Crazy Detective Chapter 710

Chapter 710 No Love Triangle

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“You are absolutely right,” Zhao Yu said affirmatively. “When we asked for their surveillance video, those people weren’t the same people who are in these photos. The store manager and the attendants were all different that day!”

“The description states that not only does the shop sell local honey products, but it also makes honey cakes and other honey-based foods. It also shows that there are a total of three employees, including the store manager!” Su Jinmei said.

She then added, “Although the store manager is a woman, she definitely isn’t the one we saw there the other day. I know for sure, as I am the one who spoke to her! My God! She acted so naturally and calm when she spoke to me. Do you really think this store is the problem?”

“The possibility is high.” Zhao Yu nodded. “Don’t forget, those people are all professionals!”

“Really?” Su Jinmei frowned. “But, what’s so fishy about a honey shop? Why would master’s wife go there? Would it be because the original boss is a bad guy, so she killed him?”

Zhao Yu had yet to reply, when his phone suddenly rang. It was Section Chief Ma Runkui.

“Oh, Zhao Yu, you had me worried sick!” Ma Runkui spoke anxiously. ” Are you alright? What is the situation now?”

Zhao Yu then remembered that he had never turned off the Signal Jamming Device, so it had been impossible for Section Chief Ma to reach him all this time. Now that they had finally connected, Zhao Yu quickly explained the situation to him, telling him all of the details about the foreign man and the drone. Because Zhao Yu had the Invisible Detector in his head, he was certain that the call wasn’t being monitored.

As Section Chief Ma heard the details, he was shocked. But, he also felt relieved and said, “That’s great! We have more bargaining chips, now that there’s evidence! I’ve spoken to the higher-ups. We have sent out two groups of people… A group of officials to negotiate with the local government and to apply for protection, and another group that is a private arrangement. They’ll protect your personal safety. I will send you the coordinates and the secret codewords, and you can just meet them there!”

He then added, “Oh right, the officials are still on the way, but the coordination team is almost in position. They are already in The Landing! So, go meet them soon, and you’ll just have to listen to them afterwards!”

Ma Runkui sent the coordinates and secret codewords to Zhao Yu’s phone right after he hung up.

“Oh, the rain finally stopped and the sky is clearing up. This night scared the sh*t out of me!” Su Jinmei said with relief. “Let’s go ahead and go to the rendezvous point! Someone can protect us now!”

Although Su Jinmei shouted loudly at him as she spoke, Zhao Yu did not react.

She then asked, “Master, what are you thinking? Hurry up! The coordination team is on the seashore to the west of the island! That’s not far from here! We must meet up with them before the police do!”

“Alright.” Zhao Yu paused for a moment, then started the car and headed towards the city. “Jinmei, make a copy of the information on the drone’s memory card. Actually, make a few copies, just in case!”

“Okay!” Su Jinmei did as he instructed.

But, when she finished, she realized that Zhao Yu was driving in the wrong direction. They were headed towards the shopping street! Also, he was clearly going to the west of the Commercial Street.

“No!” she immediately shouted at Zhao Yu. “Master, are you crazy? What are you thinking? Are you actually thinking of going back to the suspicious shop?”

“Yes! Those men are well-informed and well-trained. Once they heard any rustling of change, they would surely flee!” Zhao Yu said firmly. “So, we must get to them now!”

“D*mn it! You are mad!” Su Jinmei grabbed Zhao Yu’s arm and shouted, “Master, you know those people in the shop are all professional spies! They have drones, guns, and bombs! Aren’t you seeking death going after them? Listen to me, let the others deal with them, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I will not bring you down with me. You may leave when we get there. I will go on my own!” Zhao Yu said angrily as he sped up.

“You!” Su Jinmei got anxious and shouted hysterically, “Zhao Yu, I never wanted to say this, but I know that you are risking your life just to get news of Miao Ying! Jeez! How important is this woman to you? Is she worth your life?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu simply replied. He then stepped on the pedal and sped up yet again. They were already nearing the intersection of the shopping street.

“No! I won’t let you go!” Su Jinmei clutched Zhao Yu’s arm and yelled insanely, “Stop! Stop right now! You are out of your mind! Have you ever thought that there are many people who care deeply about you besides Miao Ying… Like me? I’m begging you, don’t go! Please don’t go. Zhao Yu, I’m worried that something might happen to you.”

Su Jinmei started crying as she tried to persuade Zhao Yu to not act rashly.


Since Su Jinmei was crying, Zhao Yu had no choice but to slam on the brakes. But, by this time, they were already very close to the intersection of the shopping street.

“Listen to me, Jinmei!” Zhao Yu urged, “Don’t worry! I’m just going to find out the truth, so I can understand what’s going on. I’m not seeking death! Don’t be so negative!”

“No, I won’t let you go.” Su Jinmei hugged Zhao Yu, then suddenly kissed him on the lips.

“Hey!” As her tongue entered his mouth, Zhao Yu quickly pushed her away. “Stop messing around, young woman!”

“Master, I like you.” Su Jinmei hugged Zhao Yu again and couldn’t stop kissing him. “I really like you. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I want you to know that, other than Miao Ying, you still have me.”

Feeling her warm body in his arms, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but feel awkward. Although he had noticed before that his disciple might be interested in him, he did not expect for her affection to be projected at him so suddenly and intensely!

“No!” Zhao Yu shouted.

His rational side won out at the moment. He was always clear and unambiguous about his feelings towards her.

So, he pushed Su Jinmei away once again and solemnly said, “Jinmei, listen to me! Regardless of whether I was your master or not, I could never be with you. I don’t want you to misunderstand anything!”

He then added, “To be honest with you, I’m even disgusted when I see the story of a love triangle on TV! You know I only have my wife in my heart! It will forever and only be Miao Ying!”

After listening to Zhao Yu’s determined reply, Su Jinmei finally stopped her attempts to woo him.

Zhao Yu then said, “Also, I’m not just going back to the honey store for Miao Ying! I told you that I won’t let anyone get away after provoking me! So, I have to get revenge for us! I have to show these people how powerful I am!”

At this point, Zhao Yu took the gun and got out of the car. He then told Su Jinmei, “Take the car and wait for me at the rendezvous point. I will meet you there shortly. This won’t take long! Don’t worry…”

After that, he walked towards the shopping street without turning back…

“Master!” Sitting in the electric car, Su Jinmei watched Zhao Yu disappear. She then slumped down in her seat and started to cry once again.