Crazy Detective Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Fleeing Life

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“Sh*t.” Zhao Yu could even hear the female spy cursing from the rooftop. Even though she had pressed all of the buttons randomly and almost broke the remote control, the shop still didn’t explode!

Zhao Yu nodded faintly as he watched her. It was obvious that there was something important that needed to be destroyed in the shop.

As the female spy grew more and more impatient, she waved at the spy who had just thrown the grenade, then shouted something at him. The spy immediately understood and took out two grenades. He then pulled out the detonator and swung his arm backwards to throw them at the shop.

Motherf*cker! Zhao Yu was shocked. If the grenades were thrown into the shop, it might ignite the bomb in the shop!. Then, all of his efforts would have been in vain!

Zhao Yu panicked and quickly shot at the person as he was just about to throw the grenades! However, the gun in Zhao Yu’s hands didn’t have many bullets left! As he pulled the trigger, he heard only the empty clicking sound!

Sh*t! He panicked and pointed at the spy who was going to throw the grenades as he shouted, “Hey! Let go of that grenade!”

The spy was stunned. Although this interaction was only a mere millisecond long, it gave the policemen a chance to fire at the jeep again!


One of the bullets happened to hit the spy’s shoulders, causing his body to shake vigorously just as he threw out the grenades. In the end, one of the grenades was thrown into the courtyard, while the other rolled underneath the jeep!

“Ah!” The female spy was so shocked, she didn’t even have time to curse before she got out of the car and rolled onto the opposite side of where the grenade was. At the same time, the two grenades exploded!


Both the courtyard and the jeep suddenly exploded, sending two clouds of dust soaring into the sky. Under the pressure of the huge explosion, the back entrance of the shop exploded and the windows shattered. As debris from the huge impact soared up into the sky, Zhao Yu quickly hid behind the railing on the rooftop.

After the bomb underneath the jeep exploded, the jeep flipped in the air. It then hit the other side of the wall in the alley before landing on the ground. The heavy jeep was beyond recognition, while the spy who threw the grenades was squashed by the jeep.

After the two explosions, everything and everyone became silent. Zhao Yu looked down and saw that the alley and the courtyard was filled with dust. He could barely see the exact situation, but he could see that the outer wall was destroyed and looked in to be in complete disarray.

Cough cough, cough cough.

Soon, there was some coughing among the dust. Hence, the spies were still alive!

Hearing the spies’ coughs, the police immediately snapped back to reality. The backup policemen raised their ballistic shields as they began to move closer to the jeep remnants.

Just as the policemen moved closer, two people suddenly popped out from underneath the jeep! The two people were quick and had amazing marksmanship, and they fired a few shots that hit the ankle of the police who stood in front of them!

“Ouch!” The police officer groaned in pain. The people behind him didn’t dare move closer.

Seizing this chance, the two people immediately ran towards the forest. It was the female spy and another male spy, both of whom had somehow survived the explosion! The man was still carrying the travel suitcase!

The police shot at them from behind, but the two of them were too fast. However, just as the two spies arrived at the forest entrance, they saw that two police cars had been parked across the forest entrance, completely blocking their way!

As the door of a police car opened, several fully armed policemen got out of the car and started shooting at the two spies. Then, the spies’ capabilities were put on full display, especially the female spy’s. She first rolled on the ground and dodged the bullets, then fired a shot that hit one of the policemen!

Meanwhile, the male spy used the travel suitcase as cover and fired a few shots as well. He hit one of the policemen and forced another few to retreat.

The female spy then ran before the two police cars. She fired another few shots, hitting one more policeman. Just then, she ran out of bullets. At that moment, she was shot in the arm by the policemen.

But, as the female spy was obviously a veteran of many battles, although she had been shot, her speed was still quick. She jumped over one of the police cars and ran towards one of the policemen. She then punched and kicked him before knocking him down!

Seeing this, another two policemen ran forward. As the female spy dashed to the left and to the right, although the policemen fired a few shots, none of them hit her. On the contrary, they were easily defeated by her!

In the blink of an eye, she had easily taken care of the policemen who had hemmed her in! The female spy quickly opened the car door and called her ally over.

The male spy who was carrying the travel suitcase obviously had issues. His foot was covered in blood and he was staggering. He was obviously injured.

After the two of them conversed in English for a while, the man threw the travel suitcase to the female spy, while he took another police car and headed towards the alley.

At the alley, another team of police backup had just arrived. They were shocked to see a police car driving towards them!

As the spy who was driving was ready to sacrifice himself, he did not hesitate, but drove quickly and knocked all of those policemen down! But, the impact made the spy lose control of the car, and as it drove into the alley, it hit the jeep remains, killing the spy instantly!

When Zhao Yu looked at the alley again, it was a wretched sight. The alley was filled with debris, the wall had collapsed, the car had flipped over, and the injured policemen were wailing in pain. Seizing the time when the spy sacrificed himself during the attack, the female spy had taken another police car towards the depths of the forest.

After she drove away, none of the policemen on the scene could continue to chase after her. They could only watch her flee.

Zhao Yu was shocked by these spies. He never expected that so many policemen with so many weapons would fail to stop them all!

Zhao Yu was quite glad that he hadn’t opted to fight against them personally. Otherwise, he might be dead!

Of course, Zhao Yu took advantage of the fact that his Invisible Aircraft was still working, so he decided that he naturally couldn’t let the female get away! After all, the female spy might be an important figure. Moreover, the travel suitcase was definitely an important object, so he must get ahold of it!

Regardless, he couldn’t let her get away! Hence, Zhao Yu first flew low in order to pick up a shotgun from the scene. Then, he flew near the ground to chase after the female spy!