Crazy Detective Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Who Is The Most Reliable?

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“Let’s talk about the latest news,” Ma Runkui said, while he put his portfolio on the table and drank a sip of water. He then told Zhao Yu about the updates that he had received recently, “The police in the Landing searched through the forest near the bee farm that you mentioned, but they didn’t find any spies! In fact, they didn’t see anyone, alive or dead!”

“Oh? No one?” Zhao Yu was stunned.

“Of course, I would never think that you were lying! The videos on the memory card in the drone pointed towards the forest, too! However…” Ma Runkui took another sip of water. “Don’t you think it’s better that they couldn’t find the corpse?”

“Huh?” Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows, then finally seemed to understand what Ma Runkui meant.

Ma Runkui explained further anyway, “Them not being able to find the corpse means that they can’t certify if you or Su Jinmei shot to kill. Then, that would mean that the dead bodies in the honey shop, the Thai girl, and the male tour guide have nothing to do with the two of you! You and Su Jinmei would thus have clean records!”

“But…” Zhao Yu wanted to ask about the dispute that he had with the New Zealand police force, as he wondered how that could be considered fine, too.

“As for the second update…” Ma Runkui couldn’t wait, but continued, “The only woman who was arrested alive, eventually died in the end! The officials said that she failed to respond to medical treatment due to her consumption of highly poisonous cyanide!”

“What? She died too?” Zhao Yu was upset and thought to himself…

If I had known that I couldn’t save her, I wouldn’t have wasted a precious All-purpose Antidote on her! That was a first-class device!

But… If the system didn’t notify me that the device was invalid, the antidote should have taken effect!

Then, why did she die? Did someone kill her to shut her up?

Then, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but exclaim, “I knew it. Those people in the Landing definitely have allies!”

“Yes, and not only on the island, but they most likely have at least one spy amid the New Zealand authorities, too. Luckily, you didn’t get in touch with the New Zealand police force directly. Your concern was right!” Ma Runkui said. “If you were to surrender to the police back then, you would definitely have been putting yourself in great danger!”

“Regarding this, I have to thank you!” Zhao Yu quickly raised his hand and cupped it on his other fist. “If it wasn’t for your helicopter, Su Jinmei and I would have died on that island!”

“Mm. This…” Ma Runkui looked as though he was in a difficult position. He then lowered his head and said, “This is embarrassing. Actually, the helicopter that was booked for you to bring you to the embassy from the Landing wasn’t my doing. I don’t have that kind of power! Plus, sorry to say, but even Division Chief Jiao and our Director of the Central Criminal Division don’t have that power, either!”

“Oh?” Zhao Yu’s eyes were wide as he quickly asked, “Well, who was it?”

“I don’t know. After I received your call, I first reported to the higher ups. Then, I contacted the embassy. Next, I used my connection in the Foreign Affairs Office to ask for help from a few friends. My original plan was to send someone to escort you to the local police station and let the embassy represent the two of you. I knew that would have been good enough to guarantee that your rights were protected! I never thought that the embassy would send a helicopter for you!” Ma Runkui said.

“This…” Zhao Yu’s heart couldn’t help but palpitate with fear. He had thought of another possibility.

“Let’s drop this for now!” Ma Runkui continued, “You should consider yourself very lucky! Actually, the woman’s death was beneficial for you, too!”

“Mm? Beneficial?” Zhao Yu was confused by his words, so he asked, “There was no one to give a testimony if she died. So, how was that beneficial for me?”

“Hehe,” Ma Runkui lowered his voice and told Zhao Yu, “She died, so no one would know that you took the suitcase away! Then, no one would know that the suitcase is with us now!”

“Oh? Then, what’s in the travel suitcase?” Zhao Yu asked.

“Actually, I’m not quite sure…” Ma Runkui continued to keep his voice low, “But, I heard that it was filled with the highest classified documents in the world, including internal information about huge corporations across the world, some of which is even at the national level!”

“Classified information?” Zhao Yu shook his head, as he still didn’t understand what was going on.

