Crazy Detective Chapter 715

Chapter 715 The Thing In The Travel Suitcase

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Five days later, in Wellington.

In the People’s Republic of China’s Embassy, Zhao Yu was enjoying the delicious local coffee as he looked at the scenery outside the window. He was in deep thought.

Regarding the war in the Landing, although the fighting had ended, not everything related to it had been taken care of yet. Hence, New Zealand and China were actively working together to take care of the aftermath. As this was complicated and affected the nations greatly, it naturally couldn’t be handled within a mere two or three days.

Zhao Yu took a sip of his coffee leisurely as he took out his phone. He then watched the surveillance video from the cafe in the shopping street again. He looked at the familiar figure in the video and wondered… What was she doing?


As Zhao Yu recalled the entire experience in the Landing, he let out a heavy sigh. He still found it all to be quite unbelievable and hard to understand.

The professional spies, the advanced drone, the murder, the car accident, the fist fight, the explosions… Everything seemed to be very far removed from the world that he was currently in. It looked like the scenes that one would see from a movie, especially those spies that didn’t even blink when they’d kill someone!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhao Yu possessed a miracle adventure system and various devices, Zhao Yu would definitely have been doomed! It seemed that there was really an unknown secret in one of the corners in the world!

Recalling what happened in the forest back then, although Zhao Yu gave the woman who intended to committed suicide an All-purpose Antidote, she had consumed an unknown poisonous item. Hence, although the antidote was able to consume most of the poison from her body, the female spy was still unconscious.

Not only was she unconscious, her face was distorted in agony and her skin was very dark. She looked miserable.

By that time, the policemen who were rushing to the scene had almost arrived. Zhao Yu couldn’t bring the woman with him, so he only brought the travel suitcase. After he took the travel suitcase, he went to look for the people who were supposed to meet him, using the coordinates that Ma Runkui had given him earlier.

By that time, Su Jinmei had already met them. When she saw that Zhao Yu had come back alive, she was delighted.

Zhao Yu briefly told them the situation, then the team took Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei away in a helicopter!

Zhao Yu didn’t know that Ma Runkui was so powerful. In order to ensure their safety, they didn’t pass them to the New Zealand police force, but directly transferred them via helicopter secretly!

After they took off, the helicopter bypassed Auckland and flew directly to the capital, which was named Wellington. In the end, they landed at the the People’s Republic of China’s Embassy.

It had been five days since then, all of which Zhao Yu had spent staying in the embassy. He rested while he investigated the incident. China had sent its representatives to discuss matters with New Zealand, as well as to investigate the case.

As Zhao Yu had retrieved important evidence from the drone, he was able to immediately prove that all of the accusations against him and Su Jinmei were incorrect. In fact, he was able to clear their names that very day that he arrived!

On the second day, when the police investigated the honey shop that was so fishy, they discovered many shocking things. Firstly, they found many explosive chemicals in the shop. So, if the bomb had been ignited, the entire shop would have been destroyed!

Secondly, in the basement of the shop, they found a huge and solid vault. A ton of safes were inside the vault. However, all of the safes had obviously been opened, so nothing was found.

In the end, they found three corpses in the shop’s refrigerator. After an analysis, they were able to judge that the three corpses had been dead for quite a long period of time. They had all died from being shot in the head.

After further inspection, the police found that the three corpses belonged to the registered staff members of the shop. Specifically, they were the female shop owner and two male staff members.

Luckily, Zhao Yu had stopped the spies from activating the bomb in time and had kept most of the evidence. So, after a thorough police investigation was conducted, not only did they find the crucial murder video, but they finally were able to clarify what exactly happened with the Thai girl.

It turned out that, in the surveillance video of the shop, one of the cameras had recorded the entire situation! It clearly showed that all three of the staff members were killed by the few spies!

One afternoon, the five spies barged into the shop and shot two of the staff members, killing them instantly. Then, they seized control of the female shop owner and two of the spies brought her to the basement and killed her.

