Crazy Detective Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Black to the Core

"No, no, no. Wrong, wrong" Hao Jiajun quickly waved his hands in dismissal, "Miss Yao Jia, please dont listen to his nonsense, I dont even know them. My dad is Yao Gang of the Rongtian Cooperation, and Im Hao Jiajun, how could I use such underhanded tricks?"

Zhao Yu shook his police badge and spoke very seriously, "Miss Yao Jia, and everyone else, Im a police officer. Im letting you all know now that recently there have been many cases of people pretending to be rich kids. The victims were often extorted for their money and sometimes even their body, its all very pitiful! Everyone please be careful! Beware of swindlers!"

"Oh" With Zhao Yus words, the crowd all started nodding. They all glanced at Hao Jiajun suspiciously, even with some hostility.

"Hey, officer, please dont say such nonsense!" When Hao Jiajun saw that he could no longer clear his own name with just words, he hurriedly pulled out his ID. "See? Im not a liar, Im Hao Jiajun. Many people in Qinshan know me! If you dont believe me, go look me up online, you cant miss it!"

Even though Hao Jiajuns defense was weak, his familys name was still very famous in Qinshan. The nurses who were kept up with gossip already knew who the super rich spoiled kid was, and had no doubts about his identity, including Yao Jia. She and Hao Jiajun had had a brief encounter before. She also knew his background well, and knew that he was not lying.

But Zhao Yu had already set his evil plan into action, and could only take the rich kid down completely. As Hao Jiajun tried to defend himself with all of his might, Zhao Yu purposely walked towards him and dropped a bunch of his things on the ground, "Hey, you dropped something!"

Hearing Zhao Yu, the defenseless Hao Jiajun lowered his head and picked it up. It was a sign made of cardboard with the words, "STOP HERE FOR ECSTASY!" There was even a bag with some sort of candy stuck to the cardboard!

"Holy sh*t! How bold!" Zhao Yu feigned shock and rushed forward to pin the other down, yelling at the crowd, "Selling ecstasy in front of a police officer! Do you think Im stupid or something? You still dare say you are not a swindler?"

"Ow! Ow! It hurts" Hao Jiajun yelled out in pain as he dropped what he was holding, then tried to defend himself, "Thisthis isnt mine! You got it all wrong! Ow"

Zhao Yu could not care less if he was guilty or not. He pulled out the handcuffs he had prepared ahead of time and was about to put it on Hao Jiajun, but then Yao Jia suddenly spoke.

"Of-officer" Even though Yao Jia still felt dizzy from everything happening, the kind nurse still tried to help the rich kid, "Selling ecstasy doesnt have anything to do with being a swindler, right?"

Zhao Yu pondered what she had said, and realized that he should have been more careful with his words.

"Hey!" A rather handsome young nurse leaned down and picked up the candy, "Why does this ecstasy look like skittles?"

"Duh!" Zhao Yu thought to himself since the bag was really just full of Skittles.

"Officer," The nurse shook her head, "what kind of drug dealer would hold a sign up on the street? This was obviously a joke!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Hao Jiajun quickly agreed, "Officer, this really wasnt me! It was probably some kid messing around with me."

"Hm" Zhao Yu knew that this sort of framing trick was too childish. Other than stopping the rich kid from stealing the spotlight, he could not do anything else to him. Zhao Yu finally let go and put away his handcuffs.

Hao Jiajun held his elbows and gritted his teeth in pain as he was released from his restraints.

"Hao Jiajun," Yao Jia spoke very sincerely, "will you please stop it? I wont be your girlfriend! Dont waste your time; money cant buy everything!"

"Butlisten to me," Hao Jiajun explained, his face flushed, "I really didnt know those people! They have nothing to do with me! I-I know you guys all call me a spoiled rich kid, and say I like to take care of problems with money, but you have to believe me, Miss Yao Jia, I truly love you, and that has nothing to do with money!"

Hao Jiajuns eyes were filled with infatuation for the other. He grew more agitated as he spoke, and looked like he was about to kneel in front of Yao Jia. "Miss Yao Jia, I have always wanted to tell you how I feel!" Hao Jiajun was very sincere, "I didnt fall in love with you at first sight, I met you a long time ago and have fallen in love with you since! Many years ago, at Wu Qixin village, I went there to play golf, and my car was parked in front of the orphanage.

"At that time, I saw you giving shots to the children there! You were so beautiful, and so neat, but you werent disgusted with the dirty children at all, still taking care of them and giving them shots, and comforting them at the same time! You were like an angel clad in white! Within that moment, my heart was yours!"

"After that, you already know, we ate at a restaurant together. Actually, I had planned that! At the party many girls tried to flirt and talk with me, but you were different, you were honest and withheld nothing which surprised me very much.

"I heard that you were respectful of elderly, kind, and didnt care for material wealth. Not to mention that you often helped people in need. Someone so beautiful both inside and out is too rare in the world! Thats why I came here so unexpectedly!" Hao Jiajun patted his chest, "Miss Yao Jia, you can ask around. I, Hao Jiajun, definitely am not some playboy who only knows how to spend money. Most of my energy and focus is on my business, half of Rongtian Corporation is run by me!

"If youre willing to be my girlfriend, I promise to love you with all my heart, treasure you, and spoil you. Ill let you live the most luxurious life, and the happiest life! Miss Yao Jia, please answer me!" As he spoke, Hao Jiajun actually knelt down.

Yao Jia was shocked by this, and nearly jumped on Zhao Yu. "Nonono! Please dont!" Yao Jia was at a loss of what to do, "Hao Jiajun, I just cant accept the way you do things. Were not compatible at all. Here, Ill be honest, II already have a boyfriend!"

"What?!" Zhao Yu and Hao Jiajun were both stunned. Especially Zhao Yu, his eyes bulged as if he had just been hit on the back of the head.

"Impossible! I already asked around and I didnt hear that Miss Yao Jia had a boyfriend!" Hao Jiajun spoke sincerely, "But it doesnt matter! I dont care! Even if you were married, or had kids, I wouldnt care! I only care for you, and you only!"

"Right, right" Zhao Yu was also thinking the same thing, but accidentally blurted it out. Thank God Miss Yao Jia had not heard!

"Tell me," Hao Jiajun was confident, "whos your boyfriend? Ill fight them for your hand, fair and square!"

"My boyfriend, my boyfriend" Yao Jia was at a loss of what to say and started looking around, then her eyes fell on Zhao Yus face.

Zhao Yus eyes lit up, and he thought to himself, "Now is my chance! Is this an arrangement from the Miracle System?" Zhao Yu shamelessly stepped to Yao Jias side, and then equally shamelessly pointed at the rich kid, "Ecstasy dealer, cant you tell? Do you still want to compete with me? Are you crazy?"

"Ohso its you!!" Hao Jiajuns expression was filled with 70% hostility, but also 30% fear.

"You?!" Yao Jia was also shocked by Zhao Yus assertion, but in order to avoid the rich kids constant annoyance, she nodded, agreeing to play along.