“Actually, at the beginning, I found it difficult to understand myself, but the level of importance of those documents was far beyond my imagination. Mm, for example…” Ma Runkui explained, “One of the top five hundred leading corporations took advantage of its business and assisted some African nation in a money laundering scheme. They even participated in their national election!”

He then added, “Also, there was a famous pharmaceutical company that collaborated with a multinational corporation, then worked with them to make some kind of chemical medicine that led to Cambodia’s crop failure! After that, they sold an antidote to Cambodia at a very high price. Besides all of this, they are heavily involved in the arms and weapons trades!”

He took a breath, then said with wide eyes, “Comparably, the other things like illegal credit, fundraising, fraudulently driving up stock prices, bribery, and so on, those were all child’s play to them! Every case in the suitcase would shock the world and make you feel the darkness and ugliness of the real world!” Ma Runkui declared solemnly.

He then added, “Let me tell you… The information in the travel suitcase involves at least a dozen multi-national companies and several countries! Almost all the dirtiest deals in the world are in it!”

Zhao Yu was surprised by this news, and he quickly replied, “Well… Isn’t that beneficial to us?”

“Of course! So, you must know how great your contribution is!” Ma Runkui patted Zhao Yu’s shoulders and said, “No wonder the embassy sent the helicopter to pick you up! Now that we have the information, it means that we took control of all of the corporations and the nations involved. Thus, they have to obey us from now on!”

“Mm.” Zhao Yu was in deep thought. He felt that all of this wasn’t as simple as it seemed to be on the surface. Not only was he not happy about this, but he suddenly felt a lot of pressure being placed upon him.

“Bro, I am not stupid!” Zhao Yu said as he pushed away Ma Runkui’s hand away.

He then asked bitterly, “If the information is that important, didn’t you think of its original owner? If someone can control so many huge corporations, I’m sure it isn’t any ordinary international criminal ring, right?”

“Yes, however, don’t worry!” Ma Runkui laughed. “I heard from our attache that the ambassador is already working very hard to take care of this incident. Currently, no one knows that you took the information. So, until this incident can be finalized, you are free to return to your special investigation group to continue investigating your case!”

“This is such a joke!” Zhao Yu pouted and said. “Bro, I’m not a little kid. I got involved with a serious issue, you know? That drone was still in the experimental stage with the American military. So, since that bunch of people were able to get their hands on those gadgets, doesn’t it mean that they are American spies?”

He then added, “Then, look at that classified information. Who else could take control of so many multinational companies across the globe?”

Zhao Yu spread his hands and asked, “And you really trying to tell me that I’m fine? How is that even possible? Who knows, I might get assassinated when I arrive at the airport later!”

“No!” Ma Runkui attempted to comfort him. “Don’t be so emotional. Think about everything that happened to you in the Landing carefully. Do you think that those people can find you, really?”

He then added, “And, although there was a powerful behind-the-scenes backer, they wouldn’t admit their shady doings. So, although you put them at a disadvantage, they wouldn’t dare expose themselves any further at this point! So, don’t worry too much. After all, the entire nation is backing you up!”

“Forget it.” After his past experience with vicious quacks, Zhao Yu understood that, at such a crucial moment, he couldn’t rely on anyone but himself!

However, he was lucky that he had the miracle adventure system to protect him. System Bro was indeed a reliable and dependable friend.

At that moment, Zhao Yu looked at the system interface. Ever since the Kun Zhen hexagram had been completed, he hadn’t dared to open another new hexagram.

This was because he had been hiding in the embassy in peace, so he couldn’t head out and gamble with his life again via a side adventure. Thus, he had figured that it’d be best to wait before he got another hexagram.

He felt relieved the moment he recalled his system. However, as he looked down at it, he saw that his previous miracle adventure was still on the interface!

As the Kun Zhen hexagram had been completed so vigorously, it had gotten Zhao Yu his highest score ever for a miracle adventure. The completion rate was up to two hundred and forty nine percent!

Most importantly, maybe since the system felt Zhao Yu’s distress, it had rewarded him a superbly luxurious gift after his completion of the side adventure. It had rewarded him a total of twenty system devices!