However, just as they prepared to shut the door and clean up the scene, a girl with long hair suddenly pushed the door open and came in. The girl was carrying a thick notebook and looked like she was doing some sort of survey.

In the end, the girl saw the dead bodies in the shop and screamed her lungs out. She turned to run away, but one of the spies caught up to her and knocked her out!

That poor Thai girl was merely an innocent victim, who happened to appear at the crime scene at the wrong time! In the end, she became a tool for the spies to use in order to frame Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei!

Zhao Yu watched the surveillance video and saw that the date where the Thai girl was in trouble happened to be one day after Miao Ying had left the Landing. In other words, when Miao Ying visited the honey shop back then, she didn’t see the spies, but only the few staffs who were killed.

It also meant that the staff members weren’t killed by Miao Ying, but that she had gone there to pick up something! As there was an underground vault in the honey shop, it meant that Miao Ying must have taken something very important!

Zhao Yu also watched the part where Miao Ying left again, but he didn’t see anything in her hands. This meant that she shouldn’t have taken anything huge in size, or else he would be able to see it on the video.

After Miao Ying left, the bunch of spies must have heard something and come to investigate. Then, they must have committed the murder.

If so, the safes in the vaults should have been broken open by the spies, while the items were obviously packed into the mysterious travel suitcase that had somehow ended up in Zhao Yu’s hands!

At the beginning, Zhao Yu was curious about the things in the travel suitcase. He wondered what was in the suitcase that the spies were dying to protect. When he finally opened the suitcase in the helicopter, he was surprised.

The suitcase was filled with various documents, paperwork, and forms. It looked just like trash that one would find in archives.

Then, Zhao Yu really didn’t understand the value of those things. But, since the spies were working so hard to keep possession of the travel suitcase, he knew that its contents must be extremely important!

Hence, he waited till Ma Runkui arrived at the embassy before he handed the travel suitcase to him personally. Although he was involved in such a shocking incident, Zhao Yu found it weird that, regardless if it was the embassy, the Central Criminal Division, or the New Zealand government, they were all taking very good care of him.

Within the last few days, he had been resting in the embassy in the lap of luxury. He read the newspaper, drank coffee, and so on. He had been quite living well, to the point of boredom even!

He had originally thought that, although he didn’t kill anyone, since he had caused a car crash and beaten people up in the Landing, the New Zealand government might charge him with a crime. But surprisingly, he never even saw any representatives from the New Zealand government, let alone have someone even mention what he had done!

For five days, Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei had been treated like VIPs. One of the political liaisons from the embassy would join them for a meal almost every day, inquiring about their well-beings politely.

Besides this, the Central Criminal Division didn’t seem to blame them at all either. Every time after Division Chief Jiao called, she would tell Zhao Yu to rest and not worry about a thing. In order to comfort Zhao Yu, she even reassured him that he would continue to lead the special investigation group after everything was said and done.

Tsk tsk.

Everyone’s attitude made Zhao Yu feel a bit doubtful and somewhat suspicious. He was expecting to be chided or somehow punished for the situation.

However, the opposite was true. Within the embassy, he was living like a boss, not at all like a person who had done anything wrong!

That very moment, Zhao Yu was in deep thought as he drank his coffee. Suddenly, there were people coming in from the embassy’s entrance.

Section Chief Ma Runkui was leading the group. Behind Section Chief Ma were several of big figures in well-pressed suits. Zhao Yu had seen them a couple of times before, so he knew that they were all senior officials from the embassy or from the Foreign Affairs Office.

Ma Runkui saw Zhao Yu and immediately waved his hand at him to signal him to come into the meeting room. Zhao Yu knew that Ma Runkui must have brought him the latest news, so he quickly went forward and closed the door behind him.

“Zhao Yu, you are too impressive! I really do not know whether I should describe you as an angel or a demon!” Ma Runkui had yet to take a seat as he said, “However, I’m leaning towards the latter one, as wherever you go, trouble seems to follow, even when you are in a foreign land!”