Crazy Detective Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Cant Die Even If You Want To

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No way.

As Zhao Yu flew, he thought to himself… The duration for the Invisible Aircraft is too short. It is already counting down!

The system device was kind enough to notify Zhao Yu over and over again so that he could have adequate time to find a safe place to land. Otherwise, he would fall to his death directly!

However, Zhao Yu was still chasing after his enemy, so the odds of him listening to the warning were slim! At that very moment, he was right above the spy’s car, so he felt the pressing of time intensely! He lifted the shotgun and fired a shot at the driver’s seat.


The powerful bullet that he had just shot from the shotgun shattered the window on the driver’s side. Zhao Yu could even hear the female spy groan in pain.

However, she was definitely not in a life-threatening situation, as she immediately stuck her head out of the window and aimed at Zhao Yu to shoot him. However, when she looked realized that Zhao Yu was a live person, who was flying in the air, she was stunned!

She had ever seen such an unbelievable sight. As such, it was only normal that she was stupefied!

As soon as Zhao Yu saw that the female spy had revealed herself, he quickly fired another shot. However, just as Zhao Yu pulled the trigger, she turned the steering wheel and caused the car to swerve. In the end, the bullet hit the top of the car, shattering its sunroof!

After that, the female spy found another opportunity to fire another two shots at Zhao Yu. At this point, Zhao Yu couldn’t wait any longer. He saw that it was almost time for him to descend, so he quickly dashed forward as fast as he could. In the end, he got in the car through the sunroof!

“Go to hell!” the lady spy yelled.

The moment Zhao Yu got in the car, he couldn’t turn his body around, but he was able to aim the muzzle behind him and shoot at the female spy. Unfortunately, the shotgun had run out of bullets!

What the h*ck?

Zhao Yu pulled the trigger a few more times, but nothing happened. Although the female spy was shocked, she instinctually swung her arm and aimed the muzzle of her gun at Zhao Yu!

“God d*mn motherf*cker!” At the crucial moment, Zhao Yu used the gun as a stick and whacked the female spy’s arm. As she had been shot there earlier, this happened to be her weakest spot!

“Ah!” As the female spy wailed in pain, she pulled the trigger on her gun, but it only made a clicking sound. She had run out of bullet as well!

Seeing this, Zhao Yu finally felt relieved. He quickly turned back in order to hit her with the shotgun again. But, the female spy was prepared for him, and she threw her gun at Zhao Yu’s face!

Zhao Yu lowered his head and dodged, while the woman took away his shotgun. Then, the two of them played tug-of-war with it! Zhao Yu wanted to leap over to make her stop the car, but he hesitated to act recklessly.

As the female spy was smart, she knew that her strength wasn’t any stronger than Zhao Yu’s, so she turned the steering wheel left and right, jostling Zhao Yu all around the car. In the end, he had no choice but to give up the fight for the shotgun.

However, although the shotgun was taken away from him, Zhao Yu still had his own means. He quickly used the Invisible Odor Bomb!

That instance, a foul smell suddenly filled the air. Although the car windows had been shattered, the power of the Invisible Odor Bomb was so intense, it still managed to make the interior of the car feel quite suffocating!

Of course, Zhao Yu was smart, too, and after he used the Invisible Odor Bomb, he quickly put on an Invisible Breathing Device. However, Zhao Yu had miscalculated again, as the Invisible Breathing Device couldn’t block the power of the Invisible Odor Bomb! So, although he could breath normally, the fumes were still affecting his eyes. In fact, he was tearing up badly at the moment.

However, the female spy was obviously faring much worse. The Invisible Odor Bomb was colorless, so when she suddenly took a whiff, she didn’t know what was going on. She soon choked on the fumes and began tearing up.

It was then that she finally realized that there was a big problem. She quickly extended her head out of the window. Even so, the Invisible Odor Bomb was still suffocating for her. She had nowhere to hide!

In the end, the female spy really couldn’t endure it anymore, so she grabbed the travel suitcase that was next to her and jumped out of the car! The driverless police car then headed straight towards a big tree! After Zhao Yu saw that the female spy had jumped out of the car, he quickly followed suit!



They both jumped out of the car and rolled into the bushes by the side of the road. Meanwhile, the police car hit the tree! As they looked over, its engine was puffing out tons of smoke.

Cough cough cough cough cough.

The female spy was coughing her lungs out and her eyes were tearing up badly. Zhao Yu was naturally in a better condition than she was.

However, Zhao Yu had yet to fully recover from jumping out of the car just now. At the moment, he could barely even stand up.

As they were already near the city and its main highway, the forest here was different from the forest area that they had been near earlier. Now, they could rely on the dim lighting from the city to make out the layout of the place. At least they weren’t in total darkness!

When the female spy could finally open her eyes and saw Zhao Yu, she was stupefied. As she furiously spat out tons of English words, Zhao Yu nodded at her with a smile and said, “Yes, something like that! Hehehe.”

Of course, Zhao Yu didn’t understand what she was saying at all. He merely guessed that she must have recognized him and knew who he was from her shocked expression!

He reckoned that she was definitely shocked. After all, she never could have guessed that Zhao Yu, who was their prey, would actually be the one to pull a prank on the professionals!

“Alright. You’re welcome!” Zhao Yu kept mocking her as he walked before the female spy and said, “Call me daddy, and I’ll let you live!”

It was either that the woman could understand him, or she was simply pis*ed off, but besides spitting at him, she even cursed at him, too!

“What the heck? I think that you are not going to shed a tear until you see your coffin, huh?” Zhao Yu rolled his sleeves up and took another few steps forward.

The female spy’s arm was covered in blood, so he thought that she wouldn’t be able to fight him anymore. Hence, he turned and walked towards the travel suitcase, as he wanted to see what was in it. Just then, the female spy screamed and lunged at Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu didn’t waste any pity on her, but started fighting back immediately. After all, he knew that the female spy was drained, so she wouldn’t be his match. Zhao Yu punched her hard, causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

As Zhao Yu wiped away the blood stain on his fist, he told the woman, “You want to frame me? You are not experienced enough! If you’re wise, you’ll tell me right now what happened to that Thai girl? And… Why did you frame us? Why did you kill the tour guide Han Dewang? Speak!”

Then, Zhao Yu took a huge stride forward and wanted to force her talk. The woman suddenly spat a mouthful of blood at Zhao Yu. She then took out something from her pocket stuffed it into her mouth!

Her eyes immediately rolled back into her head. Seeing this, Zhao Yu instantly realized that she was trying to kill herself!

Humph! You’re unlucky that you met me, as I won’t let you die so easily!

Thinking of how he could not let her die, Zhao Yu immediately used an All-purpose Antidote on the woman.