Crazy Detective Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Ill Quit After You Die

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Right after the bullet missed him, Zhao Yu remembered something. He had managed to take a pistol from one of the three police officers that he had knocked down at the hotel park.

Unfortunately, after the multiple crashes with the police cars, he had lost the gun amid the chaos. At the time, as Zhao Yu didn’t really want to fight against the New Zealand police force with a gun anyway, he didn’t bother to look for it.

However, the situation was obviously different now. Currently, his opponent was much stronger than the New Zealand police force. Moreover, he really never thought that his opponent would appear so quickly!

Earlier, when Zhao Yu had realized that someone had reloaded the bullet for the drone, he already knew that his opponent who controlled the drone would most likely be nearby. Now, since the drone had malfunctioned, he would naturally come to the scene to check it out!



The opponent was clearly using a muffled gun. His marksmanship was impressive, too. Zhao Yu had just landed, when another bullet was shot at him. Luckily, he had rolled after he landed on the ground. Otherwise, he would have definitely been hit by the bullet!

“D*mn it!” Zhao Yu cursed as he jumped to hide behind a tree.

As Zhao Yu had already used his Bulletproof Vest, and he didn’t even have an Invisibility Cloak or any other weapon, he was really at a disadvantage. However, it wasn’t as bad as Zhao Yu thought.

This was because, when the person who was shooting at Zhao Yu finally appeared near the drone, the person suddenly made a weird noise, then just stood there without moving an inch! As Zhao Yu was curious, he stole a glance at the shooter and the drone.

After surveying the scene more closely, Zhao Yu understood what had happened. They were in a forest amid total darkness. The reason why the killer could aim at Zhao Yu in the dark was that he was wearing infrared night vision glasses! He could accurately see exactly where Zhao Yu was via thermal imaging technology!

However, the infrared night vision glasses obviously required power in order to function, but the power source around the drone had been blocked by Zhao Yu’s Power Jamming Device. Hence, the shooter’s night vision glasses obviously wouldn’t work!

It was different for Zhao Yu. Although he didn’t have the Invisible Night Vision, he at least had the Invisible Torchlight. So, he could at least see nearby things clearly.

Zhao Yu saw that the person who suddenly appeared was a foreign man. He was dressed in a maroon shirt and was well-built and brawny. Although he looked huge, his movements were unusually swift.

After he noticed that his night vision glasses weren’t working, he took them off and took out a torchlight, which he shined towards where Zhao Yu was hiding. However, since the night vision glasses weren’t working, neither was his torchlight!

The foreign man tried to switch it on a couple of times, but the torchlight just wouldn’t light up. Hence, he had no choice but to put it back on his waist again.

“Ugh!” The brawny man humphed strangely, as he obviously couldn’t understand what had happened to his devices.

Plus, he couldn’t see anything, so he was obviously at loss for what to do next. He didn’t even know where to aim his gun!


Zhao Yu, who was hiding behind the tree, was upset. If he had a gun, he could take him down directly! After all, this was clearly the person who controlled the drone. He was also the one who killed Han Dewang!


The moment Zhao Yu remembered that he had most likely been framed by that man, he felt a surge of anger rise up in him. He then felt an intense urge to bash his head in!

Then, Zhao Yu took out his phone and prepared to launch a ferocious attack. He intended to throw his phone to the side to attract the foreign man’s attention, while he attacked him from another direction.

However, although Zhao Yu planned it well, he unfortunately underestimated the person’s capabilities. Just as Zhao Yu prepared to throw his phone, he accidentally stepped on a broken branch, which made a cracking sound!

The foreign man immediately shot his gun in Zhao Yu’s direction!


The bullet hit the tree bark by the side of Zhao Yu’s ears, scattering splinters all around. This gave Zhao Yu a shock and his heart was beating really fast.

Motherf*cker! Who the hell is this dude?

He can’t even see anything, but that was so close!


At that moment, Zhao Yu finally realized that the foreign man who shot him was not like the other opponent who he had dealt with before. After all, a person who can control a gun-firing drone that was developed by the American military could not be an ordinary person!

After the foreign man shot the bullet, he walked towards Zhao Yu. As he walked, he lit up a lighter and threw it next to Zhao Yu’s leg.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s face was exposed by the light. The foreign man smirked cooly and sped to the tree where Zhao Yu was at.

However, something strange happened at that moment. The foreign man ran over and shot two bullets, but he realized that there was no one behind the tree!


Then, something hard fell at the foreign man’s right side. The foreign man shot another two bullets towards that direction in a reactionary manner. After shooting the bullets, he realized that it was just a phone that had fallen from above!

Sha sha sha. Sha sha sha.

Then, something that shocked the foreign man even more happened. The branch above him started rustling. He looked up, and although he aimed at it, he didn’t shoot. Under the dim lighting from the lighter, he could see that the tree was about ten meters tall.

How could someone who hid under the tree earlier already be up in the tree in the blink of an eye?

“Hi! Go ahead and shoot, you a**hole. Your daddy is here!” Just as the foreign man was perplexed about what to do next, there was suddenly a scream from above him.

The foreign man was startled, so he quickly shot another three bullets in that direction. His eyebrows were tightly knit together, as he found this all to be extremely creepy.


Then, something even more unbelievable happened. Just as he shot at the tree above him, he heard noises coming from another tree in the distance. The distance between the two trees was at least ten meters, so a person wouldn’t be able to jump between them easily.

“Come on, bow down before me!” It was the same voice, but from that other tree!

The foreign man was thoroughly dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Hehehe.” From the top of the other tree, there came a fit of malicious laughter. “Humph, do you want to play with me? You are still too inexperienced! Watch how I’ll take care of you today!”

Maybe he was worried that the foreign man couldn’t understand him, so the figure in the tree added, “F*ck your mother! F*ck your mamma mia!”

Then, the foreign man finally understood, and he roared in anger as he dashed out from the bushes. He then shot at the tree where the voice had just come from.

However, after he had only run a few steps, he suddenly stepped on something. He looked down and saw that it was the gun-firing drone!

At that moment, there was suddenly a light that lit up at his waist. The foreign man noticed that his torchlight that he had turned on earlier had suddenly lit up.


Why would there be a light?


Before the foreign man could even figure out what was going on, the drone by his foot suddenly exploded!