Crazy Detective Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Urgent Investigation

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“Don’t worry.” As he led Su Jinmei out from the forest, Zhao Yu kept comforting her, “You must have been seeing things. Where could the ghost have come from? Don’t scare yourself anymore!”

While they spoke, the two of them left the forest. Zhao Yu could still roughly remember the direction that the foreign man had come from, and that very moment, they were walking towards that direction.

He thought that b*stard definitely wouldn’t have walked here. After all, since he could trail behind Zhao Yu so quickly, he definitely had some suitable transportation. The car keys that Zhao Yu had found on the man was the best evidence of this.

After they left the forest, Zhao Yu tried to press on the unlock button on the car’s remote. He was hoping to find the corresponding car. As he expected, he merely had to press the button a few times, when he saw that there was a car’s headlights flashing next to the bee farm.

“Come this way. Hurry up!” Zhao Yu pulled Su Jinmei towards the car.

Su Jinmei was still shivering in fear. She hugged Zhao Yu’s arm tightly, trying to hide in his embrace.

As the two of them got closer to the car, Zhao Yu realized that the foreign man drove a two-seater electric car!

“He’s so big! How could he fit in this small car?” Zhao Yu shook his head in wonder as he opened the car door. He then searched through the car, but he couldn’t find anything useful.

The electric car was energy-saving and good for the environment. Plus, its appearance was quite feminine. Zhao Yu saw many of the cars on the island. It seemed that the people on the Landing had one in each household.

“Ah? This…” Then, Su Jinmei realized another mistake that she had made. “Is this the person’s car? Master, where is he? What happened to him? Did… I… Shoot him? Really?”

“Don’t worry!” Zhao Yu quickly pushed Su Jinmei to the passenger seat in the car as he attempted to comfort her. “Don’t think too much. I’m telling you, that person was the one that framed us by using a drone!”

Su Jinmei was on the brink of a breakdown. That instant, she looked numb and her eyes glazed over.

Once Zhao Yu drove onto the highway, she asked him in a quivering voice, “Master, where are you going?”

“I don’t know,” Zhao Yu answered frankly. “But, I knew we couldn’t stay back there. We have to go to another place and continue to analyze the incident. Also, you haven’t told me where you got your gun? Moreover, why didn’t you listen to me and wait for me under the tree?”

“I… I wanted to give you the gun!” Su Jinmei explained. “When you were driving the police car earlier, I picked up the gun from the car and carried it with me. But, I totally forgot to give it to you then. It wasn’t until you left that I remembered that I should have given the gun to you!”

She lowered her eyes, clearly a bit ashamed at her negligence. “So, not long after that, I went to look for you. Then, I heard you cursing and scolding in English. So, I followed your voice. Then, I saw you fighting with the foreign man. That foreign man… He was the one that I shot.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Then, I saw that he had grabbed you, and I wanted to help you, but I tripped and fell. When I got up, the foreign man ran towards me. I thought that he wanted to kill me, so I fired a shot at him. I was really terrified. Did… Did he die?”

Zhao Yu had yet to nod to confirm her fears, when Su Jinmei shivered as her face grew pale. She then said, “Oh… Well…It was then that I saw that ghost! He looked very scary. I think I fired a shot at him, too. Mmm… Master, you were right there. Why didn’t you see it? It was so scary.”

Zhao Yu was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He never thought that the Invisible Disguise Machine would be so lively as to terrify her so thoroughly!

In order change the subject, Zhao Yu quickly took out the memory card and told Su Jinmei to watch it on the tablet. As Su Jinmei turned on the tablet, Zhao Yu briefly told her about the drone.

When Su Jinmei heard that there was evidence to prove her innocence, she seemed to gain confidence. She quickly inserted the memory card and opened the video. After she opened the video, she found that there really was a surveillance video! After watching just the first scene, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei were already beaming with joy.

Zhao Yu quickly parked the car in a secretive place, while they watched the video closely. Although the camera on the drone didn’t capture who carried the Thai girl to their hotel room, it clearly showed what happened after Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei returned to the hotel room.

First, the two of them were joking around. Then, Su Jinmei discovered the dead body in the bathroom.

Then, the police arrived. Next, the drone fired a shot and caused a dispute.

Later on in the video, they could see that the foreign man had reloaded a bullet in the drone, as well as how Han Dewang had been shot. The video also showed Zhao Yu violently hitting the police cars. Everything was recorded on that drone camera!

This vital evidence would be very helpful to Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei. It could show that they were framed!

“Master, what are we waiting for?” Su Jinmei quickly hugged the tablet and said, “Let’s head to the police station and pass them this evidence.”

“Hold on,” Zhao Yu replied with his eyebrows tightly knit together. “Jinmei, this evidence is not comprehensive, as the person that died earlier might have allies!”

“You still care if he has allies?” Su Jinmei insisted, “Master, this time, I can’t listen to you! We have to first prove our innocence. Then, the police can take care of the rest of the incident. I can’t do this anymore!”

“Don’t be silly, disciple!” Zhao Yu was even more persistent than Su Jinmei. He shook his head and said, “Haven’t you realized? This is not as simple as you first imagined!”

“Why? We have evidence. Is that not enough?” Su Jinmei was confused.

Then, Zhao Yu said something bitterly, which left Su Jinmei dumbfounded…

Zhao Yu said, “What if they have more than one of these gun-firing drones?”

Su Jinmei finally understood what Zhao Yu was worried about. If the allies had more gun-firing drones, once Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei revealed themselves in public, they might be killed at any time!

“Our current evidence could only certify that we didn’t kill Han Dewang, but it doesn’t show the ins and outs of the actual incident,” Zhao Yu said. “Once we are killed, the behind-the-scenes b*stards will be get away with it all! The police won’t be able to find anything!”

He then added, “Jinmei, I understand what they are doing! I suspect that some of their people must be among the police in the Landing. If we were to bring the evidence to the police station, we would fall into their trap!”

“Huh? Then… What should we do?” Su Jinmei was filled with hopelessness again.

“They were hiding in the dark, while we were an exposed and easy target. That’s absolutely taboo conduct for a soldier,” Zhao Yu said coldly. “So, we need to flip the situation around! We must first find the b*stards that framed us, then give them a vital hit!”

“Huh?!” Su Jinmei was shocked, so she quickly asked, “Master, you make it sound so easy. The foreign man is already dead. How can we find his allies? The drone video started only after we entered the hotel. There aren’t any more clues, right?”

Zhao Yu pouted as he asked, “Jinmei, don’t you realize that, from the very beginning, we seem to have forgotten someone?”

“Mm? Someone? Who?” Su Jinmei was confused.

“The Thai girl that died in our room!” Zhao Yu said solemnly. “I feel that the woman’s death wasn’t by chance. Maybe, if we could find out why she was killed, we could learn the truth behind the entire case!”