Crazy Detective Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Play Brutal

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The drone suddenly exploded, and the foreign man fell on the ground.

Humph humph humph.

That very moment, Zhao Yu lifted the corner of his lips and smirked. It turned out that a bright idea had hit him during his emergency. He planned it, but he never really thought that it would work out!

He knew that the foreign man was most likely a professional spy, and he also knew that the man had a gun and had great marksmanship. So, if Zhao Yu fought against the man head-on, he would obviously be at a disadvantage.

Hence, he decided to make an unexpected winning move. He figured that he might as well use his device to toy with the man. After all, Zhao Yu had been manipulated by this person for so long, he finally wanted to seize his opportunity to turn the tables!

Hence, at the crucial moment, Zhao Yu didn’t hesitate to use a special device called the Invisible Aircraft to fly above the tall tree. That’s how he had managed to fool the foreign man.

Plus, he had long ago planned to use the drone’s self-destructive function to put an end to his powerful opponent. So, he intentionally flew above the tree, where the drone was located, and taunted his opponent to provoke him.

Unexpectedly, the b*stard was fooled! When he got close to the drone, Zhao Yu immediately cut off the Power Jamming Device. Then, the drone immediately exploded!


As Zhao Yu saw that the foreign man was on the ground, he felt much better. He then thought to himself…

You see? This is what you get for stepping on a God-king’s toes!

Then, Zhao Yu controlled his aircraft and flew to the ground. He wanted to interrogate the foreign man to get some answers!

However, something that shocked Zhao Yu happened. After the drone exploded, the foreign man merely lied on the ground for a few seconds before he suddenly stood up!

What the heck?

Zhao Yu was stunned, as he never would have thought that the explosion would not kill the man. In fact, it didn’t even appear to have harmed him at all!

This b*stard!

Although the foreign man wasn’t killed by the explosion, he was in a total state of shock! Even though he was a seasoned veteran and had been through professional training, he had never come across anything like this!

Then, after he got up, he immediately started running away! As he ran, Zhao Yu saw that he was limping. It appeared that the explosion from the drone earlier had indeed injured him.

Want to escape?

It won’t be that easy!

Zhao Yu then shouted, “Son… You can’t escape!”

As Zhao Yu shouted, he purposely spoke in a thrilling voice, like a ghost. The foreign man was frightened, so he shot bullets behind him as he ran away. However, he soon ran out of bullets.

Regardless, the foreign man continued to run with great difficulty. He then took out another new cartridge from his pocket as he ran. As the torchlight on his waist was still lit, Zhao Yu could see his actions clearly.

No way!

Zhao Yu knew that once the guy reloaded his bullet cartridge, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the foreign man! So, Zhao Yu immediately flew at his top speed, careening down like a bomb at the foreign man.


The foreign mad had just taken out the original cartridge and was prepared to put in the new one, but he saw that there was something that was flying towards him in a hurry. He quivered in fear and dropped the cartridge.

In an instant, Zhao Yu hit him ferociously and knocked him to the ground. As the foreign man fell down, he dropped his gun.

At the same time, the torchlight on his waist broke. Once again, they were in total darkness.

Zhao Yu, of course, understood the idea of “strike while the iron is hot,” and before the foreign man could react, he ran forward and kicked the back of his head!

Zhao Yu’s actions were extremely cruel and despotic. His kick was aimed to kill the man.

The foreign man’s head landed on the ground heavily after the kick. If he had been an ordinary person, even if Zhao Yu’s kick didn’t kill him, it would be enough to cause extreme nausea.

However, the foreign man was obviously not an ordinary person. So, after his head landed on the ground, he did an unbelievable scorpion tail pendulum and nearly managed to kick Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu turned around and kicked at his head again. However, the foreign man supported himself with one hand on the ground and turned towards another angle so that Zhao Yu’s kick flew below his underarm. The foreign man then moved to grab Zhao Yu’s ankle, but Zhao Yu managed to kick him away.

Zhao Yu then landed myriad kicks, one after another, on that foreign man. However, the foreign man was unusual.

Although he was on the defensive, he didn’t panic. After he stabilized himself, he suddenly attacked with his scorpion tail pendulum move once again. This time, he aimed at Zhao Yu’s chest.

Looking at how the other person was kicking so ferociously, Zhao Yu had no choice but to dodge him. Then, the foreign man suddenly flipped around and lit up something, which he then threw into the air.

That thing gave out sparks like fireworks, which suddenly lit up the entire surroundings. Zhao Yu then saw that it was a burning lighting stick!

Thanks to the lighting stick, the foreign man could finally see again. At that very moment, he seemed to come back to reality from his earlier astonishment. He then stood up straight before Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu punched his face directly. As the foreign man’s body was tall and brawny, Zhao Yu’s punch landed at a strange angle. Theoretically, that punch could have broken his chin.

However, after that punch, the spy merely leaned his head to one side, as though he had experienced no pain at all. He then grabbed ahold of Zhao Yu’s collar.

Zhao Yu immediately kicked a few times, connecting with the man’s abdomen. However, the man did not respond to his kicks at all.

God d*mn motherf*cker! Zhao Yu was frightened. Does this guy have protection, such as a golden shield or iron pants?

Under such intense pressure, Zhao Yu could only spit in the foreign man’s face!


The foreign man never expected Zhao Yu would pull such a disgusting stunt. He went mad and flung Zhao Yu away. As he wiped the phlegm from his face, he took out a dagger that gleamed with a death aura.

“Waaaaa.” The foreign man roared as he ran towards Zhao Yu.

There was a pile of stones where Zhao Yu had landed, and he was currently groaning in pain. As he saw the foreign man charging at him with a dagger, he knew that this wouldn’t be an easy fight.

Zhao Yu picked up a huge rock and flew up in the air with his Invisible Aircraft. Then, he threw the rock at the foreign man, like he was dropping a bomb.

The foreign man was caught off guard. Thanks to the lighting stick, he could clearly see that Zhao Yu flew off just like that, without any equipment! The ridiculousness was beyond his comprehension!

In a state of deep astonishment, he hesitated for a millisecond. He then quickly blocked the rock with his arm.


As the heavy rock landed on his arm. The man staggered back, nearly dropping the dagger.

At this crucial moment, Zhao Yu slammed at his wrist, causing him to drop the dagger. Later on, the two of them fought closely, and it was a fairly ferocious fight.

Although Zhao Yu punched heavily and fought vigorously, the foreign spy didn’t retreat. Although Zhao Yu had fooled him, his combat power couldn’t be underestimated. He looked for a chance to counterattack, and very soon, he caused Zhao Yu to be in big trouble.

Over time, when the foreign man had gradually recovered, Zhao Yu felt that the fight was becoming too strenuous. The person’s capability couldn’t be compared to Zhao Yu’s previous opponents.

He didn’t fight in a calculated pattern, but with extreme speed and power. Every single punch and kick would hit one of Zhao Yu’s weakest spots.

Moreover, the person was like metal all over. Even though Zhao Yu was wild and violent, he still worried that he was at a disadvantage.

After a few rounds, the foreign man finally found a chance to grab Zhao Yu’s arm! Zhao Yu quickly backhandedly punched him on his face.

The foreign man then held Zhao Yu’s hand behind his back as he pressed on Zhao Yu shoulders so that he couldn’t turn around. He was holding Zhao Yu so tightly, he almost broke Zhao Yu’s arms! Zhao Yu struggled, but he couldn’t wriggle out of his grip.


Just then, Zhao Yu cursed as he thought… Alright, son. You’re asking for it. You want to play? I’ll play brutal!