Crazy Detective Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Its An Eye For An Eye

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Zhao Yu held the gun as he walked towards the shopping street and thought about what had happened in the car earlier. He never knew that his disciple, Su Jinmei, had such strong feelings for him. If he had known, Zhao Yu wouldn’t have let her follow him to New Zealand.

Actually, it was for this exact same reason that Zhao Yu had refused to travel with Yao Jia. After all, Zhao Yu knew that he was no saint, and id Yao Jia was to have thrown herself at him, it was difficult to say if he could have held himself back.

Luckily, he was sort of immune to his puppy-eyed disciple. Otherwise, he would be in big trouble!

If he were to just indulge his sexual desires with her, Zhao Yu wouldn’t mind so much. But, once he had a sexual relationship with his disciple, should any dispute arise between them afterwards, there’d be hell to pay!

As Zhao Yu lifted his head, he saw the crossroad of the shopping street. He’d soon arrive at the suspicious shop once he took another turn.

At that very moment, there were two police cars parked at the crossroad. He could see that a few armed police officers had set up a roadblock and were checking cars as they passed by.

When Zhao Yu saw the police officers, he came back to reality. Then, he quickly walked towards his destination.

Zhao Yu, of course, wasn’t silly. Although he said that he was going to deal with them just as they had dealt with him, he had another plan in mind. Hence, after he arrived at the shop, he used his Invisible Detector to run through a check on the electronic equipment in the shop.

It was merely an ordinary two-story building. The door of the shop was tightly shut, and the display rack was filled with mouthwatering honey, cakes, and pastries. There was even a sign with the word ‘honey’ written on it.

After he finished scanning it with his Invisible Detector, Zhao Yu was reassured that there was indeed something fishy about the shop.

Moreover, according to the Invisible Detector, the surveillance system in the shop was still working fine. But, the shop owner had claimed that the surveillance equipment had malfunctioned. She had obviously lied!

As Zhao Yu knew clearly which area was within the monitor’s view, he walked closely against the wall to avoid the camera as he checked the shop carefully. He was shocked by the results. He never expected that, besides advanced electronic equipment, the store was also stocked with explosive chemicals!

These guys!

Zhao Yu didn’t hesitate but activated another Invisible Fluoroscopic Device in order to see the situation in the shop more clearly. Although the imaging of the Invisible Fluoroscopic Device wasn’t perfectly clear, Zhao Yu could roughly see the situation in the shop, especially the human movement.

He saw that there were three people in the shop, all of whom were men. One of the men was packing something into a travel suitcase on the first floor lobby, while the man next to him was tapping quickly on a keyboard in front of a computer.

As he looked at the second floor, he saw that there was someone pacing back and forth anxiously. He was holding a gun in one hand and a phone in his other hand. He looked like he was on the phone with someone.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It was 3:20 in the early morning. Those people in the shop weren’t sleeping but holding guns in their hands. This was definitely fishy!

Plus, looking at the three of them, it was clear that they were panicking. Thus, they might have just realized something and were preparing to leave!

Phew. Zhao Yu let out a heavy sigh and thought to himself that he had luckily come just in time. If he had arrived any later, the people might have already been gone and the building would have been empty!

As he looked at the situation, Zhao Yu was weighing the success rate of him barging in to arrest them. After weighing the possible results, he gave up his plan A…

No way. Although there are only three of them inside, the three of them must be super spies, like the foreign man I fought with earlier.

If he were to barge in, Zhao Yu believed that he wouldn’t succeed. Firstly, the three of them weren’t sleeping and were alert. Secondly, they had installed an alarm at the front entrance and the courtyard, so if he were to barge in, they would notice him immediately.

Thirdly, their weapons and fighting skills gave them an advantage. Fourthly, there weren’t many devices left that he could use!


Zhao Yu felt that it would be safer for him to run with plan B. This so-called plan B was that Zhao Yu would call the police and tell them that the suspects were hidden in the shop. That way, the police would send officers over immediately.

However, similar to his previous concern, if they were to have someone on the inside among the police force, the inside spy might then inform the people inside the shop once Zhao Yu placed the call! Plus, as those people were obviously prepared to run, even if he was to call the police, the police might not be able to rush over in time!

Then, what should I do? I need a perfect plane, one plan where I can ensure my safety, yet also arrest all of these vicious enemies!

Zhao Yu pondered this for quite some time… It seems like I must have a plan C, considering the current situation!


Then, Zhao Yu quickly retreated to the side of the shop, where he started to scan. He felt that the building shouldn’t be as simple as it appeared, as those people had opted to set up their base of operations within it. Hence, there might be some hidden insight to be found.

However, even after he inspected carefully with the Invisible Fluoroscopic Device, he couldn’t see anything else besides the courtyard in the shop. Then, the person who was packing seemed to have finished and was now talking to the others. It looked like they were going to make a move right then!

Alright… I have an idea!

At the crucial moment, Zhao Yu recalled his encounter at the hotel with Su Jinmei. A slight sneer crept over his face as he thought… I might as well give you a taste of your own medicine! You should experience how what it feels like to be framed!

Then, Zhao Yu turned around and ran towards the crossroad. At the same time, he activated a new device that was called the Counter-surveillance Device.

At that very moment, the few police officers had just finished checking a car at the crossroad and were going to return to their cars to take a break. Zhao Yu ran to them and screamed for help, “Police! Do you know who I am?”

“What?” The few police officers were confused and puzzled.

“Godd*mn motherf*ckers!” After that, Zhao Yu cursed, then pushed away two policemen and punched another one in the nose!

Then, he didn’t delay any further, but got in the driver’s seat, then drove the police car away! Then, the few policemen came back to reality. The first two chased after Zhao Yu on foot, while the other few got in the other police car and chased after Zhao Yu, too.

Zhao Yu drove towards the shop directly. He drove to the entrance of the shop, then aimed the front of his car at the shop’s entrance. Then, he floored the gas pedal and hit the front entrance of the shop!

Luckily, Zhao Yu jumped out of the car right before it collided with the entrance! Then, the police car caught up with him.

At that moment, Zhao Yu raised his hand and fired two shots at the shop. Then, he hid in the shadows and tapped on an Invisible Aircraft to fly himself to the rooftop.

Just as he flew to the rooftop, the police on foot and police car arrived in front of the shop. Zhao Yu fired another two shots at the police car.

The policemen quickly took cover and started firing back! They thought that Zhao Yu was still in the police car, so they were firing at the shop!