost ten. So, he naturally didn’t feel any heartache over activating it just this once to give it a try.

The Signal Jammer’s range was a hundred meters. Not only could it cut off the drone’s ability to locate him, he could also even cut off the signal between the drone and the manipulator!

Just as Zhao Yu had expected, the moment he used the Signal Jammer, he could see via his detector screen that the drone had paused temporarily in the air.


Zhao Yu had been waiting for his chance, so he ran and dashed towards the direction where the drone was at. He got closer by ten meters in the blink of an eye. Then Zhao Yu did not hesitate, but used the Power Jamming Device straightaway.

Even though he was in a dark, boundless forest, Zhao Yu could see via his detector screen that the surveillance device that was flying in the air earlier had been turned off! Moreover, the thing had already landed on the ground!

Invisible Torchlight!

At this crucial moment, Zhao Yu tried his best. He activated the Invisible Torchlight and could suddenly see the road clearly!

Luckily, the system devices wouldn’t affect one another, so the Invisible Torchlight wasn’t affected by the Power Jamming Device. Zhao Yu quickly ran over and found the strange thing on the ground.

Surprisingly, it looked no different than any ordinary drone. There was a moveable camera that was hanging below the body of the drone, which had four propellers. Again, it didn’t really look that special at all.

However, when he looked more closely at it, he could see that there was something like a gun muzzle that was installed below the camera. The bullet with a high-penetrating power must have been shot from it!

Who would have expected that the small device could take away one’s life so easily? Han Dewang must have been killed by this little thing!

At first, Zhao Yu found a stone and wanted to smash the drone into pieces so that he could vent his anger. However, he recalled that the introduction on the browser had said that the military drone normally carried an explosive chemical and had a self-destruction function. Hence, he wasn’t quite sure of what would trigger the explosion, so he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

In the end, when he squatted to take a closer look at it, the detector in his head had another response. This indicated that there really was some kind of explosive chemical within the body of the drone!

Motherf*cker! It really is a trap!

As Zhao Yu knew that the powers of the drone and the Power Jamming Device both had time constraints, he had to figure a way to break the drone quickly. Zhao Yu didn’t dare to act thoughtlessly, so he opened the description on the browser again and looked at the blueprint. He was shocked to see that the blueprint and the drone that was before him looked exactly the same!

To his surprise, the introduction clearly stated that there was a memory card on the drone that one could use to ensure that the information wouldn’t go missing. In other words, not only would the drone transmit its captured image to the controller, but it would also save a copy of it in the memory card.

In short, if Zhao Yu could get the memory card from the drone, he could prove his and Su Jinmei’s innocence! This was because the drone had most likely captured all of the murder scene before!

After realizing this, Zhao Yu quickly looked for the memory card slot, which was right on top of the body of the drone. As such, he could easily get the memory card out once he opened the cover.

However, Zhao Yu was a careful person, and he knew that the drone was normally used for missions that couldn’t be exposed. Hence, if he wondered…

If I touch the memory card slot, will I ignite an explosion?

He wasn’t sure of the power of the explosion, but even if it wouldn’t hurt him, it would surely destroy the memory card inside! Although the Power Jamming Device had cut off its power source, explosion triggers vary. So, Zhao Yu didn’t dare take the risk!

Of course, no matter how difficult the problem was, it wouldn’t stop Zhao Yu. He thought for a moment, then developed a plan. He then opened his device bar and used the Invisible Bomb Disposal.

The function of the Invisible Bomb Disposal was not only to dispose of the bomb, but it could also detect the exact location and information of the bomb.

After Zhao Yu disposed of the drone’s bomb, the Invisible Bomb Disposal sent a detailed report about the bomb to Zhao Yu. As Zhao Yu read the report, he got a shock.

He never expected that the drone’s lost contact and crash earlier had already activated its self-destruct function! However, since its self-destruct function relied on an independent battery as its power source, and the Power Jamming Device had concealed all forms of its power source, it wasn’t ignited!


That was lucky!

Zhao Yu then realized that, if it wasn’t for the Power Jamming Device, the drone would have exploded long ago. Then, all of the evidence would have been destroyed!

As Zhao Yu looked at the Invisible Bomb Disposal again, he finally understood that once the power was blocked off, the drone would immediately explode!

What am I waiting for? Zhao Yu quickly opened the memory card slot and took out the memory card.

However, Zhao Yu hesitated a bit after taking out the memory card. If he didn’t dispose of the bomb, the drone would explode later. If he did dispose of the bomb, then…

Would there be any way to find the controller behind the drone, such as using the Hacker’s Command to insert a command in the drone and control it with my tablet? Or maybe install a GPS tracker on the drone, so that it could lead me to the behind-the-scenes backer?


I know!

At the moment, Zhao Yu remembered something. There was an Invisible Analyzer in my device bar!

Why don’t I use it to analyze the drone?

The information that the Invisible Analyzer provided was naturally more detailed than the information on the browser. As such, he hoped that he could find some sort of secret through this information.

He quickly used the Invisible Analyzer on the drone, while the system provided him with detailed information on the drone. Besides the functions that had been mentioned on the browser, like facial recognition, auto target locator, auto dodging obstacles and so on, it also provided the exact date that the drone was created, as well as details that mentioned that it could be controlled within a ten kilometer radius and could fly for twenty hours.

While Zhao Yu read the report, he was suddenly attracted to one of its descriptions. Although the drone was impressive, it could only shoot one bullet at a time! It would then require a bullet to be reloaded manually for the next shot.

Tsk tsk.

It can only shoot one bullet at a time!

In other words…

After it shot one bullet at the police in the hotel, there was someone that reloaded bullet for the drone! Then, it could only shoot Han Dewang again later on…

As Zhao Yu quickly looked at the information on the Invisible Analyzer, he got a shock! It showed that the bullet cartridge in the drone had been reloaded! In other words, after it had shot the bullet that had killed Han Dewang, someone had placed a third bullet in the cartridge!

Zhao Yu quickly lifted his head to look towards the entrance of the forest. Just as he lifted his head, the Emergency Alarm went off!



Zhao Yu responded very quickly. The moment the Emergency Alarm went off, he immediately got down on the grass. In the end, just as he landed on the ground, there was a bullet that swooshed past him, which came directly from the place where he had just stood!